Christmas Pajamas
Ready to match with the family for the holidays!
Christmas Pajamas
Ready to match with the family for the holidays!

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Christmas is just around the corner, and since it’s been just an odd year, we are taking the opportunity to lift spirits and add a little Christmas cheer! Let’s be real: Christmas started in October this year, and we’ve been in our Christmas PJs ever since. You can never really go wrong with pajamas: they’re warm, fuzzy, comfy, and remind us of the magical season. 

Even if you aren’t as obsessed with Christmas as us (literally wearing Christmas PJs in October), don’t worry: you still have plenty of time to grab the best and coziest ones for Christmas morning so you can binge-watch Christmas movies in your comfiest PJs! Whether it’s for you, your girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, or your matching family pajamas, we have just the perfect picks for you!

Target Favs

Target pajamas are unmatched! They are everything you are looking for in a Christmas pajama: they’re comfy, cozy, and have just the right amount of Christmas spirit to go around. If your mom makes everyone match each Christmas you open presents together, then boy does Target have some good options for you. They easily make some of the best family holiday pajamas!


Amazon Must Haves

We did just say Target’s Christmas pajamas are unmatched, but Amazon is up there with them. The perfect thing about Amazon is first, they have everything you can think of…or as close to possible as that is. Second, you don’t even need to leave your house, and it gets there the NEXT DAY. We could go on and on about Amazon, it’s truly magical…just like Christmas! So obviously, Amazon is one of the places to shop for the perfect PJ.


Victoria Secret Picks

Victoria’s Secret Christmas sets…ahhhh, so silky, so comfy, and so cute. Victoria’s Secret PJs are the perfect PJ if you want to look super cute or sexy while spending the holiday with your man. Although they are Christmas pajamas, they add a little more of a mature touch because they are from VS. From personal experience, we get compliments on ours all the time. Get yourself a VS set and have the perfect Insta-ready moment on Christmas morning. 


Final Words…

Now that you have a variety of the coziest pajamas for this holiday season, get out there and go shopping!! From onesies to flannel and little short sets, you can’t go wrong with any family Christmas PJs! Cozy up with a big fluffy blanket, some hot chocolate, and your favorite Christmas movie (maybe the hot chocolate scene in The Polar Express?) for the most perfect day we can think of. Just imagining that puts us even more in the Christmas spirit, so we can hardly wait much longer. Don’t forget to tag #SuccessibleFashion in your pajamas, so we can get all the inspo for next year. Have a merry and comfy Christmas!

Why are Christmas pajamas a thing?

Christmas Eve is the day when it is customary to wear holiday pajamas if you want to follow the “rules”. Everyone in the house feels excited about the following morning as a result. It’s also simple to be prepared for the festivities without exerting extra effort if you wear pajamas the night before.

Do people wear pajamas on Christmas?

Families look forward to the tradition of wearing matching pajamas and doing things together every year, whether it’s donning them on Christmas Eve for a peaceful movie marathon or wearing them as frequently as possible throughout the Christmas season.

When did Matching Christmas pajamas start?

The 1950s saw a boom in matching sets for families and couples, which persisted intermittently into the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

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