3 Easy Ways How To Style Flared Leggings 3

Fashion trends come and go – and 2023 is making that statement blatantly obvious. It seems that this year’s fashion theme is a reboot of favorite 1960s and 1970s attire like flared pants, and one of the most popular trends is none other than bootcut or bell bottom leggings.

Of course, 2023 is putting its little twist on the beloved bell bottom craze. Although you can certainly rock a pair of flare jeans or flare pants, the latest style is flare leggings. But how exactly do you style this style of relaxed flare yoga pants?

If you’re on the fence about buying your first pair of flare leggings because you don’t know how to style flare leggings properly, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s topic? How to style those fashionable flare yoga pants, queen. (Don’t worry – it’s easier than you think!)

What Are Flared Leggings?

Before diving into what to wear with flare leggings or flare pants, you need to know what they are.

The best way to describe flared leggings or flared pants is bell-bottom leggings. Flared pants are tight around the thigh and knees but have “slight flare” bottoms that make a bell-like shape around the ankle, creating the “bell bottom” description.

Flared pants differ from other types of leggings on the market, which is form-fitting and body-hugging from top to bottom with a subtle flare. (Yes, you can still wear this casual piece of leggings and look fab, dear – don’t panic!)

Where did these cute, flared pants come from, though?

Aerie Flare Leggings are undeniably the “OGs” favorite styles of flared legging looks, with a unique crossover waistband and V-seam that fits you in all the right places. With a weightless touch and movable fabric, these leggings are just as comfy as those skin-tight beauties you were rocking last year with a wide range.

Since the overwhelmingly popular debut of Aerie Flare Leggings, other brands have followed suit, and flared pants have quickly become the latest style icon in the fashion biz. Now, you can find flare leggings in a variety of styles and colors, ensuring every lady can find her “perfect match.”

How to Style Flare Leggings?

It’s clear, fashionistas: bell-bottom leggings are the latest fashion trend you need in your closet ASAP. But how do you style them?

Check out these ultra-posh flared leggings outfit ideas. There’s something to suit everyone’s personality and style, whether you prefer to keep it casual and sporty or want to rev it up with a preppy appearance.

Flared Leggings Outfit #1 (Casual/Sporty ‘Fit)

This first ‘fit is designed for the girl looking for a very casual pair yet still undeniably cool. It’s the ideal trio for your morning gym sesh or pilates class although it’s cute enough to run errands with your gal pals.

The look starts with these adorable Aerie Crossover Black Flare Leggings paired with a matching Cropped Tank/Sports Bra to show off that tummy you’ve been working so hard on. Complete the look with this casual Zip-Up Hoodie on chillier spring and fall afternoons. this is the perfect convo for a monochrome outfit.


Style tip: Alongside flared pants, another huge trend is “cropped everything.” So, you can easily pair your pair of flares with all your fave cropped items to create a fashionable ensemble.

This look will work best with a pair of trainers, emphasizing the “sporty” appeal of the garments. Keep your hair and makeup minimal, or add a little bit of glam. This outfit is so versatile it can pair with almost any accessories with ease, too.

Flared Leggings Outfit #2 (60s Preppy Look)

Who said you had to wear black flared leggings? Hon, if you haven’t ventured into different colored leggings, you’re seriously missing out. But don’t let your fashion fall to the wayside any longer. Here’s a look that screams 1970s vibes with a refreshed 2023 aesthetic.

It starts with this Cute Brown Pair of Flares, complete with a crossover high-rise waist. Why? Because although 2023 is all about bringing back the 60s and 70s, the fashion world isn’t ready to say goodbye to those lovely high-rise designs just yet, we just added the flare leg to it.


Finish this simple yet chic outfit with a Beige Quarter Zip-Up. It’s ultra comfortable with a heavyweight fabric to keep you nice and cozy, even on the chilliest mornings at school. The half-zip-up detail is a welcome addition, instantly creating that prep aesthetic that so many people are after with their pair of flares.

Don’t know which shoes to wear with this outfit? Pointed-toe or square-toed boots will look lovely. If you’re not a “boot” person, you can also get by with flats. It’s recommended to add a little glam to your appearance. After all, this is a 60s-inspired outfit with a preppy twist that you can easily take to the next level.

Flared Leggings Outfit #3 (Fall Vibes)

If you’re someone who loves and adores flannels, this look is for you. (And by the way, although flannels are inspo for fall outfits, they can be worn year-round. It’s time to make your own style rules, OK?)

This look begins with a pair of Alo Yoga Black Flare Leggings. Now, these leggings are not designed with crossover stitching around the waist – which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your style preference. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like crossover designs, this is the ideal pair of flared leggings – and they can easily be incorporated into the two looks mentioned above.


Regardless of which Alo Yoga leggings with flare legs you decide to throw on, your next article of clothing is this Cropped Tank from American Eagle. Ladies, this top is the epitome of effortless fashion for a black flare legging outfit. Complete with a cool ribbed fabric that’s the perfect combo of thick and cute, you can quickly wear this cropped tank year-round. Oh, and the high neck isn’t something to gawk at, either.

Finish off this fall-inspired outfit with an Oversized Flannel Shirt. This incredibly comfortable and heavyweight piece of clothing with stretchy fabric features an oversized silhouette that pairs perfectly with your fave flared leggings. Available in a wide variety of solid colors so you can get the brightest pieces, it’s easy for every girl to find a color combo that matches her aesthetic.

Honestly, what’s not to love with this style? It hits all the “fashion markers,” from the cropped tank to the oversized flannel. Needless to say, you simply can’t go wrong with this adorable and pleasantly carefree look.

This is another look that will pair beautifully with your favorite pair of boots or flats. However, this option also opens up the possibility for mules, too. This means that you can easily get by with a little bit of a heel, which many women deem a “must-have” when they’re creating their outfits.

It’s Easy to Style Flare Leggings!

It’s obvious, hon – you need a couple of pairs of flared black leggings in your arsenal. They’re trendy and can work with several different looks, whether you want to pair your Aerie Crossover Flare Leggings with a sporty crop top or step up your preppy girl game with a half zip-up sweater.

If all else fails, you can always look to the latest trends to create your own adorable ‘fits. Remember, anything that’s cropped or oversized is going to be fashionable. And the best part is, both of these styles pair wonderfully with flare leggings – so there’s no need to overthink it, queen. And always remember – whatever you end up wearing, be confident in yourself and rest assured you look terrific!

How do you plan to style your cute flare leggings?

Are flared leggings still trendy?

2022 has been largely dominated by the Y2K trend, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Flare leggings are one of the newest Y2K trends that are all the rage. It only seems logical that the newest trend in loungewear has huge bottoms now that skinny jeans are out of style.

What tops to wear with flare pants?

These flared pants look good with a clean white shirt, and if you want to add a little edge for a night out, you can also throw on a leather jacket. Wear only denim. For a stylish all-denim look, wear a black tee and a denim jacket with your flared jeans.

Are flare leggings in style 2023?

They’ll be a wardrobe staple for 2023 because they’re comfortable and incredibly flattering. The flared leggings come in two colors, slate and black. They offer a high-rise tummy-control waistband to support you and make you feel safe whether you’re doing yoga, pilates, walking, or just lounging around.

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