mobile 3 Spring Fashion and Beauty Trends
Colorful makeup is the way to go this spring!
desktop 3 Spring Fashion and Beauty Trends
Colorful makeup is the way to go this spring!

Spring is finally here! The year is finally in full swing and starting to show off some of its new iconic fashion and beauty trends. So if you’ve done a little spring cleaning, maybe gotten rid of some older clothes or expired makeup, and are looking for new trendy inspiration, you have come to the right place.

We have put together a complete style guide for you inspired by some of our favorite social media influencers and celebrities. Without further ado, here are the latest fashion and beauty trends:

Fashion Trend Inspired by @fashionflux

If there is one thing we know about this spring, it’s that neutrals are in! This look by @fashionflux is the perfect more neutral spring look. The jean jacket is great for providing a little warmth. But if the mornings are still cold where you are, it can be easily removed as the weather gets warmer throughout the day.

Get the look:


Beauty Trends Inspired by @jesshunt2

This spring’s latest beauty trend is a more natural glowing face. And no one gives a better example than @jesshunt2. Everything from the filled-in bush brows, light brown eyeshadow, cheek and nose blush, and highlight to the lip gloss help to accentuate her natural beauty while still keeping her looking fresh. The best part is this look only requires a few products and can work on everyone!

This is the must-have makeup kit you didn’t know you needed to slay your makeup on every single occasion.

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Fashion Trends Inspired By @loriharvey

If there was one thing we were certain would remain in style going into 2023, it was loungewear (and we can’t say we’re upset). As we learned from last year, not only is loungewear fun and easy to wear, but it’s easy to dress and make work for a variety of different occasions.

Never did we think that our most comfortable clothes would end up turning into some of the most stylish ones we own, but as we mentioned before, this is one trend we think everyone can get on board with. Now you can be stylish and comfy a the same time without looking like you put too much effort into your outfit or too little effort that you almost look like you are in your pj’s.

Get the look:


What are the latest trends in skincare?

Some of the latest trends include the importance of skin barrier health, peptides, skin boosters, skin minimalism, etc.

What is the ‘clean beauty’ trend?

Clean beauty is having a great impact on how customer purchase products based on how non-toxic, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable, and ethically sourced a brand or product is.

Is Korean or American makeup better?

Depends on your style. Korean makeup is known for its more natural, low coverage, dewy finish look. While American makeup predominantly goes more for full coverage, matte-finish style.

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