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Style maxi skirts differently!
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Style maxi skirts differently!

Welcome back, dolls! Let’s take an adventure down the road of maxi skirts. However, before we can really start our adventure, let’s take a look at how this carefree article of clothing came into existence. The maxi skirt first hit the scene around 1968 thanks to Oscar de la Renta at the Elizabeth Arden Fashion Show in New York. This iconic design was then published in The New York Times, and really the maxi skirt has been in style ever since.

However, once the 70’s hit, maxi skirts faded a bit in the public eye, but they made a massive resurgence in the late 90s. This latest incarnation focuses on the bohemian feel of the 60s with a better shape for all bodies.

Maxi shirts are a great addition for any season because you can add layers to them, wear various types of shoes with them, and they come in so many prints and colors. The key here is finding the material and print that works for you. Also, there are a lot of give-in maxi skirts, so you’ll usually find them in sizes like medium or even one size fits all. If you’re feeling little bloated, maxi skirts are forgiving and are great to have on hand.

Some skirts offer high waist options, and their length means you can even wear them as a dress! If a dress isn’t an option, but the length is a bit too much, then tie it off at the bottom. Let’s look at some fun ways to style your maxi skirt, plus some maxi skirts that will rock your socks off!

Fun Ways to Style Your Maxi Skirts

Cargo Maxi Skirts


Ok, we started off strong there, but we wanted to show you all that maxi skirts have a range. Honestly, you can adore spring flowers and still want to burn your enemies – you know, that balanced life.

So let’s back up to a softer, more traditional maxi skirt with a twist. We all know that these past years, everyone had something for cargo pants. This has extended and created cargo maxi skirts that are perfect for summer or spring to get an edgy look while using a skirt. Now, this can be paired with an all-black top and a cardigan if you want that free-spirited vibe. Additionally, some long necklaces would look great layered with this outfit. One of the best things about maxi skirts is the versatile nature of the prints and usage.

Maxi Skirt With Pockets


Next up we have a maxi skirt that may just be the answer to your fashion prayers. Let us present to you the maxi skirt with pockets! Yes ladies, there are skirts that have deep pockets that can hold your trinkets, and that is definitely a bonus. This particular flowy black would pair amazingly with a white long-sleeved top, especially if it’s a little cooler where you are now, allowing to put something warm underneath it.

Remember, maxi skirts are not just for spring and summer. If you layer the maxi skirt correctly, you can have some awesome and weather-approved looks. Maxi skirts, like this one, also pair well with boots or even Doc Martens. The looks are endless and can be individualized to the wearer.

Now all these skirts we have looked at possess the same overall shape. However, these next few skirts have the label of a maxi skirt, but they will change your silhouette.

Vintage Maxi Skirt


This next skirt is when a maxi skirt goes glam and gives you pockets. May we present to you this vintage a-line maxi skirt! This bold crocodile print with ruffles is meant to be a statement piece. Both of these skirts are A-line, really cinches your waist while giving you movement and flow. This is best paired with a black bodysuit or really anything that clings to your top. We could even picture some black lace with this elegant number. This piece would pair so well with delicate jewelry.

Floral Print Maxi Skirt Dress


Sometimes a basic shape is too safe a fashion choice. Well, look no further than this Floral Print Maxi Skirt Dress Elastic High Waist A Line Split Midi Skirt Ruffle Hem! We’ll be honest: there’s a lot going on with this maxi shirt. The A-line is great for creating that narrow waist, but in addition, we have a split, ruffled hem, meaning the front half is shorter than the rest of the skirt! This floral print is asking to be paired with a neutral-colored top. Overall, this skirt is the statement piece you didn’t know you wanted, but here it is.

Pair it with a white top and a jean jacket, and now you’re talking. Also, some causal flats make this piece elegantly chic. Accessories to any outfit really highlight your outfit. No accessories mean you haven’t committed to your outfit, so accessorize; even with a bold skirt like this, accessories matter.

Galaxy Mesh See-Through Skirt


Are you ready for one more skirt that’s a little bold? This next skirt is not for the faint of heart and most certainly for those who dare to be stylish. Welcome to this galaxy mesh see-through skirt! Yes, we are going there! This see-through skirt can be paired with black booty shorts or something that covers your nether regions like a bodysuit. Also, a beautiful thin black belt really cinches the waist to give it a fabulous shape. This skirt is most definitely fit for a music festival or a fun affair.

We totally get that the see-through factor is a lot, but remember this type of skirt can be an overlay and really adds some whimsy to your outfit. Imagine if you wore a cute little beret and some 80’s style bangles…talk about obsessed!

Dolls Kill Maxi Skirt

Dolls Who Kill Maxi Skirt
Bold and edgy!

Now hear us out. We know you’re probably thinking maxi skirts are just paisley prints and flowers, but let us introduce you to this Dolls Kill Maxi Skirt! This all-black maxi skirt boasts a front slit with buckle deetz and a side zip closure. This is 100% polyester and goes from sizes XXSmall to 2XL.

This is definitely a statement skirt, but here’s the deal: you can dress it up or dress it down. Maybe you want to soften the edges of this bold skirt, and sometimes that comes in the form of a baby pink top or perhaps even just a vintage t-shirt. Additionally, you can wear some low-key ballet flats or even wear boots with a platform of 8 inches; literally, the possibilities are endless with this all-black maxi shirt.

That’s a wrap

That’s really the thing with fashion, isn’t it? It’s meant to express who you are for that moment in time, and it’s really a snapshot of your creativity. One of the best parts of wearing things like maxi skirts is they can be styled any which way and can fit your color scheme as well. If you’re feeling a bohemian goth vibe, the all-black maxi skirt has you covered. Feeling like a flower child from the ’60s? The paisley and floral designs are going to be fantastic for your groovy self.

Whatever you decide to wear, just wear it with confidence. Don’t let anybody dare mess with your fashion vibe. To share your thoughts, just comment below or find us on Instagram @offonfriday. Finally, if you’d like to show off how fab you look in a maxi skirt, just use #SuccessibleFashion for a chance to be reposted!

How do you wear a maxi skirt?

A maxi skirt is so versatile, pair it with a button-down top, use a big belt to accentuate your waist, or layer your long skirt with a dress underneath for a unique touch.

Should a maxi skirt touch the floor?

Maxi skirts should not touch the floor, they can vary in length and tend to be long but not long enough to touch the floor.

What kind of shoes to wear with a maxi skirt?

Boots are an awesome pair, but for summer you can opt for strappy-heeled sandals.

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