5 Ways to Organize Your Room
Sometimes less is more in bedroom decor!
ways to organize your room
Sometimes less is more in bedroom decor!

We have brought for you ways to organize your room because you’ve probably heard, a clean, organized environment leads to a better and more organized mindset. But can you guess how big of an impact the cleanliness of your bedroom has on your sleep quality and mood? A messy and disorganized bedroom can become a source of stress instead of a place for relaxation.

Studies suggest that living in a messy, disorganized environment can make you feel more depressed, stressed, and fatigued. Living in a clean home, however, is associated with better physical and mental health. Indeed, spring cleanups are a great way to improve your mood.

During times of crisis, it’s important to have a calming space that you can retreat to when you feel overwhelmed. With many of us social distancing and staying indoors, now is a great time for a spring cleanout. It’s especially important to have a calming space that you can retreat to when you feel overwhelmed. Decluttering your space can even be a helpful coping strategy for stress.  That’s why to help you sleep better, feel better, and reduce your stress levels, we’ve come up with our best five to organize your room. 

Clean out your nightstand and dresser

If your nightstand or dresser drawers are so full that you can barely close them, it’s time for a spring clean-out! Empty one drawer at a time onto your bed and decide what to toss and what to keep. If you have a “junk drawer” full of random cords, receipts, pens, and other items, figure out which items you need and trash the rest. 

When you’re going through your clothes, socks, and undergarments, inspect them for quality issues like holes and tears. You may want to throw out items that look worn out or have defects you can’t repair. You should also try to sell or donate items that you don’t wear anymore if you’re short on storage space. Clearing out some clothes is one of the best ways to organize your room and keep it neat going forward even after your spring cleanups!

After you’ve sorted through all your clothes, you should put the ones you want to keep back into your dresser drawers as neatly as possible.

We like to use Marie Kondo’s folding and storage method to organize our clothing. Instead of laying your clothes flat in the drawer one on top of the other, you should fold them in a way that makes them stand upright (this also makes it easier to see what clothes you still have available to wear!). That way you can fit more items in each drawer and see all of your clothes without having to rummage through a big pile of shirts or pants. This storage method also reduces the need for drawer organizers, but you can still use them to keep things extra neat. 

Organize the top of your dresser and nightstand


Once you’ve dealt with the drawers, it’s time to tackle the top of your dresser and nightstand. Most of us use these areas to store jewelry, makeup, books, and other items we need close by, so they can get pretty cluttered. Take stock of the items you have out and decide if any of them can be relocated to your closet or bathroom cabinets.

If you have three bottles of perfume on your dresser, for example, you should choose your favorite and put the others in a drawer to make things look tidier. You should also go through your jewelry collection the same way you did with your clothes and throw out any expired beauty products that you’ve been holding onto. 

If your dresser or nightstand still looks cluttered after cleaning it, you might consider using storage containers to organize things. Clear makeup organizers can give your beauty products a sleek look, while caddies can help you keep your nighttime essentials close at hand without overcrowding your nightstand.

Detox your closet 

Organized wooden closet

Cleaning out your closet is a big project, but it’s also one of the best ways to organize your room, so you shouldn’t skip it. Start a closet purge by taking all the clothes out of your closet and putting them on your bed. Next, sort through your clothes and decide what to keep just like you did with the items in your drawers. Ask yourself if you would buy each item in your closet if you saw it in a store today. If the answer is no, you should consider parting with it. You should also consider giving away things you haven’t worn for more than a year and items that no longer fit. 

Go through your shoe collection and try to pare it down too. Get rid of uncomfortable shoes and pairs that look worn and scuffed. You should also sell or give away shoes that don’t fit your style anymore and don’t get much wear. A closet purge can make you feel extremely light and relieved that you now have so much more room in your closet!

Deep clean your room

Before you put all the clothes and shoes back in your closet, take a few minutes to give them a deep clean. Wipe down the shelves and racks and vacuum the floors while there’s no clutter in your way. If you want to hang some hooks for your scarves or install closet organizers, now is a great time to do that as well. 

When you put your clothes back, try to sort everything logically. We like to organize our clothes by type and color. For example, if you put all of your jeans on the same rack, arrange them to go from a dark wash to a light wash. At this stage, also check your closet and drawers to make sure you’re hanging and folding the right items.

Clothes that are made of delicate materials like silk and lace will wrinkle less if you hang them. Stretchy fabrics like spandex and jersey will hold their shape better over time if you fold them, so try to avoid hanging them up. You should also fold heavy items like knitwear and things with beading so that they don’t sag on the hanger and lose their shape. Here’s a useful graphic that will help you decide what to hang and what to fold when you’re putting back your clothes. 

Turn clutter into creative displays 

One of the most creative ways to organize your room is to turn your clutter into a focal point by displaying it. Extra books, clothing, jewelry, scarves, and purses can all be turned into decor. 

Instead of hiding away your book collection in a box, sort them by color and display them in a bookcase or on wall shelves. If your closet is overflowing with clothes, build a simple floating garment rack from ropes and branches or order one online to display your favorite fashion pieces. To organize your jewelry collection and bring nature indoors, make a jewelry tree that you can hang up on your wall. Scarves and purses can also be hung on hooks to make them easier to grab in the morning along with adding that extra pop of color to your space. 

With a little creativity, almost anything can be turned into decor, from knick-knacks to shoes and magazines. So before you hide your clutter in a box or relegate it to the attic, think about ways you could turn it into decor to add some extra life to your space. 

Store things under your bed 

One of the most creative and smart ways to organize your room is to use storage bins. If your bedroom closet isn’t big enough for all of your clothes and shoes, you can turn the space under your bed into additional storage. You can buy storage bins from Amazon. Another consideration: use the extra time you have to create your out-of-common household items. 

First, measure the height and width of the space under your bed so you know how much room you have to work with. Then look around the house for things you can turn into storage bins, such as old dresser drawers, small suitcases or trunks, wicker baskets, and cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes work especially well because you can cut them down to size if they’re too tall to fit under your bed. You can even paint them to match the color palette of your room and put labels on them so you can easily identify what’s inside. 

Once you’ve bought or made your storage containers, go through your closet and figure out what you want to store in them. Ideally, you should pick items that you use infrequently, such as off-season clothing or ski gear, so that you don’t have to pull the bins out from under your bed regularly. 

Buy or make furniture with extra storage

One of the best ways to organize your room and add extra storage space is to purchase furniture with hidden storage compartments. Many benches and chairs have storage underneath the seat that you can use to stow away linens, pillows, towels, and clothes. Some mirrors have shelves behind the glass that are great for storing small items like jewelry and makeup.

You can find floating shelves with drawers or hooks that you can use to hang scarves, necklaces, or small handbags. Some people have even swapped out their nightstands for bar carts or rolling shelves that have lots of room for nighttime essentials like hand cream, sleeping masks, and phone chargers. 

Although upgrading your furniture sounds expensive, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great and functional pieces. You can buy affordable benches and shelves with hidden storage on Amazon or even make them yourself. With some plywood, a few simple tools, and a free afternoon, you can build a floating shelf with a secret drawer or an attractive storage bench to tuck away your extra shoes. 


Spring cleaning your room might be time-consuming, but the effort is worth it. A clean, organized space will help reduce your stress levels during this difficult time. Hopefully, these suggested ways to organize your room will make the cleaning process go much more smoothly. As a bonus, you’ll be back to hanging out with your family and binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows in no time!  

How can I keep my bedroom organized?

Use under-bed space, organize the room in sections, store blankets on a rack, place extra pillows in baskets, and have a functional nightstand.

How can I make my bedroom look aesthetic?

Some details like vines, disco balls, hanging plants, and photo wall collages can turn the room more aesthetic.

What is the 4-box declutter method?

Getting four boxes to label as either: trash, give away, keep, or relocate makes the organization even more organized and less stressful.

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