If you’re either looking for motivation during quarantine or simply looking to read an interesting book, seriously consider adding You Are a Badass to your reading list. Written by the amazing Jen Sincero, who is a New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and success coach, this book will actually motivate you to get off your couch and chase your dreams. Entertaining and inspiring, this book contains personal stories about the author plus sage advice and easy exercises to help you create the life that you deserve. 

You are a Badass Book Review
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I found out about the book after a friend referred it to me. Personally not much of a book reader, I wasn’t that excited to start diving into it. But let me tell you, when I saw the cover of You Are a Badass, something about that yellow design and title pushed me to buy it and read it. It’s just so real and so straight-forward; in my opinion, it was a really smart move for the author to choose such a blunt and attractive title.

The book addresses a lot of issues that I was personally going through, including some general problems that people are facing nowadays either due to lockdown or just a lack of the right motivation.

Change Your Mindset

My favorite part about the book was the chapter about changing your mindset. Jen Sincero speaks about how she trained her mind to always think positively, which ultimately shaped her reality. For example, one very humorous and relatable story she mentions is of her trying to find a parking spot every time she goes to the mall. 

Her advice is to drive to the mall with the confidence that the perfect parking spot is there waiting for you. When you believe it, it will happen. Now she finds the perfect parking spot every time! 

This is a simple but meaningful example that helped me to start thinking positively and start believing I could shape my reality into what I want it to be.

You can apply the same concept to your career or life goals. If you want something bad enough, you have to believe it in order for it to become your reality. Stop procrastinating and postponing everything you need to do and get off your couch and start doing it now.

Stop Procrastinating

After reading this book, I wouldn’t let myself procrastinate anymore. I pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone even after working full-time or being tired from the gym. 

I made sure to finish the online course that I’ve been avoiding for months. Then I grabbed my pen and started writing the novel that I had been picturing in my mind for ages but never got the courage to write. Trust me when I say I feel so much better about myself after I took the initiative to start pursuing what I’m passionate about.

What I love most about this book is the author’s sense of humor. I also love her willingness to open up about her personal life experiences (including the embarrassing ones) in order to get her point across and help relate to her audience. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I needed this book, and my friend recommended it to me at the right time in my life. We’re all humans, and we all experience times when we feel unproductive or uninspired. The most important thing is for us to find that motivation to get back up. And that is exactly what this book helped me do.

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