‘Tis the season to be trendy! With spring already here and the sun shining brightly, we couldn’t be happier to break out our favorite warm-weather accessories, especially sunglasses. But with so many choices, which types of sunglasses will make the biggest statement?

To start off, it’s important to choose sunglasses that suit your face shape. Depending on the shape of your face, there will be an ideal pair that will accentuate your best features.

However, in this article, we’re going to focus on the types of sunglasses that we think are making the biggest splash on social media this spring. Best of all, many of these sunglasses are available on Amazon at very competitive prices. So you’re likely to get a good deal on a trendy pair!


Hexagonal Sunglasses

A more recent trend in the world of sunglasses is hexagonal sunglasses. They are a bit like aviators but a bit more modern, and edgy (pun intended). Combining the best of circular sunglasses with defined edges, these sunglasses are exceptionally versatile and will look great on anyone.

However, we think hexagonal sunglasses would look especially complementary on those with somewhat oval or rectangular-shaped faces. This is because their width can add more symmetry to a long face. Also, these sunglasses tend to be both modern chic, you’ll have a wide variety of frame types to choose from (we’re personally big fans of these in metallic gold)!

Oval Shaped Sunglasses

These sunglasses tend to be even wider than hexagonal ones with an even further reduced height. With that said, they definitely have a sporty vibe (perfect for warmer weather or the outdoors). And, those that are wraparounds are perfect for movement outdoors. 

If you’re planning on playing volleyball on the beach or going on a sea-doo, oval shaped sunglasses are probably the best for staying in place. With that said, they are definitely for longer faces given their dimensions. If you are looking for oval shaped glasses for a rounder or heart-shaped face, you can probably still find a perfectly flattering pair in a smaller size.


Popularized in World War Two, especially by military legends like General Douglas MacArthur, this style of sunglasses has become as fashionable as it is timeless. However, lately aviators have taken on so many different kinds of styles that narrowing one down can be hard. Many different kinds of frames, colors, shades, and sizes are available, but we’re partial to oversized aviators with transparent lenses!

These kinds can go well with nearly any face shape. A lighter lens adds a touch of versatility that you can wear in both formal and casual settings. So whether you’re planning to wear them with a business suit, outdoors, or on your way to the beach, you’ll always find a pair like these handy!

Staying Trendy Year-Round with Clubmaster, Cat-Eye, and Wayfarer Sunglasses


While the abovementioned types of sunglasses are probably the trendiest for this time of the year, there are a few other perennially interesting styles worth mentioning. In particular, clubmaster sunglasses, which are half-rimmed. Also, wayfarer sunglasses, which are full-rimmed. They are both wonderful pairings for when you’d like to dress up. Both of these styles go well with haute couture and nice dresses.

Cat-eye sunglasses, on the other hand, are the ultimate multi-purpose sunglasses. They’re a distinctive (some may say retro) style that says as much about their wearer as the kinds of apparel you might choose to match them with. With that said, cat-eye sunglasses go famously well with beachwear. That might be a starting place for your potentially long-lasting bond with them.

So what did you think of our choice of sunglasses? Were there any types of trending sunglasses you thought should also be included, or did you agree with our choices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or share them on Instagram @successible_life. Also, if there are any amazing sunglasses looks that you’d love us to share, use #SuccessibleFashion on Instagram for a chance to be reposted!

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