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November is here, and all we can think about is amazing food and being around the people we love. We have created a Thanksgiving Party Guide for you and your loved ones.

Sure, we’ve all heard of Friendsgiving before, right?! Friendsgiving became so popular in the U.S. that it was eventually added to the Webster Dictionary in January 2020. Friendsgiving is a mashup of the word “friend” and “Thanksgiving” and is one of our favorite new traditions. It’s the perfect excuse to get together to celebrate with your friends and escape your family for a little. After all, our close friends basically become like family, but better because they are the family we get to choose.

Friendsgiving has no rules, and it’s supposed to be a fun stress-free time to celebrate and relax with friends. But if it is your turn to host your annual Friendsgiving this year and you’re like, “ahh please help me, where do I start?”, we’ve got your back! We will give you a step-by-step Thanksgiving party guide on how to make your Friendsgiving Dinner Party the very best one yet.

Step 1: Planning The Food

Thanksgiving party guide

Let’s keep it easy for you and your guests this season by making the dinner a potluck. Potlucks are the best option because no one will have to prepare too much, especially since the idea of one person making a whole thanksgiving dinner sounds overwhelming and energy draining.

Each one of your friends that is attending will bring one of their favorite Thanksgiving foods to the dinner. For example, one friend might bring their grandma’s famous stuffing, while another may bring a homemade apple pie.

Just be sure to keep a list of friends that will attend and what they are bringing. The last thing you want is everyone bringing just a dessert to dinner (unless that is your secret master plan?). After all, Friendsgiving has no traditional rules. So, if you want it to BYOD (Bring Your Own Dessert), do it!

If you’re in need of a fully thought-out Thanksgiving dinner that is also vegan friendly, make sure you check out our other article!

Step 2: Serving The Meal

Thanksgiving party guide

With all of your friends coming over, you’ll want to impress them with your skills! So, why not show off with the perfect Thanksgiving serving ware for your guests?!

Kaloh Stoneware Dinner Plate


This Dinner plate from west elm is on sale and comes in many colors! Since everyone is bringing their own serving dish with what they brought to dinner, you can buy a few sets of these to place on the table. If you have a dry dessert you want to share with your guest then we challenge you to try this DIY Paper Snack Bag to add that extra touch and dedication to your party

Unique Bamboo Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie boards are a must! You can have this beautifully arranged board out for grabs while your friends all arrive fashionably late. Trust us, you don’t want any of your friends getting “hangry” before all the food arrives. Get creative and fill your board with an assortment of cheese, meats, nuts, and dried fruit.

Step 3: Personalized Fun Cocktails

pexels fauxels 3184194 3

The next step is bubbly! What is a party without some champagne or festive cocktails and mocktails? Since we are not professional bartenders and don’t expect you to be, we found a few easy drink recipes for festive Thanksgiving party cocktails. These festive drinks will be easy to make and your friends will love them!

Cranberry Margarita

This one is for your friends who love margaritas! This cranberry margarita recipe is not just your average margarita, because it adds a festive twist that’s perfect for the occasion! Sweet but tart, this delicious margarita will remind your guests of the flavorful cranberry sauce that is a tradition for many. The best part of this margarita is it looks fancy, but it’s super easy. To make, just mix cranberry juice, lime juice, orange-flavored liqueur, and tequila over ice. To get the finished look, add cranberry garnish and a salted rim.

Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

This Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour is dangerously delicious. This cocktail is basically a whiskey sour but sweetened with maple syrup instead of simple syrup. The maple syrup takes this cocktail to the next level with hints of cinnamon.

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker


In order to mix up these festive holiday drinks for your party, you’ll need the right cocktail shaker! Just in case you don’t have one, we’ve included one here that would be perfect to use for this occasion!

Thanksgiving Charms for Glass


Here’s a fun option! Use these Thanksgiving-themed charms for your cocktails and wine glasses! Let’s not waste excellent drinks because we can’t figure out whose drink is whose!

Step 4: Set the Smell

The perfect Thanksgiving party guide will want you to ignite all your guest senses. Let’s not forget an important one, the sense of smell. If you want to make sure your place smells great before your friends arrive, there are a few options!

Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Jar Candle


An obvious way of setting the right smells in your home before the big party would be to light some candles. Our favorite is the Anthropologie Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove candle. This candle fills the air with a creamy, buttery pumpkin with a touch of orange zest, vanilla, and a cinnamon warm scent.

Stovetop Potpourri


If candles aren’t your thing, you can make a quick stovetop of potpourri. This method is as simple as boiling water and adding this potpourri mix. You are more than welcome to change up the spices and smells with what’s available in your kitchen.

To do this, bring four cups of water to a boil, then you’ll want to include the mix we provided or different things like orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and cloves. After adding the potpourri to the boiling water, you’ll bring the mix to a simmer and allow the amazing smells to disperse around your home!

Step 5: Thanksgiving Decor

Depending on your style, the party decorations you choose can as be laid back or as extravagant as you want them to be. At a minimum, let’s just make sure the dinner table and main visiting area both look nice for your guests!

Friendsgiving Balloons


The perfect backdrop for all the photos taken at your Friendsgiving party! This would be a nice added touch for the memories you make and the photos you take at your gathering!

‘Happy Thanksgiving Banner


Another fun thing to add to your wall is this ‘Happy Thanksgiving” banner. Such a cute picture spot for your guests to enjoy!

Thanksgiving Pillows


Get these comfy Thanksgiving pillows to add to the couch for your guests! This will add a pleasant touch and make the room feel festive!

Fall Table Runner


Dress up your table with this fall table runner. You can place your serving dishes along with the runner to create a beautiful table presentation.

Table Place Cards


Another decor item that will upgrade you thanksgiving will be this gold name-place cards for your guest list. A way to create organization in the table and have everyone set up already in their spot!

Thanksgiving Party Guide Complete

With this Thanksgiving party guide you’ve got everything you need to put together an epic Friendsgiving party this holiday season! We hope you and your friends are ready for it!

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