Friendsgiving Decorations
7 Inexpensive Friendsgiving Decorations You Will Love!
Friendsgiving Decorations
7 Inexpensive Friendsgiving Decorations You Will Love!

With November right around the corner (can you believe it?), most people are preparing for a celebration with all of their favorite festive touches like Friends Thanksgiving foods, from turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy to pumpkin pie that’s doused in eight layers of whipped cream.

But for some, the focal point of November festivities is Friendsgiving. This fun tradition of a friend’s Thanksgiving party started in 2007, although people have enjoyed lavish holiday celebration dinners with their best friends far before this date.

If you’re the lucky host of this year’s Friendsgiving party or friends Thanksgiving party, you want to ensure you don’t disappoint your buddies with the Friendsgiving party decorations. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not for your Friendsgiving decorations, below you will find some of the best ways to host a Friendsgiving party, from stellar Friendsgiving decorations to Friendsgiving invitations, food ideas, and so much more.

Prepare to “wow” your closest friends this year with your Friendsgiving decorations!

Hosting the Ultimate Friendsgiving Party

Friendsgiving Decorations
Are you ready to Host the Ultimate Friendsgiving Party?

If the thought of hosting the Friendsgiving celebration has left your tummy in a knot, don’t panic. It’s easier to pull together top-notch and memorable friends Thanksgiving party celebrations that your friends will surely adore. Oh, and remember one thing – your friends will be grateful regardless of how the friend’s Thanksgiving party turns out, so don’t overthink it. Have fun with your Friendsgiving decorations, and consider these awesome ideas for Friendsgiving party decorations.

Friendsgiving Decorations

Friendsgiving Decorations
Here are some Friendsgiving Decorations!

The first thing you need to focus on is the Friendsgiving decorations. After all, your party needs to say “Hello, welcome to the Friendsgiving fest!” without you saying a single word. Here are three great options for Friendsgiving decorations ideas.

Friends (TV SHOW) Theme

When people think of friends, they think of their best pals they’ve known since middle school or some new besties they “clicked” with a few months prior. The other thing that comes to mind? The famous TV show, Friends.


Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that a Friends tv show theme is bound to be a winner at any Friendsgiving party decorations. Luckily, the party decorations aren’t super expensive, so you can transform your dining room into a Friends paradise – literally and figuratively.

Balloon Letters

Be honest – there are few things more whimsical and fun than balloons when it comes to decoration ideas. Whether you’re five or 105, you love balloons. With that said, it’s unsurprising that balloon letters make a fabulous Friendsgiving party decorations idea.


Creating personalized balloon letters is a cinch, and they’re highly cost-effective. Opt for a fall and winter-friendly color, like gold. Not only does gold scream fall decor, but it’s also bright and shiny – the perfect complement to your lovely Friendsgiving Banner. You can also think about a balloon banner or confetti balloons.

Backdrop For Photos

Although you’re creating a fun event that’s bound to be remembered, most people want to remember the good times with photos. And what better way to spice up those Instagram pictures than with a Friendsgiving backdrop or Friendsgiving Banner?


This backdrop is an excellent option for any Friendsgiving party. Riddled with white pumpkins, hay bales, and lights, it’s the ideal backdrop for a fall party, such as Friendsgiving. You can add some fun props if desired, but honestly – this backdrop speaks for itself.

Decorated Buffet Table

Friendsgiving Decorations
Prepare a Decorated Buffet Table!

Now you know the absolute best Friendsgiving party decorations ideas. Great. Now what? Well, no Friendsgiving celebration or Friends Thanksgiving party is complete without food. And, in case you were wondering – yes, the buffet table should be vividly decorated for the Friends Thanksgiving Party. Here are the top ideas for Friendsgiving party decorations.

Centerpiece for Table

No table is complete without a charming centerpiece that screams Friends Thanksgiving party, and you have plenty of options. You can go with a classic harvest-themed centerpiece or go for something more cute and casual.


If you’re looking to save money and want to unleash your inner creativity, you can always make your centerpieces for your Friendsgiving party decorations. This adds a personal touch to your Friendsgiving party decorations that everyone will notice and thoroughly appreciate. They’ll definitely “thank” you for all of the hard work you put into decorating the friend’s Thanksgiving party!

Table Runner

A bare dining room table with a centerpiece? It’ll do. But why settle for less when you can easily create a beautiful dining table with just one more item?


Table runners are great decorating ideas for a dinner party because they’re cheap and take up a lot of space. Not only that, but they’re easy to put together. Essentially, all you have to do is take the table runner out of the package, toss it on top of your buffet table, and smooth it out.

By the end, you have a fall-themed buffet table ready for your Friendsgiving guests!

Decorative Plates & Napkins

Although eating with your hands might sound a little fun, it certainly won’t be a hit at your Friendsgiving party. That said, make sure you provide your guests with some plates and napkins to nosh on all of the delicious fares you’ve provided and to add that finishing touch to the Friends Thanksgiving party decorations.


Make sure that the plates and napkins are on the party theme. For instance, this set displays the words “Give Thanks” and is surrounded by an array of leaves featuring the loveliest shades of fall. Together, this creates a Friendsgiving image that’s so picture-perfect your loved ones might not want to eat off of them!

Friendsgiving Food Ideas

Friendsgiving food ideas can be the same as your traditional, go-to Thanksgiving foods. For instance, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, and croissants can all be offered at your Friendsgiving party.

But if you want to step out of the box, here are five Friendsgiving food ideas that go against the “norm:” pumpkin mac and cheese, bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts, stuffed butternut squash, creamy garlic pork loin, and cranberry pear lattice pie.

If you’re stuck on time or don’t know what to make, you can always make it a Friendsgiving potluck. You’ll need to create the buffet table, but having every friend bring a dish will take some of the load off of having to make all of the food yourself.

Friendsgiving Invitations

Friendsgiving Decorations
Have some Friendsgiving Invitations!

Friendsgiving decor ideas? Check. Friendsgiving food ideas? Check. Check. The good news is that you’re almost done setting up your Friendsgiving party. Although, nobody will show up without an invitation.


While you can create your invitations or simply send out a text message, “professional” invitations will look so much classier. You’re putting together a top-notch Friendsgiving party – you may as well have the Friendsgiving invitations to match.

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas

Friendsgiving Decorations
Friendsgiving Gift Ideas for all your guests!

Last but not least, you need to finish off the party with some fantastic parting gifts. While it’s not essential, it will show your friends that you are genuinely thankful for them – and that’s what Friendsgiving is all about, right?

You have plenty of options when it comes to Friendsgiving gift ideas, and you know your friends best. You know exactly what they’ll want to take home after a fun evening with the buddies. However, here are some of the top choices to consider:

Opt for a single gift or place multiple gifts inside gift bags to impress your best pals!


Your Friendsgiving Party Will Be One to Remember!

As you can see, creating a Friendsgiving celebration isn’t challenging. With just a few Friendsgiving decorations, such as balloon letters, table runners, board games, and a backdrop for photos, you and your buddies can have an incredible time without the extra cost. Just don’t forget the Friendsgiving invitations, gifts, and yummy fare to fill their bellies. 

Tip: You can even have a turkey piñata if you want a fun touch!

Are you ready to throw a stellar Friendsgiving party? Which one of these Friendsgiving decor inexpensive ideas do you plan to use?

What are common Thanksgiving decorations?

Decor for Thanksgiving traditionally
Think of the stunning colors of the fall foliage. There should be plenty of turkeys, pumpkins, and gourds, and if you want to go all out, Pilgrim figures are OK.

Are gifts given at Friendsgiving?

Gift Ideas to Make Any Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Host Happy. The politest way to express gratitude to a friend or member of your family for their hospitality is with a host or hostess gift. Even if it’s a potluck-style meal, you should always bring a present.

What is the Friendsgiving tradition?

Before the preparations for the actual holiday begin, those who host Friendsgiving could take advantage of the occasion to invite neighbors and friends over for a more relaxed meal. Similar to how some families invite friends to their Thanksgiving table, Friendsgiving encourages family members to attend.

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