Whoever it is in your life whom you’re grateful for, gift-buying is no easy task (especially with each different season). With so many different choices and needs, we are often left wondering what to buy. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, there is a plethora of good options in terms of “gifts for him“!

Here’s a handy list that will help you pick out the perfect gift for the gent in your life, regardless of the season or occasion. Remember, at the end of the day, the thought is what counts the most. Giving, in general, is a key way to be happier yourself (even improving cardiac health by lowering your blood pressure), so the key thing to keep in mind is that your gift should represent a genuine and authentic way in which YOU connect to this special person. Without further ado, hopefully this list of gifts for him helps you put your best gift-giving foot forward:

1. Beard & Facial Hair Care

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First off, let’s discuss the debonair man (or Viking) in your life. Regardless of the style, most of us have one, and that means we are familiar with men’s various facial hair routines. Just like any other hairstyle or body accessory, beards and facial hair need special care. Isner Mile’s Beard Care line has everything that you could possibly need to keep your guy looking Game of Thrones ready.

From shampoo to beard oil and fancy wooden combs, this company has it all. The best part is that this whole kit can be bought through Amazon for a great price, and you could easily get it as a last minute gift with Prime. If you want this special guy to smell amazing with excellent facial hair, then this is would make an excellent and budget-friendly set of gifts for him!

2. Multi-Purpose Thermos and Tumbler

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ir?t=successiblelife 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07FM5HLMFIs this special man all about the eco-friendly lifestyle? If so, then this 20 oz. Yeti Rambler should be the perfect fit. This Yeti is not only reusable and great for hiking, but it’s also great for coffee and an in-door environment. Regardless of the setting, this will keep him energized and hydrated. The well-insulated Yeti boasts a number of different colors, so the number of options is pretty exciting. While you’re at it, maybe you can get one for yourself as well and plan your next outdoor excursion!

3. Curiosity-Satisfying Reading

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Does this person love to learn and read amazing facts? Then What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe is one of the perfect gifts for him! Life can be funny and brilliant, and this book is definitely both. One of the biggest stand outs of this book is the hilarious stick figure drawings. Honestly, these kinds of pictures in books can make them much more fun. This is also the perfect book for the voracious reader who really only has a few minutes to read one small excerpt at a time. With so many books to choose from, why not choose something that’s funny too?

4. The Multi-Purpose Massager

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ir?t=successiblelife 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07GGG8YQTPerhaps you are shopping for an outdoorsman. While many men love to be outdoors and work out hard in the gym, it’s also important for men to frequently practice self-care. If you know somebody who could use more of this, then introduce them to this incredible whole-body massager!

Instead of an expensive chair that takes up a lot space, this incredible piece of technology can be draped around the whole body or in certain spots to ease discomfort. Holistic care, especially if neglected, is not something that can be addressed simply, but this relatively inexpensive machine can do a whole lot of good and has a number of positive reviews. Best of all, this gift can be used by multiple people (either one at a time or one person helping to massage the other)!

5. The Tasteful Drink Accessory

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Some things aren’t as necessary as they are pieces of art and taste. Perhaps he loves to drink on the occasion but enjoys a bit more flair than a plain bottle can provide. For such an occasion, we have the most exquisite gift that will be sure to delight. This whiskey decanter comes in an antique style that is simply fascinating to marvel at. With the help of this decanter, a man can feel his best by indulging in something with ease and grace, which definitely makes this choice one of the more unique gifts for him.

6. The Ultimate Handy Work Accessory

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Not all men often have the opportunity to relax – life is busy, and we all have things to do. In the craziness of life, it’s fairly easy to forget where we keep our screws and nails. Therefore, we present this nifty tool to keep things neat and organized – a magnetic wristband! This innovative gift is the perfect gift for the frequent or even occasional handy man. No longer will he need to shout for help to find those screws or nails that get dropped on the ground. Anything that makes things more neat and convenient is always a welcomed gift, and that really enhances the value of a gift like this.

7. Manly Scents & Fragrances

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ir?t=successiblelife 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B06XB5ZC5KNow not all guys enjoy classically feminine scents in their living space, but that doesn’t mean they dislike scents altogether! It can be a challenge to think about smells you like, especially if you’re not used to them, so allow us to introduce these homemade soy candles for men.

There are scents like “bacon and bourbon”, “cedar and tobacco”, and other more traditional smells like “cucumber melon”. These candles not only smell good, but they also save electricity. Maybe a nice rainy day can lead to an awesome time with these candles. Dim lighting can also increase relaxation, and sometimes that can be the best gift.

8. The Old-Fashioned, Retro Conversation-Starter

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Continuing with the relaxing theme, maybe this special man has an old-fashioned taste for vinyl. If that’s the case, then introduce him to this classic “brief case” design from Victrola. This three-speed turntable has built in Bluetooth and comes in a variety of colors. This portable turntable has a great sound and makes for a great conversation starter. Maybe he has no idea how to even start a collection but simply likes the aesthetic of the turntable. If so, then maybe buy him a vinyl of his favorite band to combine it into awesome gifts for him!

9. The Everyday Flair

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Finally, maybe his style can be described as more “straight-laced”. If he wears suits or standard business attire to work every day, what should you get him? Let’s introduce you to the insanely colorful and personality-filled socks from Happy Socks. Coming in different varieties and price ranges to fit your needs, these socks are a great way to inspire some passion and silliness into life without going overboard (one step at a time)! All the socks from Happy Socks come in assorted gift boxes and themes. You have the ability to choose which box you’d like to send to that special guy in your life who could use a bit more color.

While there are a number of avenues to pursue for your gift-buying, choose those that you think will make both you and the receiver as happy as possible! Perhaps the gift reflects a moment or an inside joke that you both share. What are some of your favorite ideas for gifts for him? Sound off in the comments below!

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