There used to be a time when blazers for women were only for the office or formal business meetings. Blazers were mostly made in dark colors, such as navy blue, brown, and black, and they were made to fit a woman in a way to hide their shape. Sounds boring, right? Luckily, these days blazers are far from boring.

If you ever want to feel like a #girlboss, pick up a blazer, and you will instantly ooze confidence. Worn by the likes of celebrities, politicians, and basically every professional woman, blazers command power. There is something inspiring about a piece of clothing that can change the way you are perceived, and blazers do just that. On top of being a confidence booster, blazers are also very fashionable and versatile. They elevate any outfit to a more sophisticated look, and they’re great to throw on if you are feeling a little chilly.

So say goodbye to the old school way of wearing a blazer and say hello to the new way of rocking a blazer. Here are some ways to wear blazers for women outside of the office:

Pair a blazer with some ripped jeans

One of our favorite ways to wear a blazer is with ripped jeans. We break all of the norms of wearing a blazer by styling it with something that feels casual. Ripped jeans are a statement on their own, but you instantly go from shabby to chic when they’re styled with a blazer.

For a laidback look, pair a light-colored blazer with dark jeans and a white tank top. For a more sophisticated look, go for an all-black look. Pair a black blazer with black ripped jeans and a black top. Depending on the style you are going for, throw on some sneakers or a pair of heels. 


Pair a blazer with shorts

Sounds wild, right? Yeah, we like to take risks around here! For a less than traditional look that’s meant to get some stares, pair a bright colored blazer with some shorts. Whatever top you pick, make sure to tuck it in to keep the outfit a bit more structured. If you want to step it up even more, coordinate your shorts to your blazer by matching the color. Picture this: hot pink blazer with high waisted hot pink shorts and a white tank. It definitely makes a statement.  These outfits have become so popular that they can even be bought in sets now!  

Pair a blazer with a midi skirt

Looking to level up your street style? Pairing a blazer with a printed midi skirt will do just that. We personally prefer a nice silky midi skirt paired with a textured blazer and a cashmere top. The mix-and-match look of all of the different fabrics and textures really level up this outfit. This outfit can easily be worn to a date or just around town when you’re casually meeting up with your friends. Thrown on some booties if you want to feel a bit more daring.

Pair a blazer with a turtleneck

As we approach fall and winter, we need to start preparing for some cooler weather. As we all know, layering is a fashionista’s dream. Pairing a short sleeve turtleneck with a blazer at the beginning of fall, transition to a medium weight turtleneck during late-fall/early-winter, and knock your blazer outfit out of the park with a chunky turtleneck and patterned blazer pairing in the winter. Remember to pair this outfit with your favorite boots! 


Experiment with colors

As we mentioned, gone are the days of stale colored blazers. Blazers are now available in every color you can imagine. Now we’re not saying to match a red blazer with neon green shorts; that’s not what we’re going for here. Instead, pick and choose your blazer colors with potential outfits in mind. When can you throw on a blazer to add a pop of color to your outfit? What fun colors are still neutral enough to go with multiple pairings in your closet? Which color pairs well with your favorite little black dress or your casual ripped jeans? This pop-of-color-blazer could even be a contender to become a part of your capsule closet. A few personal favorites from our team: a hot pink blazer for a feminine and bold look, a red blazer with the perfect pop of color for a night out, and a pastel blazer pretty enough for a toned-down look that’s still eye-catching.

Experiment with fabrics

If you think about it, a blazer is essentially a jacket with a bit more structure. Can you wear a jacket during the summer? If you’re a Floridian like any of us, that’s a very easy “no”. However, let us introduce you to our favorite, summer approved blazer – the linen blazer. Linen is the perfect material for the summer because of its breathability. If you are traveling to a warm climate destination, you can still enjoy a blazer; just grab a linen one!

For the colder periods, the best route to go is with a wool blazer. As the complete opposite of linen, wool provides great warmth. Even 20% wool is sufficient enough for cold climates. Layer a tank top, a chunky sweater, and a wool blazer for ultimate warmth.

One of our favorite fabrics is silk. To our surprise, blazers and co-ord sets are now being made in silk! Silk is just so luscious and feminine; it would be a shame if we did not recommend having a silk blazer in your closet. Silk blazers are the route to go for date nights and parties.

Now speaking of parties, could you imagine wearing a pantsuit to a party? You’re probably laughing and shaking your head right now, but we promise you’re about to change your mind. We are not recommending the old pantsuit you wear for every interview. Instead, try out a glittery pantsuit! Skip the top underneath and pair it with a bralette instead. You will be the talk of the party, we promise!

Experiment with patterns

Just like blazers are available in every color, blazers have become available in a slew of patterns. Animal prints, checkered prints, floral prints – you name it; there’s probably a printed blazer out there for your dream pattern. Now just as we mentioned in the colors portion of this article, don’t go too crazy with wild patterns. You do not want 20 patterned blazers and have those patterns go out of style. Think of some evergreen patterns like a subtle dalmatian print, classic checkered, or plaid blazer.

As you can see, blazers for women are no longer just for the office. Proudly wear your blazer from the boardroom to the bar and feel confident no matter where you are. Between the myriad of colors, patterns, fabrics, and even different fits, blazers have become a staple piece in a woman’s closet. Don’t forget that you can even change up how to wear a blazer in its entirety – wear it as a cape or as a dress on its own. No one could have imagined how far this article of clothing would have come, but we are sure glad it did!

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