Your eyes are the key to the sparkling, healthy you. So, make the most of it and hide away your sleepless night behind it. Instead of working on every facial feature with a makeup application, focus on your eyes. This article gives you some easy makeup techniques to make your eyes pop. They are not heavy makeup application tools but can be used daily to cover up certain flaws and make your eyes pop. 

Here are 5 easy makeup techniques that will make your eyes pop:


Wearing Lilac St, Mac, or Vavalash eyelash extensions is the surest way to make your eyes pop, and if you wear mascara on eyelash extensions, it further enhances it. However, applying mascara on eyelash extensions is different from applying it to natural ones. You must be careful because doing it wrongly can damage them. Here is how you need to do it. 

Clean your lashes and comb them in their place. Gently apply mascara to your lashes, and make sure you start applying it from the middle before going to the tips. Never apply mascara where the lash meets your skin. Always stick to the tips only. Avoid adding two coats. 


easy makeup techniques

If you have small eyes, you can accentuate them using a metallic liner and use them on the top only. Deep-set and hooded eyes can be accentuated with thick eyeliner application at the outer ridges. In these scenarios, using eyeliner can make your eyes perk up. 

Reverse the look of tired eyes using this eyeliner technique. Rim the eye waterline using a matte eyeliner that closely resembles your skin color. It will make your eyes look bigger and brighter instantly. Make sure the color is flesh-toned and not black. This single swipe technique can fake a good night’s rest. 


A tiny amount of highlighter put in the right place can open the area around your eyes. Use a shade that is lighter than your skin tone and draw a line under your brow area to bluff it up. This can make that area perk up, make it seem bigger, and draw attention to the area. 

If it is a dressy occasion and you had a restless sleep the previous night, add shimmer to your inner eye area along the brow line. Choose a tone that glows brightly in the light. That should leave your eyes looking doe-eyed and fresh. 


Finding palettes to compliment the color of your eyes is always a challenge. But when you find the right color, use that eye shadow to accentuate your eyes. The way to do it is by finding a color wheel to choose a shade that is opposite to the color of your eyes. That way, you make your eyes stand out. 

For instance, if you have blue eyes, choose a brown shade eyeshadow. Similarly, brown eyes would look great with teal or blue shadow, and green eyes would pop out with aubergine shades. Play around until you get the right shade that goes with your eye color. 


Defined eyebrows can frame your face, perking up your eyes and making them look attractive and less tired. A properly filled-in brows with a shadow that matches it is a highly recommended tip to pop your eyes. Using short strokes, brush the hairs towards either side of the tail, following the brow arch. 

For women who have strong brows, we suggest using a brow gel so that it sets once they are filled in. Try soap brows to see whether that is giving you a feel-good factor. Use a primer base just under the eyebrows to even the crease on your eyelids. This will also smoothen the eyelids. 


The dark circles around your eyes can make your skin look dreary and dull. Moreover, your eyes look smaller than it normally is with those circles. Even up and crease out the circles using a concealer of a shade a few notches below your skin tone. Hit the concealer on those bags, and it can work double duty. 

Concealer is every woman’s savior when it comes to covering and brightening those purple baggy tones into a seamless blend. A good concealer illuminates the eyes, feels weightless, and gives your full coverage. Pick a warm, peachy tone and a shade lighter than your natural tone.