Inspirational women are all around us. However, there are a few who stand out in exceptionally tremendous ways due to their bravery, spirit, and ability to inspire a number of different communities, especially those who do not have equal representation in the media. Here is a list of women we think have shown inspiration to a wide range of diverse communities.

Lady Gaga

At the time of Lady Gaga’s debut, the music industry had no one like her. With her artistic mind, Avant guard outfits, and killer vocals, she skyrocketed to the top of the charts. This inspirational lady has since sold 27 million albums and won 11 Grammys, 2 Golden Globes Awards, and an Oscar. What really makes Lady Gaga one of the exceptionally inspirational women, however, is all of the work she’s done for the LGBTQ+ community.

When she first entered the Pop Music scene, Lady Gaga was one of the only public figures speaking out about the discrimination that many members of the community faced. She brought light to an issue that others were too scared to discuss. Her efforts have helped many members of the LGBTQ+ community gain enough courage to live their lives unapologetically and to the fullest. In 2012, Gaga started the Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit organization for youth empowerment. The foundation aims to create a braver, kinder world for youths to develop safe spaces and learn vital life skills. Her organization also provides youth opportunities to improve their communities.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for female education and also the youngest Nobel Prize laureate in history. She is best known for her fight for female education in northwest Pakistan, where the local Taliban had banned girls from attending school at the time. She created an international movement. The nation’s prime minister even named her the most prominent citizen of Pakistan. 

There have been times when Malala’s life has been put in danger because of her efforts. Despite that, she continues to fight for what she believes in. What makes her one of the most inspirational women, however, is her bravery and ability to influence young girls they should speak up for what they believe in no matter the odds against them. It just takes one voice to make a difference in the lives of many. Her story is one of the most inspiring women’s stories of our time.


Shakira’s hips don’t lie and neither do her accomplishments. Having sold over 75 million records worldwide, she is without a doubt one of the top artists in the Latin American community. She has made a splash in many different markets while continuing to represent her Colombian and Lebanese cultures along the way. Shakira showed young Latinas that it’s okay to love your curves and heritage. Many Latinas today will tell you how much she influenced them growing up.

However, beyond her many accolades, the 15-time Grammy award winner is also an active humanitarian. In 1997, she started Pies Descalzos, a Colombian charity with special schools for underprivileged kids all over Colombia. The organization has already built five schools around Colombia and is responsible for providing education and meals to about 4,000 kids.


There’s a reason that Beyoncé is referred to as Queen B. She literally is the embodiment of what it means to be a queen in the music industry. Beyoncé is someone who has it all: killer vocals, insane performances and choreography, and even a reputation as an actress who can keep up with other big names in the industry through her roles in “Dream Girls” and “Cadillac Records”.

Beyoncé is a tremendously inspirational woman because she showed the world what it really means to be a feminist. At her 2014 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, she showed the world that a feminist is not some hardcore man-hater like what society might think; rather, a feminist is someone who simply believes in respect for women as equal members of society. This showed so many viewers that this seemingly farfetched concept is actually something we should embrace. We should uplift both men and women to be the best versions of themselves.

Beyoncé has also worked hard to uplift and support the black community in particular. She has used her platform to speak out not only on inequality between genders but between different races as well. Her bravery to use her platform to speak on topics that others may find too controversial is what makes her so inspiring to so many people. She has definitely earned her spot for one of the more inspiring women stories of our time.

Pat McGrath

There’s no doubt that Pat McGrath has made an impact on the increasingly diverse beauty community. Vogue Magazine has called her the most influential makeup artist in the world. She was even included in Time’s 100 Most Influential People list for 2019. McGrath has revolutionized the makeup world with her unique and innovative techniques. Oftentimes, she is seen using bold colors and materials like feathers, gold leaf, leather, and much more.

McGrath’s creations are also seen walking down the runways at many fashion shows. This makes you question if the true art is her makeup or the fashions the models are wearing. She has created numerous trends, from thick eyebrows to colored lashes. Mother Pat is truly inspiring to fashion and beauty lovers alike who are always looking for the reinvention of makeup.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana, another inspirational lady, was a member of the British royal family who was especially celebrated for her unconventional, hands-on approach to charitable work. At first, she focused mainly on the well-being of children. She was later known for her involvement with AIDS patients along with her campaigns for the removal of landmines and treatment for various forms of mental illness and cancer. Her legacy has had a deep impact on not just British society but the whole world.

It was very uncommon for someone, especially at that time, to show such activism and humanity in the way that Princess Diana did (to say nothing of her inborn charisma and relatability to the public). It is so admirable for someone, a royal nonetheless, to behave in such a humble manner and devote their lives to bettering the lives of others in such a genuine way.

Sufi Sun and Anjali Chakra

Sufi Sun and Anjali Chakra recently went viral with their relationship. While they now live in the U.S., Chakra is a Hindu woman from India, and Malik is a Muslim woman from Pakistan. In each of their native countries, representation of same-sex couples in the media is either marginal or virtually non-existent due to the existing cultures. This makes it so difficult for LGBTQ+ youth to come to terms with their sexuality. The bravery that Sufi and Anjali have shown other members of their community is that is okay to be yourself. It’s okay to love whomever you love and live your life to the fullest.


It’s certainly true that inspirational women, including our mothers, sisters, friends, teachers, humanitarians, and many others, help shape us every day. We are all inspired by different people depending on what we are searching for in our lives. That’s why it’s so important for youth to see inspiration in the media from different races, sexual orientations, income classes, and other diverse groups. It just takes that one person for a young child to see in the media to feel inspired and accept themselves as they are. The women we’ve mentioned continue to inspire us each and every day. We are incredibly thankful for their bravery and courage in doing so.