Hey, little caffeine heads! Are you searching for quality coffee with unique blends? Then may we present to you StoneFruit Coffee, a company based out of Ohio. This coffee company not only has multiple locations, but they also deliver anywhere in the United States. Now, we hear you, getting your coffee delivered to you may sound like silly work, but hear us out. This company is literally known for its epic blends. We don’t mean to sound too in love with them, but even their decaf (gasp we know, death before decaf) tastes pretty epic. Don’t believe us? Let me see if we can entice your tastebuds and review some of the best blends!

StoneFruit Coffee Co.

Passion for Coffee

Before we get into the actual coffee, let’s talk a little about the company. StoneFruit Coffee Co. is based out of Cleveland, Ohio, but they have multiple locations. Their big premise is how seriously they take coffee. They also have premium organic, fair-trade coffee, which is roasted in-house by a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast. Daily roasting ensures quality control, and of course, the taste is amazing.

The aesthetic teeters on being a pretentious hipster, but their zest for sharing coffee knowledge and educating the masses really shines through in customer interactions. One location is in a refurbished bank, which definitely has a quirky feel, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good aesthetic for those social media photo ops?

The Name

The company names each coffee bag based on significant events in Youngstown, Ohio. Each bag can either be sent to you in whole beans or ground up for your convince. It’s a fair price too at $12 for an 8oz bag. Did we mention you get free shipping? Some companies with a similar model start prices at $18 per bag, so $12 for organic coffee roasted on the premises is kind of a steal.

Now, you could be someone that would never dare to go out without your morning coffee, so StoneFruit made a subscription in 4 to 8 bags. You can get 4 bags for the month and pay $36 a month or really get that fix for 8 bags a month at $72 a month. Both options allow you to pick whether you want ground or whole beans.

Let’s look at some of their best sellers and see what makes them so darn delectable.

Best Sellers


Right off the bat, I’m going to delve into their medium espresso aptly named, Frankenstein. According to StoneFruit, “This roast has a little bit of everything blended seamlessly together, creating our favorite go-to cup”. This is a company and customer favorite. There are unique notes of flavor that are bold, but not overpowering. This coffee also has warned that it could raise the dead, and honestly, we are all about that.


Next up, we have a light and medium roast that has notes of creamy caramel and chocolate. The espresso blend is very smooth for your everyday coffee. This espresso blend is created using three different beans that coincide with the past, present, and future of work in Youngstown, which adds a little bit of history to each cup. This is the “lightest” coffee that StoneFruit makes, but it is delectable!

Steel City

Steel City is next on the list! The name comes from the steel industry that dominated every aspect of life in Youngstown and has been the epicenter for the rise and fall of the city. As Youngstown undergoes a rebirth of its economic downfall, we pay tribute to its past with this dark-roasted blend. The notes in this sturdy cup of coffee are caramel, toffee, and pecan with a bold finish. Now we know, dark roasting is not for everyone, but hear us out. This coffee pairs so well with hazelnut creamer or even cookies and cream creamer! Don’t be afraid of robust coffee, just because it’s in the dark roast category.

Smoky Hollow

That being said, let’s explore Smoky Hollow. We won’t lie, the play on Sleepy Hollow definitely intrigued me at first, and then the flavor notes hooked us in.

According to StoneFruit, “Smoky Hollow is a neighborhood in Youngstown whose name derived from the fact that the area was often covered in smoke from the nearby iron company. This area began to build up quickly during the steel boom and many immigrants settled here, including many Italian Americans. Our roasters could not pass up the chance to create this blend as a tribute to their families who called this area home.” We have to admit that the sweetest thing and with notes of smokey, hickory, meaty, bold, and savory, this is a blend you have to try. Savory is a unique term to describe coffee and this coffee definitely is interesting.

Again, remember, how you pair this coffee determines the taste in your mouth. Even savory coffee can be toned down or hyped depending on what you add to it.

More Blends

While StoneFruit has many coffee flavors, they have traditional flavors such as french vanilla and hazelnut. Both of the blends are roasted to medium perfection.

One of our personal favorites in their flavored line is Bomb City. This medium-roasted coffee boasts flavors of caramel, butterscotch, and hazelnut. One of our favorite ways to dress up Bomb City is to add some vanilla vodka and top it with vegan whipped cream! Of course, you have to add some pizzaz by topping some vegan chocolate shavings and cinnamon sugar. Yes, we get this sounds like a sugar rush courtesy of Buddy the Elf, but gosh darn it, we love it!

Decaf Coffee

We feel we’re about to get a lot of flack for daring to mention this next one, but here goes nothing. We have to say, their decaf coffee is pretty epic! Now, before you grab the pitchforks, decaf coffee has its place in the coffee world too!

Maybe you’re sensitive to caffeine, but you love the experience of drinking coffee, and duh, the creamers are so epic now. Additionally, StoneFruit has crafted its decaf coffee in a way that doesn’t taste like flavored water. They use the Swiss Water Decaf Process, which is a decaffeination process in which coffee is decaffeinated using an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, 99.9% caffeine-free water process and all the while having a great taste at the same time. It truly does have a coffee feel without any of the wonky side effects of caffeine. We love drinking coffee after dinner, so this is one of our go-tos.

Give It A Try

Don’t just take our word for it, StoneFruit Coffee has amazing reviews everywhere! They also have a deal where you buy three bags of coffee and get the fourth one free!

One of the things we love about this place is its passion for accessible, inclusive, and fairly traded coffee. Ethics over profits truly is a concept that many businesses have forgotten. When you drink this coffee you are supporting a company that believes in its products and believes in highlighting the history of the town it started in.

If you’re lucky enough to actually visit a location, you should know that besides coffee, they also have a bakery menu!! That’s right, you can have the friendly cup of Joe and eat some epic treats as you relax or even write that novel that’s been tinkering inside your head.