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It’s a new year. You know what that means! All new makeup trends. Forget what your 2021 makeup bag is telling you. It’s time for “out with the old, in with the new.” But what exactly is the “new” for 2022?

If you’re on the hunt for 2022 makeup inspo, you’ve come to the right place. We’re spilling the tea on all of the greatest makeup trends for 2022, from over-the-top eyelash embellishments to gorgeous lash lamination – plus so much more!

Anyone obsessed with makeup inspiration as we are won’t want to miss this list of our favorite makeup trends. Let’s dish chicks.

Find Your Lip Shape With Our Lip Chart

makeup inspo glossy lips lip chart

Before we dive in, take a look at the different types of lips on our lip chart to find which shape best describes your lips. Do you have more full lips or thin lips? Maybe you have lips that are more bow-shaped. Whatever shape your lips might be, it’s good to know so you have a better idea of how to work with them while doing your makeup.

Makeup Inspo From the Trending Makeup Looks in 2022

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We tried out a variety of the different looks we mentioned in this article so you could get a glimpse of some of the hottest makeup trends for 2022. But now, it’s time to get to the good stuff. Let’s take a deeper dive into what some of these looks bring to the table and the many reasons they’re trending this year!

Glossy Lips

makeup inspo glossy lips

Okay, okay. Before you click the “X” at the top right corner, hear me out. We understand entirely that glossed lips have been a definite no-no the past few years. But gloss is making a fierce comeback. And we’re not mad about it.

There is something so gorg about glossy lips. And for 2022, the more gloss, the better. Don’t hesitate to pile it on, no matter where you land on the lip chart.

makeup inspo lip chart too faced lip plump

It’s great to also take note that if your desired look is having plump lips, there are many great lip plumpers out there. This lip plumper from Too Faced is super effective and understandably a best seller. And if plumpers aren’t your thing, a regular lip gloss can give your lips more of a fuller look, and who doesn’t love a glossy lip, right?

Angelic Lips

@valeriebatalla_ We can thank @Pat McGrath Labs for the most perfect pink glittery lip gloss 😌🥰💓#sparkle #bestglossever #patmcgrathlabs ♬ a woman is a god – Tommy Genesis

Are you looking for something a little subtler, sweetheart? We got you, girl. Que the angelic lips. What on earth is this? Well, they’re anything but earthly. This heavenly look gives you full yet coquettish lips that are simply stunning.

How do you do it? You will want to start with a soft pink. (Yup, you can finally say goodbye to your hot red lipstick). Then, add a highlighter at the cupid’s bow and center of your bottom look. You’re going for something a little shimmery yet highlights your pouty peckers beautifully.

Finish off with a halo around your head and you’re good to go. (Joking – unless you’re into that sort of look).

Graphic Eyeliner

makeup inspo neon eyeliner

Eyeliner has been kind, well, boring lately. It’s the same ole, same old. Fashionistas are downright tired of it. So they’re shaking things up for 2022. The looks are a little outlandish and full of personality, but that seems to be the going theme for funky 2022.

With that in mind, graphic eyeliner is taking center stage. It’s time to completely step out of your comfort zone and try on something incredible. Which makeup artist inspo are you going to copy this weekend? Try one of these on for size:

  • NeonStill stuck in the black, blue, or brown eyeliner phase? Time to release your inner exhibitionist and try out some deep colors. Neon eyeliners are all the rage (do people say that anymore?) for 2022. You can even double neon shades on top of each other for a really wild style.
  • Embellishments– Honey, We don’t care. If it’s an embellishment, it works. Don’t limit yourself to subtle items, either. Get crazy! It’s your year to cover your eyes in some of the most incredible and look-at-me styles you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • Metallic– Prefer metallic over neon? We’re with you. We will totally flaunt some silver and gold, and you should, too. Metallic eyeliner is making a statement. Don’t miss it.
  • Layers – Basically, 2022 tells you that it is a-okay to layer your eyeliner. Go simple with black stacked with neon green, or mix and match neons and metallics for a look that genuinely turns heads.
  • Pastels– Pastel? Okay, fine. Be the subtle princess that you are. Pastels are the dainty way to explore graphic eyeliner, and honestly, We’re here for it.

Butterfly Eyeliner

@rickiet.beauty Do what makes you happy 😇✨🦋 #makeuplover #makeupartisit #plouise #butterflyeyeliner #beauty ♬ ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa

Butter-what? Yeah, you read that correctly. Butterfly eyeliner. What’s the deal?

Okay, think of something you find completely and utterly beautiful and tell me why you thought of a butterfly. There is a reason why butterflies are deemed some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Now, why wouldn’t we want to transform our eyelids into this type of stunningness (is that a word)?

Ladies, if you really want to create majesty on your eyelids, create a butterfly look. It can be as subtle or as astounding as you’d like. Add immense details or go with something more tame for the office party. It’s up to you!

Double-Winged Eyeliner

makeup inspo double-winged eyeliner

To be honest, we’ve seen a good chunk of girls doing this look here and there, and we have always loved it. We’re glad that double-winged eyeliner is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Yup, that’s right. You can double up on your “wings.” After all, the more, the merrier, right? Who said they weren’t talking about eyeliner?

Now, you can go as simple or crazy with your double-winged liner as you desire. Some women want stacked lines on the side of their eyes. Others want a “traditional” line above the lash paired with a line that goes on top of the entire crease of their eyeball, meeting at the sides.

Whatever you want to rock, wear it with pride!

Lash Lamination

@aidettecancinoMy brow and lash tech is THE GOAT!!! Her ig lashedupbymaria 💗♬ umm.. yeah – andrew

This is one makeup inspo for 2022 that we’re the most excited about. I have terrible lashes. They’re barely there. But I hate eyelash extensions and similar treatments. They’re just a pain.

Well, achieving those gorgeous, curly, and full eyelashes has never been easier with lash lamination. Lash lamination is a professional treatment that’s quick and effective. If you’re itching for Megan Fox lashes (you know, the ones Machine Gun Kelly couldn’t resist), then you need lash lamination in your life.

Oh, and babes – don’t forget to consider brow lamination, too. Seriously. Brow lamination is the quickest way to get full, bushy and bold brows that have a hint of glossiness to them. Yeah, they’re definitely what we would call “insta-worthy” brows.

Quirky Blush

We’re sorry, y’all, but I’ve never been a fan of blush. To me, it’s the same old thing over and over again. Where’s the spunk? Where’s the personality? My face does not need any more red or pink. Where does it end?

If you’re anything like me and are ready to say sayonara to traditional blushes, you will be happy to know that one of the biggest makeup inspo trends for 2022 is quirky blush colors. Now, it’s not so much about highlighting your naturalness. It’s more about being unique and authentically yourself – even if that means plunging into some intricate orange blush palettes.

Minimalist Look

makeup inspo minimalist look

Okay, we talked a lot about crazy and fun colors. Yes, makeup inspo 2022 has indeed shown us that we can be vibrant and cold without hesitation. But just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Ladies, if you prefer the minimalist look, go right ahead. Minimalism is one of the top trends for makeup in 2022, too. So don’t panic if you prefer a dash of concealer and a touch of powder. You can look like a natural beauty and feel 100% confident (you always could!).

What Now, Makeup Addicts?

Are you as excited as I am about makeup inspo trends for 2022? Which one is your favorite? While we’re itching for lash lamination and angelic lips, I know there are some gal pals out there that can’t wait to wear the most outrageous and cool graphic eyeliner. Whatever you end up doing, wear it with the utmost pride. You’re a queen.

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