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Let’s be honest, dolls, and eye makeup in summer can often feel like eating an Oreo and brushing your teeth at the same time, reason, why we are gonna suggest the best drugstore eyeliner is because we don’t want to overspend in summer, makeup. The heat, especially in those humid spaces, really just beats your eyes and forces you to sweat even the best of those setting sprays.

However, summer really has some amazing parties, which means there are some fun opportunities to brighten up those eyes! Neon colors definitely have the signature of a rave, but they can also be pretty cool paired with various shadows and even gemstones. That’s right, we are about to light up with all the fun neons and colors by discussing some of the best drugstore eyeliner picks. Are you ready for it? Let’s do this!

Best Drugstore Eyeliner and Neon Liners



Let’s dive into our first best drugstore eyeliner, this entire COLLECTION from Colour Pop cosmetics! This neon and summer eyeliner bundle is a steal for $38 and also has the option for after-pay! This collection comes with 12 liners that will make your eyes look tasty enough to eat! Forget a snack; you’ll be a whole meal! One of our fave colors in this collection is peach fuzz, and we like to combine that with catsuit! This color combo is especially stunning, as we love making our water lines pop with these various colors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; also, don’t be afraid to let your inner fairy come out!

Revolution Beauty

What do we love about this eyeliner set from Revolution Beauty? First, it is one of the best drugstore eyeliners that you might not get a ton of shades, but the quality is impeccable, making it an easy contender for the best drugstore eyeliner! Honestly, we love all four vibrant choices, but we especially love how creamy and smooth they are when they go one.

The product looks and feels like something that could cost twice as much, which is why it is considered one of the best drugstore eyeliners. Unlike ColourPop (which despite the spelling of its name is actually an American brand), this is predominantly a British drugstore brand. Nevertheless, it is available for purchase in the States, and we’ve got to hand it to our friends across the ocean: at this quality and price point, bravo!



When it comes to the best drugstore eyeliner that is affordable and quality eyeliners, don’t discount what you can find at Walmart! Another strong contender for “best drugstore eyeliner”, this set comes with 10 different liners at a truly bargain price! In this case, the colors are not really “neon”, but this is an all-around value set we like so much that we had to mention it! We could really use that rich and somber red or green for a Christmas party, but we’d really call this set the perfect year-round purchase.

best drugstore eyeliner



Next up, we have a liner that will surely give you the London look rave scene vibes. This neon eyeliner glows under UV lights and is meant to put on a show! The highly pigmented Neon liquid liner formula delivers a bold eye look that is smudge-proof, flake-proof, and smear-proof and with no mess or excess. The formula is vegan-friendly, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

This Neon glow is very striking and will get you noticed in the club or festival. Use the liner for intense definition, as the thin brush supplies smooth, even lines for lasting intensity with the brightest color possible. There are multiple colors you can mix and match here as well, but we love starting with this hot pink and going from there.

best drugstore eyeliner

About Face

Moving right along, we have an amazing artist-friendly makeup line by Halsey. If you don’t know, Halsey is the singer/songwriter behind many hits on the radio. Her makeup line has this Fractal Glitter Set eyeliner paint that is simply to die for, and it is on the list of best drugstore eyeliner! First off, the whole color line is vegan and cruelty-free, and the color is completely buildable. It really is like painting your eyes.

This matte Fluid Eye paint comes in high-impact, high-payoff shades; be it a wash of color, a wing, or more graphic and expressive shapes, these trios are begging for pigment play! This easy-to-use award winner gives you enough playtime to mix and create custom shades, but once it dries down, the weatherproof, waterproof, and smudge-proof formula doesnt budge!

Use your fingers or your favorite brush to apply and blend. Plus, this bundle comes with a limited-edition holographic mini square cosmetic bag. These eyeliners are heavy-duty and thick, but that’s what makes them stick! We love to wash these over our eyes and then use the baby blue color in our crease, making a fun wave against the base color. Additionally, glitter or some type of shimmer in the corner of your eye can really open up those darling peepers!

best drugstore eyeliner


Lime Crime

Have you wondered if some makeup looks are a crime? They aren’t, but welcome to Lime Crime! Meet this Venus pigmented eyeliner in white. Yes, white. best drugstore eyeliner is usually white since it’s such a classic color to add some highlight to your look. Venus pigmented liquid eyeliners have an ultra-matte formula that quickly dries and is smudge-proof with a unique water-based formula. Bonus is they have a precision brush that can create ultra-thin, winged, or thick lines and beautiful accents. When it comes to white, we love to create a fairy or Viking aesthetic.

This means symbols or some subtle lines down our noses or even drawing some wings in the corners of the eyes. Once the white liner is drawn on, it acts as a boundary for whatever else you use. We usually take the opportunity to put some eyeshadow within those lines, and that really turns our makeup into a work of art.

Now, this all takes practice! Practice makes progress, but these types of eyeliners really do try to help with brushes that allow you to change how thick of a line you can create.

We’ve met some rather beautiful neon liners that are sure to hype your eye makeup up top to its full potential. Let’s take a look at a few others that also have some great staying power and have been used with great success.

best drugstore eyeliner


Anastasia Beverly Hills

These Norvina Electric Cake Liners by Anastasia Beverly Hills are meant to be used with a brush. These pots contain some intense pigments that can be used anywhere on the body and come in a set of three colors, which are bright pink, bright yellow, and bright green. This trio of water-activated cake makeup is loaded with vivid, opaque colors for pro-quality face and body painting and because of that, it is the best drugstore eyeliner option for this specific type.

This high-definition, glycerin-based paints deliver long-wearing intense color that packs a punch. Simply moisten a brush or sponge, dip into the color, and apply for a versatile range of looks, from fine detailed lines to full-body art. There is also another set in three other colors that really allow you to get creative and paint to your heart’s content.

best drugstore eyeliner




Moving right along, let’s get to this Fuschia metallic eyeliner by NYX. This liner has the appearance of traditional liners in that it sits in a tube and you unscrew it to find the soft liner brush. It’s also supposed to last for 36 hours and not crack, bleed, or fade which is why it’s considered the best drugstore eyeliner! Also, it features a fine, flexible brush-tip applicator for killer precision and easy application of countless artistic looks, from epic body paint designs to dramatic graphic eyes!

This liner comes in a range of basic to bright hyper-metallic reflective pigments, including hot pink and electric teal. It has a super precise brush tip applicator for creating intricate designs. Also, their PRO-TIP is: to use the liner on the face & body to create flash tattoo looks! Free-hand or stencil for hyper-metallic designs.

Now that you have a working understanding of where to find the best drugstore eyeliner, please note that all the products listed are vegan and cruelty-free! Yes, we want to support companies that don’t hurt defenseless animals. It’s 2021, we don’t have time for animal cruelty.

Once you get your eyeliner, here are some tips:

  1. Cleanse and prime your eyelid so there’s a clean canvas for your makeup.
  2. The neon liner doesn’t have to remind you of a rave. Sometimes just replacing your black and brown liner with something like purple will give that fun neon glow. We personally love a traditional cat eyeliner with green or peach.
  3. Having some angled Q Tips will help you as you navigate creating straight lines. Geometric shapes are super fun with neon colors!
  4. Imperfections are encouraged! Have fun with your looks! Whatever you create will be epic!

So how did we do with our list of best drugstore eyeliner, dolls? Share your thoughts below or on our Instagram @successible. To share which one you think is the best drugstore eyeliner, use #SuccessibleBeauty for a chance to be reposted!

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