easy summer hairstyles
Get ready to brighten up your hair this summer!
easy summer hairstyles
Get ready to brighten up your hair this summer!

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Summer is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild, and a great way to do that is through your hair with these easy summer hairstyles and colors! Before you gasp in fear at the thought of permanently altering and potentially damaging your hair… keep reading. There are so many products that offer fun, beautiful, and bold colors for your hair without the commitment or the damage! Whether you have light hair, dark hair, straight hair, or even super curly hair, there is a way for you to add a pop of color and live out your dream hair color with easy summer hairstyles!

Easy Summer Hairstyles and Colors (2023 Edition)

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair


Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair is a tinted deep conditioner that works best on pre-lightened hair. When you apply the product, it deposits the color while conditioning (not damaging) your hair. The tint lasts for 8-12 washes, gradually fading. This product offers 25 different colors, ranging from pink to blue to even green! The best part is that this brand is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, so you can have fun with easy summer hairstyles without no worry!

Just as any hair dye would, this product stains. So when applying, it is important to have gloves, an old t-shirt, and something to cover up anywhere you don’t want to turn into a unicorn. You will also need an applicator brush, bowl, and clips to help with the application process. All you have to do is apply the color to clean, unconditioned, and dry hair; let it sit for 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on how vibrant you want the color), and then rinse! You’ll have a bright color for your easy summer hairstyles in no time!

Colored Wax


If you have curly or textured hair and are looking for something to spice up your easy summer hairstyles for the night, this product is what you need. Colored hair paint wax provides a temporary hair color that will show up vibrantly on dark-colored hair without ruining those beautiful curl patterns or your easy summer hairstyles. Since it’s simply a colored wax, this product does not tint your hair and will wash out the next time you wash it so you can try another color or another easy summer hairstyles.

Many brands offer this product. Some popular ones include MOFAJANG and As I Am, which you can find on Amazon and at Target. Depending on the brand you decide to go with, the application process is pretty simple. The directions only vary in terms of your hair being wet or dry easy summer hairstyles when applying. Use your fingers to apply the wax onto sections of your hair until it is your desired color. It is super easy and quick to use, giving your hair a colorful new do in seconds plus easy summer hairstyles!



Similar to Unicorn Hair, Overtone is a pigmented conditioner that tints your hair to spice up your easy summer hairstyles. It comes in 14 different colors and even offers an option for brown or darker hair. However, before all our dark hair beauties get excited because it is a tint and does not lift your natural hair, the color will not be as vibrant compared to if you had blonde hair, especially if you have super dark brown hair.

They offer a few different products. First is their Coloring Conditioner. You can apply this as you would regular conditioner to wet or dry hair (dry hair will give you a more vibrant color), leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse. It leaves your easy summer hairstyles colorful and shiny! Next is their Daily Conditioner. This is used as a regular conditioner whenever you wash your hair to help keep the color vibrant, as it deposits small amounts of color each time you use it.

Last is the Fader Shampoo. This shampoo removes any color you have in your hair to help go back to your natural color and prepares for any new colors you may want to try on your easy summer hairstyles. Your color opportunities are endless with these hair trends, and you don’t even need a hairstylist!

Good Dye Young I’m Bored Hair Makeup


This hair makeup is a serum that contains aloe vera and soy protein that deposits color into your hair. Not only does it give you a fun color, but it also moisturizes, reduces flyaways, protects from heat damage, and adds volume and shine to all hair types, including color-treated hair. They offer five different colors 一 Periwinkle, Grey, and Rose Gold for blonde hair, and Cherry Cola and Eggplant for brunette hair. Unfortunately, similar to Overtone, the ones for the brunette hair color won’t show up as well on those with extremely dark or black hair.

To use this product, you start with towel-dried hair (apply to dry hair for a bolder color). Apply the serum to sections of your hair using your fingertips until it is fully saturated, and then blow-dry and style. The color will stay in your hair for about 2-6 washes. The lighter your hair, the longer the color will stay. Washing your hair with cold water will also help the color last longer, and if you want to remove it faster, use hot water.

Good Dye Young Poser Paste


Good Dye Young is back with another product. Similar to hair wax, as mentioned before, this is a temporary hair makeup paste that works on all hair types, even curly and dark hair. They come in eight bright colors that you can mix and match; they even glow when you put a black light on them!

To use, start with a small amount of the product and apply it to sections of clean, dry hair. You can build up the color by applying more, but work fast and in small sections because it dries pretty fast. You can also tone down the color and get a more natural look by brushing out your hair with the product on it. To remove the product, simply wash your hair, and it’s gone!


Don’t let fear stop you from living out your dream summer hair color! Getting bright and colorful hair for summer is possible for all hair types, no matter the texture or color. Just a reminder, these products will NOT damage your hair. If anything, they will help improve your hair health by moisturizing and nourishing your hair while giving you all-over color (which is something nobody can say no to).

They’re perfect to add color without the commitment because of how fast they will wash out of your hair. You can even use them to test out a color before going permanent. These hair colors are a summer favorite and the perfect choice to provide you with endless hair possibilities! Stop making excuses and add some excitement and summer vibes to your hair with these hair color trends!

What hairstyle is best for summer?

The ideal ponytail. All hair types can pull off the effortless Sleek High Ponytail, which is the ideal summer ponytail. This bold ponytail design is one you should try if you want to up your ponytail game.
Top knot bun, bubble ponytail, blinger hair, sleek braided ponytail

What is the hairstyle for summer 2023?

Hurtado thinks that medium, one-length haircuts will be popular in the summer of 2023. Why is the straightforward look returning? They are low maintenance, neither too long nor too short, and you can still wear your hair up, she explains.

What are the easiest hairstyles to maintain?

What kind of hairdo is the simplest to keep up with? The simplest hairstyles to maintain are simple braids, ponytails, and buns, as well as embracing your natural texture.

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