What’s so perfect about Sunday? Is it that it’s the perfect lazy day? Or do you get a certain thrill out of planning out your whole week? Whatever this special day of the week may mean most to you, we’ve got the perfect ways to make your self-care Sunday productive, relaxing, and fulfilling!

Planning Is Peace of Mind

As anyone might tell you, nothing is quite so invaluable as peace of mind, and that only comes from sorting out your week’s plans and activities! So what does that mean for you? Perhaps you need to take care of your domestic responsibilities first. Many of us find cooking to be time-intensive, but the weekend is THE perfect time to do meal prepping, which can be both healthy and affordable for the whole week. Another great idea is making sure your living space (which doubles as a workspace for many of us during this pandemic) is absolutely clean. If you haven’t already gotten to spring cleaning, an upcoming Sunday might be a perfect time. After all, what better way to get your week organized than starting with where you first wake up?

Or if you have some more time, a weekend is a great time to neaten and beautify your whole home. After you’ve cleaned your room, the next best thing is decorating your room to uniquely embody your personality. Even the right kinds of products with calming effects are a great way to take the edge off a long day of work. But why stop there? You can take the occasion to brighten up your whole home with the right spring décor to liven your spirits.

Also, speaking of planning, the weekend, in general, is a great time for planning out many things. If you’re interested in planning out your finances (and relieving some of that financial stress), it’s a good idea to plan out your household budget using Excel. Or if you’re planning out the kinds of exercise you’d like to do over the week (for whatever goals you may have), a workout planner is another excellent idea to keep you on track towards your goals!

Remember to Pamper Yourself

Let’s admit it: if a weekend was all about being active and planning, it wouldn’t quite be a weekend! So it’s definitely worthwhile to pamper yourself on your self-care Sunday with the perfect spa day – you’ll feel as good as new! Also, if you want to make sure you have the best possible products at your disposal, here are our top spa day product recommendations.

And once you’ve put ALL that effort into getting clean and comfortable, wouldn’t it just make sense to also get on top of your skincare routine? That’s why we put together the perfect shower routine for healthy skin along with product recommendations! Sure, a great skincare routine can be time-consuming, but there really is no shortcut to radiant, healthy, and youthful-looking skin. Of course, if you have the time for a complete skincare routine both inside and outside the shower, you can be sure your skin will thank you for the whole week! While you’re at it, don’t forget to sneak some of these skin brightening foods into your diet (or even your weekly meal prep) to realize the full benefits of a well-cared-for body. And don’t forget that your hair needs love as well!

Inspire Yourself

They say your mind is a temple, so it’s important to build yourself with positive and inspiring thoughts for a successful week! If reading is your thing, we can recommend few books over You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. In our (humble) opinions, few books have led us to realize our own mental blocks and inspire us to overcome them so well. So maybe this new week means a new you!

But we don’t blame you if you’d rather watch some good TV shows. Whether you’re spending time by yourself or planning a girls’ night in, there are so many amazing options on HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time on those shows – you’ll need a good night’s sleep with Monday morning just around the corner!


Overall, there are no really any bad ways to spend your self-care Sunday. You probably won’t have time to do ALL these things on a single Sunday, so just do what you’re most feeling up to do! And remember, you’ll always have other weekends and Sundays to try more and new things. Regardless, let us know which of these activities you enjoy the most of which have been the most helpful! You can comment below or find us on Instagram @successible_life to share your thoughts.