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Tick tock…summer is here, and it’s time to hit the beach in the hottest bikini styles! Don’t show up to your summer plans wearing styles that are soooo last season. Listen to us! We’ve got the hottest bikini styles for you to rock this summer, all in one place. 

We know summer 2021 is more important than any other one right now. After all, we did miss out on a whole summer last year due to COVID! That being said, it’s understandable to be lost on what’s hot and what’s not anymore. That’s why we’re here. Let’s dive in!

Meet the Bikini Styles

Bikini Style #1: The One-Shoulder Trend

Up first, we have the criss-cross one shoulder trend. Weird/unusual patterns, textures, or styles like this one always end up rising to fame for a while. Whether you’re rocking a one piece, two piece, or even a three piece, make sure both straps are slung over the same shoulder! This bikini style is great for accentuating your chest in a sexy way this summer. Though it may seem like such an insignificant detail, this trend has become so popular because of its simplicity! 


Bikini Style #2: The Bandeau Strappy Trend

Screw weird tan lines! This summer is all about style. Rather than a plain old bikini, get yourself a bikini with personality like this one! If you’ve never thought about twisting and turning a regular bikini top in twenty different ways until you end up with something like this, now you should. The bandeau bikini style top has become a trend again, but this time it includes using all the straps that come with your ‘kini! The straps provide support that may have been lost with regular bandeau tops when they first came out, so feel free to swim, jump, or dive while wearing this bikini style. Even better, you can play around with the second set of straps and wrap it around your waist once or twice for the extra flare.

Go on, pick your favorite metallic, neon, crazy bikini and tie it up! This summer’s motto? The crazier the ‘kini, the better. And a little DIY hack? This bikini style is also super easy to dupe yourself at home.


Bikini Style #3: The One Piece With a Twist

Did you hear? One pieces are back! Yes, it’s still a hot girl summer in a one piece. This old school look has become an entirely new, cool, and stylish one. When shopping for your one piece, make sure to find at least one element that makes it different – texture, asymmetry, color, cutouts, patterns, details (ties, straps, etc.). 

A one piece with a tie on the side like the one below is sure to highlight your body shape and give you some jaw-dropping curves – even if they weren’t there before! Or try out a one piece with a cutout and/or playful, long strings like the one next to it! These are great examples of one pieces that cover up while being flirty all at the same time. 


Bikini Style #4: The Strappy & High Waisted Trend

Cutouts, long ties, and high waists! This bikini style highlights three of the best summer 2021 bikini trends. If you aren’t sure which bikini style to go for this summer, this one’s your best bet! Whether they’re thin straps or thick straps, we love this trend!

Though the high-waisted trend rose to fame with jeans again in the past couple years, it’s only recently made its mark on the swimsuit industry. The extra length that high waisted bottoms provide solve soooo many issues! Not to mention the illusions you can create with the extra-long ties from the top (faux curves, anyone?). Whether you want to highlight your beautiful curves, create fake ones, protect your skin, or just cover up more, this is the bikini style for you!


Bikini Style #5: Underwire, baby!

Do you want a more classic, subtle bikini style while still keeping the sexiness of it all? No problem! Underwire bralette bikini style tops are SO in season. This simple yet sexy bikini style can make you turn heads left and right – beachside, poolside, anywhere! The “push up” effect the top has makes your chest get a natural lift you’ll love. 

Want to spice it up even more? Play with the texture and pattern! All over the radar now are fake corduroy underwire bralettes, known as the “ribbed” texture. As for patterns, bright colored cartoon florals are a big hit. Snag your own set before it’s too late!


Bikini Style #6: Three-Piece Sets!

Introducing the biggest swimsuit trend of summer 2021: the three-piece set trend. Whoever said you could have too many pieces in one outfit lied…these are to die for! While most three-piece bikini sets come with a little coverup skirt you can tie on or take off freely, there are also sets that come with a little mesh dress or even long skirts. 

You should definitely consider purchasing a three-piece swimsuit set this summer if you’ll be traveling anywhere. The coverup will not only look super cute in pictures, but it’s a great way to look cute and be covered up while you walk from place to place instead of having to wrap a long, heavy towel around your waist. 


Bikini Style #7: Sliding String Bikini Bottoms

Ladies! Have you ever wished you could have complete control over how cheeky or not cheeky your bikini bottoms are? Well, lucky for us, sliding string bottoms now exist and give us the freedom we’ve craved for ages. 

We know that some days you may be feeling a little frisky and want to show off some skin, while other days you just need a bottom to cover your bottom. This bikini style allows you to move your bikini bottom along its ties freely, letting you scrunch it up as much as you want or expand it as much as you want too. This bikini bottom style is also perfect for minimal tan lines or for achieving the exact tanlines you want. Plus, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want with this bottom. Unlike regular bottoms that confine you, this style is super stretchy and works around your body!


Bikini Style #8: One-Piece With Cutouts

While technically not a bikini, this style is no less cute or popular at the moment. From cutouts, tie fronts, low backs, or even lace-up, these one-pieces suits are all brand new and exciting. I know so many people who are dying to get their hands on one of these adorable new takes on a classic style. They come in bright or neutral colors and patterns plus all kinds of textures. In addition, because of the versatility of the swimsuit, there really is a one-piece swimsuit out there for everyone!

Check out our favorites:



Regardless of if you opt for a one piece, two piece, or even three piece swimsuit set this summer, make sure you turn heads by getting one that has one of the previously mentioned bikini styles! Hopefully we’ve convinced you to buy one of the bikini styles we recommended – or even all five! Whatever the case may be, we’re sure you’ll be looking hot hot hot all summer long. Just remember to apply that SPF!

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