Coffee shop with outdoor seating
Here’s a list of Coffee Shops you must visit in Orlando!

Anyone else can’t function without their morning cup of coffee? If you said yes, you are not alone! Coffee is one of the most loved beverages. Coffee gives us a boost of energy and focuses to take on the day while bringing people together.

With a lot of us working from home, coffee spots became the perfect spot to get out of your house while still being productive. So bring your laptop, and catch up on work, or you can meet with a friend to socialize and take cool Insta-worthy pictures while enjoying a delicious coffee beverage in a coffee shop with outdoor seating!

Coffee Shops With Outdoor Seating in Orlando, Florida

Lake Mary New City Coffee Co.

This New City Coffee Co in Lake Mary with lots of outdoor seating is a gem. They have fresh coffee, pastries, and a breakfast menu if you get hungry. They also offer Instagram-worthy coffee flights. The coffee flights’ flavors change with the season, and they all are delicious. They change flavors every season, so make sure to check them out to see which new flavours they have come up with! We can’t wait to try them all! If you find yourself in Orlando, be sure to check out this coffee shop with outdoor seating!

Address: 124 N 4th St STE 1500, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Craft and Common

Another great option for a coffee shop with outdoor seating in the Orlando area would be Craft and Common. This woman-owned and woman-led coffee shop offer a wide menu of coffee drinks and food. The Instagram favorite, for obvious reasons, is the drink we featured in the main image of this article called ‘The Wild Child’. Craft and Common describes this drink as “the perfect drink for the rebel who doesn’t play by the rules”. This drink has expertly extracted espresso and milk of your choice combined with rose and vanilla with a hint of cardamom. Delightful!

If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, make sure to stop by for some coffee and good vibes!

Address: 47 E Robinson St UNIT 100, Orlando, FL 32801

Foxtail Coffee

Foxtail Coffee has multiple locations in Orlando: Lake Nona, Winter Park, and Downtown to name a few. The inside is super cute and aesthetic and they currently offer covid-safe outdoor seating at all their locations. If you are feeling indecisive on what coffee flavor to get, choose them all because they offer cold brew flights. This is the perfect vibe to have coffee and work for the day. If you’re looking for a cute cafe in Orlando, this is the place to go!

Barnies Coffee & Tea

Wow, we love this spot that has been crafting specialty coffee flavors for 40+ years in the heart of Winter Park. The staff is warm and friendly. They have coffee, tea and serve breakfast, lunch, and more goodies from the café.

They have coffee blends which they also sell in bags for you to make at home. One of their most recent ones is a sweet coconut with hints of rum, which we have heard just good things about!

This is another superb coffee shop with outdoor seating that you must see if you find yourself in Orlando!

Address: 118 S Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Must-See Outdoor Coffee Shop in Miami, Florida

DIOR Café Miami

Located on the rooftop of Dior in the Miami design district, there is a little cafe where you can get an iconic cup of coffee with Dior printed on top. It is all outside since it’s on the rooftop. This is the perfect spot to go with friends to enjoy coffee and take pictures. If you’re looking for a coffee shop with outdoor seating then you need to check out Dior!

Address: 162 NE 39th St, Miami, FL 33137

Unique Coffee Shops in Los Angeles, California

Document Coffee Bar

This unique coffee shop is located in Korea-Town, Los Angeles, and is focused on specialty coffee, organic tea, pastries, and art. They have covid-safe outdoor seating. They host occasional art nights that bring coffee lovers and art lovers together. A unique beverage this coffee bar offers is a Chaga Latte, which is made from mushrooms. Chaga is a protective super shroom that is traditionally used to balance energy and support a healthy immune system. So come here to work and grab a Chaga Latte to reduce fatigue and increase mental sharpness. 

Address: 3850 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Alfred Coffee Shop

Alfred Coffee Shop is iconic and well-known in Los Angeles, having multiple locations. They also offer tea. We like the Alfred coffee shop located on Abbot Kinney in Venice, which is one of the most Instagrammable streets in Venice with such cool vibes. So grab a vanilla oat milk latte and walk around to look at the cool wall art and shops nearby. If you find yourself in Los Angeles, then you need to visit this amazing coffee shop with outdoor seating!

Address: 1653b Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Cool Coffee Shop With Outdoor Seating in San Diego, California

Superbloom Coffee & Juice

Superbloom is located on Mission Bay at the mission bay beach club. This is a coffee shop and cold-pressed juice shop with tons of healthy food options. They offer tons of outdoor seating, amazing views, and vegan menu items. So enjoy your “Fire at the Bay Latte” (Smokey dark mocha + toasted marshmallow + cacao nibs) while taking in a gorgeous water view of San Diego’s mission bay. 

Address: 2688 E Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109 (MISSION BAY PARK)

Visit Austin, Texas to See This Absolutely Cute Cafe

Revival Coffee

Revival Coffee in Austin, Texas is a coffee & tea stop with an adjoining food-truck courtyard & hammock lounge. This shop is the cutest! It is an all-pink coffee shop, including the walls, chairs, and coffee cups. All coffee drinks are made with homemade syrups for a unique flavor. Has a laid-back vibe for work or study. The reviews say the fruity pebbles latte is amazing and with a lot of Instagram opportunities. 

Address: 1405 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

Extravagant Coffee Shop With Outdoor Seating in Dallas, Texas

Funny Library Coffee Shop

This coffee shop is located below the Virgin Hotel Dallas. The aesthetics in this coffee shop are unmatched. It is the perfect communal spot to work while enjoying a coffee, pastry, or a light bite. A lot of spots in this cafe are perfect to work or grab a cool picture. They also offer outside seating. 

Address: 1445 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207

Bucket List Coffee Shops With Outdoor Seating in New York

The Chipped Cup

The Chipped Cup offers indoor seating but they also offer an enchanted outdoor patio garden area. So relax and get your work done outside while enjoying their delicious coffee beverages. They also have pastries, bagels, and bowls. We recommend seeing the outdoor patio yourself, so please go visit this amazing coffee shop with outdoor seating soon!

Address: 3610 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY 10031

Felix Roasting Co

Work from anywhere in one of the prettiest cafés in NYC that offers outside seating. The Decor is really amazing, vibey interior and is very Insta-grammable.  The only food they offer is unique toast, such as avocado and ricotta fig toast. This cute café is most known for its amazing coffee and its cool Hickory Smoke Smores Latte.

Address: 104 Greene St, New York, NY 10012 (SOHO)

Black Fox Coffee

This coffee shop with outdoor seating is perfect for people who want to taste coffee from around the world without leaving their town.  Black Fox Coffee has coffee beans sourced from around the world. Eater NY claims “Black Fox has the best coffee selection day-to-day of any shop in the city, showcasing coffees from a variety of esteemed roasters around the world.” They also offer covid-friendly outdoor seating so grab a seat and make yourself at home. 

Address: Garden, 550 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

In Conclusion

We love all these coffee spots in Florida, Texas, California, and New York. So whichever one you choose to try, we don’t think you will be disappointed. Even though a lot of us are working from home, sometimes we need motivation from a little coffee and being outside around people to give us life and keep us motivated.  We hope you love these covid friendly coffee spots and we hope that you’ll visit. Be sure to bring your camera to these spots to take some cool Insta-worthy pictures. Most of all, be sure to enjoy your time at whichever coffee shop with outdoor seating you decide to visit!

What is an outside cafe called?

Outdoor dining, also known as al fresco dining or dining alfresco, is another way to call those place where you eat outside.

What do you call an outdoor seating area?

There are several ways to call it, including patio, courtyard or just yard.

Why do people sit in coffee shops to work?

Partly the background noise that appeals people to working in coffee shops. Some research suggests that an ambient noise level of 70db enhances performance on creative tasks.