Let’s steal her style! Whether they start trends or help carry them to fame, celebrities are always at the top of our look-books. Every magazine, blog, and paparazzi knows to keep an eye out for the new and fresh outfits these A-listers come up with. This summer, fashion is on the full throttle after being halted for a year due to COVID. The combinations, prints, and colors are something we never thought we’d see, but we’re not complaining! Just like everyone else, we’ve been keeping tabs on the best outfits of the summer. 

Do you have your pen and paper ready? Your phone? Hurry up and get one! 

Ready to steal her style? Let’s begin!

Style #1: Rihanna

First off, we HAVE to start with Miss Rihanna herself. Not only is she a queen in the studio but in the world of fashion as well. As seen here, she perfectly styled a casual, cute outfit for when you’re running errands or just taking a stroll around town. The Hawaiian shirt (a staple summer piece) combined with denim shorts or a skirt give us major summer vibes, but it’s not until you add some trendy heels to the mix that the outfit is complete. Dressing up your simple outfit with heels like this or any other type of fun shoe can add something special to the whole thing, making it street ready!

Style #2: Camila Mendes

Radiating the true energy of the summer, we have Camila Mendes. Similar to Rihanna’s tropical summer vibes, Cami flaunts her lavender and floral print pieces while going on a necessary coffee run! This outfit serves the same purposes as Rihanna’s – perfect for being on the go, running errands, or just lounging around too! While being a more relaxed, simple combination, we can’t get enough of this one. Cami’s tan skin compliments her fit, while her beautiful, dark beach waves contrast with it and make her pop! You’ll want to steal her style this summer!

Style #3: Bella Hadid 

As per usual, models are the best at setting and continuing trends. Perfectly demonstrating this supermodel Bella Hadid with basically every trend of the summer – steal her style! Bella is wearing a silk scarf as a headwrap, which as we’ve previously discussed has been one of the major trends of the year. Following this are her low-rise jeans, which are trying to make a comeback and are tied by a shoelace. The shoelace portion of the outfit is a less common but still very funky and new 2021 trend, so we love seeing it whenever we get the chance. Bella’s accessories also reflect some summer trends – the chunky, rectangular gold necklace is a must-have this summer!

Style #4: Vanessa Hudgens 

Next up, we have Vanessa Hudgens! Ever since she stole our hearts in the HSM series, we’ve wanted to steal her style. This has yet to change! Pictured here is Vanessa wearing a beautiful, silky golden maxi perfect for a sunny summer day. The flowy cowl neck accentuates and teases her body’s features, and it even gives her enough room to include some playful accessories underneath, such as the rhinestone chains she has on. Paired with a neutral-toned bucket hat and wedges, Vanessa radiates nothing but warmth and happiness in this fit. Whether you live in the city, desert, or on the beach, this outfit is a match made in heaven!

Style #5: Kaia Gerber & Jacob Elordi

One of our favorite couples to exist right now just so happens to be one of the most fashionable too! Kaia Gerber, daughter of the infamous model Cindy Crawford, and Jacob Elordi, the Euphoria superstar, have made their way onto headlines since they started dating for several seasons now, one of those being their style.

Pictured here, we can see Kaia rocking one of this year’s most impactful trends among young women – the tennis skirt! Paired with a cute and collared baby blue crop top, this sporty and chic look is perfect for wandering around the city, going on a little coffee date, and even for some impromptu photoshoots around town! Now that it’s summer, this little number is perfect for showing off your toned body, long legs, and new summer tan. 

Oh, did you think we were only going to review Kaia’s outfit? Nope! Jacob deserves some mentions too! As stylish as he is handsome, Jacob is rocking a couple of trends in this picture: the revived reusable tote, short athletic shorts, and the yellow sunglasses trend. Boys, take notes.

This summer, your shorts should be, well…short. Five-inch inseams seem to be the favorite of the season – don’t be scared to show some skin! As for the reusable tote, the more of a big city you live in, the more common these are likely to be seen and/or expected. Finally, the staple piece of any summer season is always the sunglasses! Rather than buying yourself another pair of black aviators, get yourself some colorful ones instead. 

No matter if you’re going to steal her style or his, you’ll still be at the top of the fashion ranks this summer!

Style #6: Hailey Bieber

Model Hailey Bieber has always had a keen eye for fashion and understandably so. When she’s not with her hubby Justin, she’s usually roaming the streets of NYC looking as fashionable as ever and getting spotted by the paparazzi. In this picture, she has a good balance of items to prepare her for the summer in NYC, which as you may know, isn’t as hot as people think. Hailey is wearing a sort of bandeau and jean shorts, covered by a long suit jacket and some mid-calf boots.

Needless to say, we are OBSESSED with this outfit. More of a stylish option for going out to eat, meeting up with friends or your significant other, and even attending an event of some sort, this outfit is tres chic! Hailey managed to perfectly style this fit with a bright little purse, similar in color to her green suit, a bralette, and boots. She paired this look with some chunky gold jewelry, which at this point we know is in style, and put her hair up in a messy but cute clip. 

Style #7: Kourtney Kardashian 

Similar to her family friend Hailey, Kourtney has nailed her city looks this summer. As seen here with BFF Addison Rae, the two seem to be matching outfits with a single difference in color. Rocking more of an oversized look from head to toe, Kourtney has on a full-body length suit as a dress, paired with a small black/ purse, cute cateye black sunnies, and timeless black combat boots.

Compared to Hailey’s look, this is more of a dark monochromatic look, which could be worn to the same sort of places during the day but could also turn into a nighttime outfit. That’s why this outfit is destined to be worn in a big, busy city! Pair this look with some sleek, straight hair like Kourtney did for a more serious look. Otherwise, just put it up for a more playful one.

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to steal her style!


Now that we’ve covered virtually every summer 2021 trend, we hope you got enough inspiration to at least steal one of these celebrities’ styles! No matter what your summer plans are this year, there’s a look for you here. Now go on, choose a celebrity from the list and steal her style! Or if you want to share your perfect fit with us on Instagram (@successible_life), just use #SuccessibleFashion for a chance to be reposted!

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