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Mother’s Day weekend is coming up – are you prepared? If not, then it’s no wonder why you made it to this list (and you’re likely searching for “Mother’s Day gift ideas,” too). Don’t worry, you’re not alone – but this article is here to help.

Planning the perfect gift and day for the Woman who gave you life can be nothing short of challenging – if not anxiety-riddling. But it doesn’t have to be so challenging.

The best thing to do is to consider your mom’s personal likes. When shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, the best thing to do is to consider your mom’s personal likes. Is she a beach babe, or does she prefer to sit by a lake? Does she love to have a sip of wine in the tub, or is she active and loves to be outdoors?

Regardless of what “type” of mom you have, here you have mother’s day gift ideas and activities ideas below to help you out.

Go on a Trip

mother's day gift ideas

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a single day; it can be an entire weekend. With things opening back up, it’s the perfect time to surprise mom with a trip as her mother’s day gift, which she won’t soon forget.

Where should you go, though? There are plenty of options for this thoughtful gift.

Florida is an excellent option for moms who love temperate weather and gorgeous views. You can stick to an unforgettable Disney World adventure or go to a tamer area like Mount Dora. Things to do in Mount Dora include the lovely lake, Modernism Museum, and Renninger’s Twin Markets.

If she’s an art and history enthusiast and wants to explore a lovely, charming, and vibrant location, consider Chicago, Illinois. Here, mom can get lost in the Museum of Science and Industry or enjoy the Navy Pier.

Consider a camping Mother’s Day weekend for mothers who love the outdoors. Choose one of the most scenic camping spots in the United States, such as White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire, and Maine, or Ozark National Forest, Arkansas.

mother's day gift ideas mother's day gift ideas mother's day gift ideas mother's day gift ideas


Here’s a hint: if you’re still on the hunt for some good Mother’s Day gift ideas, consider pairing it with your trip. For example, a nice new luggage set is perfect for the Mother’s Day weekend vacation. Get her some new gear if you’re headed to the mountains for a sleepover under the stars. Surprise her with some flirty and floral pieces that are Florida-ready. Or include a gift card from her favorite store.

Hit the Spa

mother's day gift ideas

Don’t want to go away and create an entire Mother’s Day weekend adventure? Don’t worry. Mom can still have the best day of her life with a trip to the spa as her mother’s day gift.

Needless to say, moms work so hard all day, every day. They deserve a few hours to sit back, relax, and be completely pampered – and there’s no better way to do it than with a spa.

She can enjoy a slew of treatments depending on the spa she attends. However, most locations will offer a relaxing massage for the entire body, facials to rejuvenate her skin, and hot tubs to melt her troubles away.

mother's day gift ideas

Let her take the spa home with her, too. How? Think of the best relaxing Mother’s Day gift ideas, such as candles, bath bombs and/or salts, and lotions that can be found at Bath & Body Works. You can surprise her with a spa gift card so she can go whenever she wants even after mother’s day or a gift basket that includes beauty products, bath salts, a hair mask, and scented candles from Bath & Body Works to do her own spa day at home, these great gifts for mom will be the perfect extra touch for when she’s done with her trip to the local resort.

Go on a Picnic

mother's day gift ideas

When people think of the best thing to do with mom on her special day, they think of the traditional breakfast in bed. And while this is a classic, no-fail option, there’s nothing wrong with stepping outside the box.

The best part about Mother’s Day (other than your mom, of course) is that the weather is almost always beautiful. Why not take advantage of the lovely temperatures with a picnic?

Moms love to relax in nature with their favorite foods, and your picnic basket menu will rely primarily on what your momma enjoys. Stick with classic sandwiches, fruit, and chips, or create a five-course meal that will wow. Don’t forget the traditional box of chocolates!

When you’re all done munching and crunching, take mom for a walk around the park. Simply take the time to enjoy spending the afternoon with your mom. Talk to her and let her know how much you genuinely care about her.

mother's day gift ideasmother's day gift ideas











Need a gift to go along with the picnic? A brand new pair of shoes designed for comfortable walking can be a great choice. Or, surprise her with some adorable jewelry she can wear anywhere – from the picnic to date night, the office, to the gym. However, her favorite flowers are a safe choice

Take a Family Photoshoot

mother's day gift ideas

Some moms adore photographs. And why shouldn’t they? Moms are proud of their families and want to display them. Not only that, but a photo of the fam will be a token of remembrance she can enjoy until her last day.

Even if you hate getting dressed up for family photos, this is your mom’s day. Lose the attitude, put on your charming clothing, and take the entire family to a gorgeous location for a photoshoot.

To make the day even more special for mom, consider hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist to glam her up before the big photoshoot. She will look and feel like a queen, which is precisely how she should feel on Mother’s Day.

Also, consider purchasing matching attire for the shoot. This will take the photoshoot to the “next level,” and mom will love matching with all of her loved ones.

mother's day gift ideas mother's day gift ideas mother's day gift ideas mother's day gift ideas











Don’t forget picture frames for the new photos! Moms love getting frames as gifts, which is why it’s one of the most popular Mother’s Day gift ideas out there. Consider getting it customized to display your last name and the names of you, your parents, siblings, etc, or a digital frame so pictures are updated.

Take a Class

mother's day gift ideas

In recent years, thrilling, exciting, and super fun classes have become all the rage. Whether you want to learn to sculpt clay into a vase, create striking art while you sip red wine, or tour the outdoors on top of a horse, there’s a class that’s suitable for everyone – mom included!

That said, take a look at some of the fun classes your town has to offer. Find one that might pique your mom’s interest. Book the course for you, your siblings, and your mom, and have the time of your life.

When you’re done with the class, take your mom out to her favorite spot for dinner. It’s the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Don’t forget to find a gift that will accompany the class. For instance, you might purchase mom a cowgirl hat to wear on her horseback riding lesson. Or, you might get her a customized apron if you’re taking a cooking class.

The key here is to be creative. And remember, it’s the thought that counts. Mom will feel loved and adored that you made so much effort to make her day as special as can be!

Happy Mother’s Day!

When it comes to Mother’s Day, you really can’t go wrong. As long as something special is done for mom, she will be thrilled. So, whether you opt for an entire Mother’s Day weekend getaway to a little slice of paradise or you take her on a sweet picnic in the park, she will be happy. So here you had your mother’s day gift guide

And a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there! Enjoy your day!

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