One of the first things you notice about fashionable women is not only do their clothes look great, but that their clothes are always complemented with great accessories! Shopping for a man? Try these great men’s accessories.

Like fashion itself, the shapes, silhouettes, and colors of accessories also change over time. In general, it is difficult to find great new looks, but a trendy bag or a runway style necklace can be combined with old clothes to create new outfits. You may find yourself creating a capsule closet or investing more in slow fashion due to their quality, and sometimes you may want to turn your outfit up a notch.

The best thing about accessories is that they are typically much more affordable than a whole new outfit and can change your entire look without breaking the bank. Building a collection of some fun, unique, and trendy accessories can update your wardrobe all season long.

Eye-catching accessories can also create a strong style statement. When we talk about must-have accessories, it’s not just limited to jewelry. Bags, sunglasses, and belts can also be part of your collection.  Every woman has at least one accessory that is tried and truel but what about a quick update to your collection? 

Here are some of our favorite trending accessories this season:


1. Gucci Marmont Leather Logo Belt: 

Here is literally the most iconic Gucci belt of all time. Everyone wants it at some point in their life, and even more people try to fake it. If you love to wear pieces of fashion history, the Marmont Leather Logo Belt by Gucci is a must-have accessories item.

The signature logo in a timeless leather makes it an instant cult classic in terms of designer accessories. In our opinion, the Gucci belt is definitely worth buying because it is a classic piece. You can wear this belt in so many outfits throughout the year to make a statement. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a designer piece to call their own? 

2. Women’s 3pk Belt – Universal Thread:

Complete your look or any outfit with the Universal Thread 3-Pack Belt Set. Whether worn around the waist to cinch loose tops and dresses or around the hips with a pair of pants, each skinny belt allows adjustment to find your perfect size. This three pack comes with black, brown, and tan colors to choose from, so you’ll have the perfect belt on hand to complete any outfit. The best part? You can use it so often that the cost per use will probably be pennies. There’s no shame in our Target game! You’ll love the options this set will let you create! 

3. ASOS DESIGN double circle waist and hip jeans belt: 

This is one of ASOS’s most iconic belts for looks that scream elegance and simplicity. It will give you the confidence to express your individuality in a chic way. If you can’t swing the Gucci belt just yet, this ASOS belt could be a great option for you. Its style is effortless and will go with any outfit! Try wearing it with a full denim ensemble to make your look as extraordinary as you are.


1. Fendi 58MM Oversized Square Sunglasses

Another designer option – Fendi shades. These dark-colored lenses and delicate arms also come with curved temple tips to help balance your face shape and provide great eye protection. By reworking the classic aviator and walker styles with a modern twist, you can expect a unique color palette and bold frames. Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses that they can put on to elevate any outfit. These are the magical sunglasses that we would like to have in our stash of accessories.

2. Heart Rush H Series

These Heart Rush “H Series” sunnies combine an exceptionally durable polycarbonate frame and glare-reducing polarized lenses with a lust-worthy color. These frames are versatile for color-coordinating with your wardrobe and add just the right amount of style to your casual outfits. You definitely don’t have to splurge to find cool shades that also keep your eyes healthy. These gorgeous shades will make it feel like summertime all year long. 

3. Ray-Ban Hexagonal Sunglasses

If you’re known for being quirky and making fashion statements, then these Ray-Ban sunglasses are just for you. They add a hint of coolness to any outfit and will bring attention directly to your face. The style is super trendy and edgy. Your friends will be envious when you wear them with your leather jacket. 

Stacked Bracelets & Watches

1. Mixed Shapes Stacking Cuff Bracelets 

This is an effortless set that really stacks up. Mixed Shape Stackable Bracelets are a set of four cuffs with different shapes on each end of the bracelet. These bracelets could be worn individually, but we prefer they be worn in a stack. Adding some weight to your wrist can pull together a basic outfit and make it anything but basic.

2. Nixon 31 mm Medium Time Teller Watch All Gold

Can a piece be trendy and timeless at the same time? There are some things that will always be in style no matter how much time passes, and this piece is just that. Happy Medium is a perfect white t-shirt essential accessory.  The classic design makes it ageless and seasonless, while still being extremely trendy when added to a stacked bracelet set.

Statement Necklaces

1. ASOS necklace in a statement in gold-tone

If your style is elegant and classy, and you like wearing blazers, pants, skirts, dresses, and high heels regularly, then you can complement your look with this delicate chain link ASOS necklace. Simple yet stylish designs are often a sign of elegance and good taste, so get ready to elevate your style!

2. ReisJewelry Long Tassel Chunky Boho Coin Statement Necklace for Women

ReisJewelry Long Tassel Chunky Boho Coin Statement Necklace is the epitome of a statement necklace. This necklace makes a statement even when paired with a plain white tee. This necklace is the show stopper choice. The best part? You can grab this beauty directly from Amazon for less than $15. 

Beautiful clothes are just the foundation, but accessories level up the entire outfit. We hope you enjoyed some of our favorite accessories! Show us your favorite accessories with #SuccessibleFashion on Instagram.

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