It is pretty fast to find yourself in a monochromatic dressing code. Many people find themselves on this path, as it is fast and minimal energy is required. They see themselves outstanding in monochrome outfits, but this is not the case for a stylist. 

Any stylist will recommend the addition of texture and color to your wardrobe that will give you the best look and something with a “wow” factor. Here are some tips to add some color and texture to any outfit! 

Go for leather accessories

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Having leather accessories will add texture to your wardrobe by giving it an extra oomph. When talking about leather handbags, it’s best if you go for woven leather handbags, especially from Italian leather sites like Mirta. Why these handbags? These types of handbags are all-around as you can match them with anything in your everyday wardrobe. Woven leather is also great as it’s not your typical smooth leather surface. You can also have a variety of belts in different colored leathers such as blue or bordeaux to add a bit of variety.  

Don’t be afraid to wear animal print 

Animal print is another way that you can add texture and color to your wardrobe. It’s upon you to decide if you have it all over or a pop somewhere.  You can have animal print on the shoes, jackets, shirts and pants. There are many animal prints; it’s upon you to choose the one that you like. Now you can see loads of influencers and celebrities mixing leopard print pants and zebra print jackets for a true fashion-forward and aggressive look. This is probably one of the most fun ways to add something to your outfit and get heads turning.  

Try Different kinds of sheers 

You can have a lot of fun playing with different kinds of sheer textures.  Nowadays as it’s winter, sheer tights are now dominating every girl’s wardrobe. You can try playing with different kinds of transparent, like half opaque tights and a sheer shirt with a bright colored shirt under for a bit of fun.  

Try a variety of colors

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Colors hold the ability to let an individual shine and to some extent, it brings out emotional replications. When it comes to choosing colors, don’t just go with black and white. Try adding a pop of red, hot pink, or bright blue. This is especially crucial if you live in greyer areas like Chicago or Boston. You need something bright to cheer you up in the midst of cold winter days! Neutral red and pastel pink are some of the most versatile colors to mix and match with.  Don’t be afraid to mix royal blue with light pink, for example, have a bit of fun here.  

Adding color and different textures can affect our mood and play a major role in how we feel when wearing different outfits. Once you’ve got the tips and tricks down, it’s pretty easy to combine colors and various materials, and it’s something you’ll enjoy and have fun with.