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Y2K jeans and all of that era’s fashion trends are back! The early 2000’s style was defined by fashion icons such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. We all know these trends include a lot of skin and bright colors. Low-rise jeans and crop tops are the way to go!

Y2K Shirts – Baby Tees and Strawberry Shortcake!

Baby tees are a staple in Y2K fashion. Just as its name describes, baby tees are t-shirts that are on the smaller end (resembling one a baby would wear). They’ve become extremely popular within the last year, making this Y2K trend easy to find.


These basic tees from Target come in so many colors and are perfect for this trend! Graphics from the ’00s are also super cute. You can get Y2K baby tees featuring our favorite characters like Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears.

Butterfly tops are something you HAVE to add to your Y2K collection. They are absolutely stunning and will have you feeling like a fairy! These are a bit harder to get your hands on, but we’ve got you covered!


First is this gold and black butterfly top embellished with beads all over and gemstones in the center. This “Gorgeous Glam Beaded Butterfly Top” from Windsor will make you look like a model!

The second place where you can find one of these tops is the trusty Amazon! They have so many designs and colors, we definitely want them all! If the literal butterfly shape isn’t your cup of tea, they also have V-neck cami tops with cute little frills at the bottom. They are all sequined and brightly colored, so you will have the Y2K look in the bag!

Y2K Jeans – What Would Britney Do?


High-waisted jeans had their time to shine, it’s time to show off some skin with tiny tops and low-waisted jeans. Better yet, make them flared! ASOS “low rise comfort stretch flare” jeans are the perfect pair for this Y2K trend.


What do we love more than jeans? Jean skirts! Britney Spears is known for her mini skirt outfits, and we are just dying to recreate it! This mini denim skirt from Shein is super cute, super Y2K, and super perfect for this look. Pair it with one of the Y2K shirts we mentioned before and you’re set.

Y2K Tracksuit – Forever 2000s!

Stop what you’re doing and buy a Juicy tracksuit! The biggest trend of the early 2000s is back and better than ever. Companies like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have partnered with Juicy Couture selling their infamous bedazzled “Juicy” clothes.


Urban Outfitters has exclusive items that combine the Y2K style with a bit of Gen Z. Their Luxe Strappy Velour Track Pants feature a mid-rise, straight leg cut with strappy detailing at the waist. Complete your bedazzled Juicy look with the matching long sleeve top.

If you need some accessories to finish off your Juicy look, Forever 21 has got you covered. You can never have enough sparkle! These rhinestone hoops are everything Juicy stands for, from the Juicy name to the glitz and glam.

Y2K Hairstyles – What Do You Mean Fewer Butterflies?


We don’t know about you, but when we think of Y2K hairstyles we instantly think of butterfly clips! The possibilities with these are endless! One style that we love is randomly adding tiny braids to your hair and adding butterfly clips on top. It will look like you have butterflies floating in your hair! No matter where or how you style them, it adds the cutest touch to your hairstyle.


Claw clips have been making their way back into the hair scene. They’re perfect to create quick and easy hairstyles that will stay. One of the most popular ways to create a Y2K hairstyle with these is by simply twisting up your hair and then clipping it, leaving the ends to flare out at the top. You can also create this as a half-do!

Y2K Wallpaper – Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!

Now that you have completed your Y2K look from head to toe, it’s time to make your phone match. As much as we all would love to carry around a little flip phone (not!), we’ve made life a little bit easier by allowing you to decorate your current smartphone with one of these super cute Y2K-inspired wallpapers!


Y2K fashion is back and there are lots of options for you to play around with this trend. Take advantage of the endless color combinations and patterns to make your outfits stand out. Also, don’t be afraid to accessorize your look as much as you want. The Y2K trend will definitely make you reminisce about your younger self.

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