Courtesy of COVID-19, we’ve all grown accustomed to that lounge-y look and feel this year. When you walk past that mirror at home, you may be thinking to yourself “I could really use some new hairstyle ideas.” Although it was trending before the pandemic hit, the topknot, an arrangement of hair high on the head and usually in a knot, serves an even greater purpose these days.

Whether you’re staying nice and comfy at home, going out to dinner with friends/a significant other, or heading to the beach for some socially-distant fun, this hairstyle is perfect for you and for the heat!

Hairstyle Ideas: How Our Fav Celebs Rocked the Look

Hairstyle Ideas: Zendaya

First up, we have Zendaya. If this doesn’t prove to you that she knows how to rock that topknot, we don’t know what will! As you can see celebrities use the topknot even for red carpets and formal events

Hairstyle Ideas: Hailey Bieber

Don’t want your topknot to look plain? Add in a cute scrunchie like Hailey Bieber! This will give a cute touch to your hairstyle.

Hairstyle Ideas: Beyoncé

Or let your topknot show off your earrings like Beyoncé! Rock those huge earrings you’ve been wanting to showcase since forever.

Hairstyle Ideas: JLo

Heading to the beach? Try this hairstyle like J Lo’s to keep your hair off your neck while you get your tan on!

Hairstyle Ideas: Kim Kardashian

Last, we’ve got Kim K using her topknot to keep hair out of her face while wearing a face mask!

Now it’s your turn to try the topknot!

hairstyle ideas

Overall, these celebs pulled off the topknot in a variety of ways, and we know you can too! The beauty of the topknot is that it’s perfectly imperfect and works well for so many different professional and relaxed looks.

Remember you just need to brush your hair up into a loose ponytail and secure it with an elastic. If you are going for a fierce look, position on top of the head in front of the crown (where the head starts to round) or right at the crown for a tamer look. Then rub a texturizing, strong hold gel or cream onto a fine tooth comb and lightly comb hair back towards the ponytail.

Coil the ponytail around the hair-tie, making sure not to stack the coils on top of each other. The first several wraps should be extremely tight and close to the ponytail holder.  Each subsequent wrap can get looser and looser. Once all of the hair is coiled, tuck it under the first coiled layer and secure using bobby pins. When inserting the bobby pin, place the opening towards your scalp, and push down and into the knot. 

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