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The more pieces, the merrier! This summer, beach days aren’t just for good tanlines and fun – they’re for showing off your outfit and beach accessories in all their glory. If all you have are just your bikini tops and bottoms, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made a list of the cutest clothing for cover ups along with the cutest bling to pair it with. Read through the rest of this post to find some extra pieces to add to your beach look this summer!

Beach Accessories: Coverups

Tie Up Skirt:

We’re sure you’ve seen this trend by now…every two piece bikini of the summer seems to be accompanied by its own pretty little skirt. These tiny numbers may seem like just an extra piece of useless cloth, but in reality, it’s what ties the whole outfit together! They’re super portable, stretchy, comfy, and cute. What more could you ask for? 

Matching Set:


Coming in 36 different colors and patterns, this mini skirt coverup option is the perfect go-to! Whether you want to get one to compliment an existing bikini or outfit you already have, you can’t go wrong with this choice. 

If you don’t want to have the exact same mini skirt coverup as every other girl this summer, consider getting this one instead! This coverup is easier to tie and manage, since the fabric is set in place as is already. If you’re a fan of cutouts and geometric styled clothing, this is the skirt for you.

If you want something unique and sexy, this mini skirt coverup is the one for you. Made of mesh just like the other skirts, this coverup highlights your curves with its tighter waistband. 

Long Maxi Skirt:

Want a classier look or just a longer coverup? Try getting a maxi skirt! These versatile pictures are the core of any summer outfit. Depending on the fabric and print you get, these skirts can be used during the daytime, nighttime, or both! Whether you’re lying poolside all day at a resort, beach club, or wherever else, a long, flowy maxi is always a good choice. 

Matching Set:

This beautiful set had to be our first mention! The three piece maxi coverup set is perfect to wear on any vacation. It’ll cover up while walking or going to eat somewhere, since it’s a more respectable, calm look. But when it’s time to party, this set is ready to go! If you’re going to be out and on your feet all day doing multiple things, consider this perfect versatile piece for yourself. 

Do you want some bomb pictures of yourself in your outfit this summer? This is the perfect three piece maxi coverup set for you! Attached by a cute, gold metal buckle, this maxi coverup is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Get ready to take control of the beach, pool, and entire resort. Pieced together with the bikini it comes with, this set is sure to rack in all those likes!

Do you want a cute, bohemian, tropical look? Then look no further! This three piece coverup set is your perfect match. Its light, flowy fabric is perfect for any hot destinations and it’s thick enough to actually cover up your whole outfit/body without being transparent! If you’re going to be sightseeing, exploring, or leisurely walking anywhere this summer, get this three piece set for yourself. 


Tight Mesh Dress Coverup:

Skin-tight, scrunched up, mesh fabric. These sexy, playful bikini cover ups are SO in right now. The days of wrapping your whole body or half of your body in a towel while going from point A to point B in your bikini are thankfully over, and we owe it all to inventions like these!

If you’re a lover of the classics, this coverup could be for you! This mini dress with two ties to scrunch up the dress as much as you’d like is classy, sexy, and playful all in one. If you want to cover up and look good but not draw too much attention, consider purchasing this dress for yourself. 

Do you love standing out? This is the coverup dress for you! More meant to be a loose, non-heavy duty coverup, this dress will absolutely catch the attention of everyone within view. If you’re not afraid to play with colors or love wearing clothes that are as bold and strong as you, go ahead and purchase at least one of these numbers!

Meeting at the intersection of elegance and sexiness, this floor length coverup will have you turning heads all around! With thigh slits almost as tall as you, this dress is probably the most teasing one on our list. Perfect for covering everything up but also for making a unique, flowy entrance, this maxi dress coverup is a MUST this summer. 

Crochet Dress Coverup:

Aiming for a more tropical, boho vibe this summer? So cute! Instead of getting mesh cover ups, get crochet cover ups. The fabric and patterns that crochet clothing has gives you beautiful, warm vibes and were practically made for vacations! Check out some of our favorites here:

Patterns, patterns, patterns! If you just want to turn heads left and right no matter what you’re wearing, this is the crochet coverup for you. Meant more for showing than covering, this coverup is super cute, lightweight, and is sure to do what you want it to. 

Similar to the floor length maxi dress above, this maxi crochet dress is nothing short of STUNNING! Perfect to throw on quickly, it provides enough coverage and breathability while traveling to any tropical destinations, roaming around a hotel, or even walking around some outdoor streets and shops. 

A unique piece for a unique person! This floor length crochet tie up robe is a beautiful coverup that you don’t see often. Perfect for actually covering up, this piece is less for show and gets the job done. Tie it as loose or as tight as you want – this piece will still make you look like a poolside treat!

Beach Accessories: Body Jewelry

Waist Chain:

We’ve seen celebrities wear them, we’ve seen influencers wear them, and we’ve practically seen everyone but ourselves wear them! This summer, make sure to include a waist chain or two in your beach accessories to really maximize the sexiness effect. These simple, thin chains provide a little extra kick to even the simplest of bikinis. If you wear this out this summer, be prepared to get allllll the looks and compliments! 

Foot Chain:

Are you a fan of the finer things in life? Do you prefer a subtle statement over a bold one? Then we have the perfect beach accessories for you! Instead of an “in your face” accessory, try a subtle yet sexy piece like one of these foot and ankle chains. 


We know that it may be hard to keep up with all these changing trends each season. Hopefully, we made your outfit planning for hot girl summer at least a little easier with all these recommended beach accessories! Most of these beach accessories shouldn’t take up much space in your packing, if any. No matter what your summer plans consist of, make sure you own the place. Whether this means rocking another layer or bringing out all the bling, don’t be afraid to pile it all on and spice things up! Even if you’re trying something out of your comfort zone, who cares! If you’re confident and feel good, that’s all that matters. 

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