mobile Want Glowing Skin These Foods Will Help You With Skin Brightening
Skin brightening foods for a healthy skin
desktop Want Glowing Skin These Foods Will Help You With Skin Brightening
Skin brightening foods for a healthy skin

Skin Brightening is everyone’s dream. We all want glowing, gorgeous skin that looks like we just came back from the beach. But if your skin is currently dry and dull because of the cold winter weather, the bronzed look you’re after probably feels out of reach.

Luckily, achieving the glowing skin you’ve always wanted is possible, and it’s easier than you think. You don’t have to use a fake tanner or apply your weight in a highlighter every morning, either. The key to glowing skin is simply a good skincare routine and a healthy diet full of skin-brightening fruits and vegetables. 

The traditional Western diet is mainly made up of salty, processed foods. This increases fluid retention and tissue swelling in our faces. This prevents light from bouncing off our faces the right way and causes our skin to look less radiant. 

The fried foods we all love also increase skin inflammation. And, they can cause the development of conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. These skin imperfections can make our faces look dry and dull, which is pretty much the opposite of what we’re going for. 

But we can turn things around and improve our skin by eating healthy foods. These foods include carrots, blueberries, and Brazil nuts, which have skin-brightening properties. Today, we’re spilling the secrets of how to brighten skin and revealing the top ten foods you need to eat if you want a luminous complexion. 

Eat These 10 Skin Brightening Foods for a Glowing Complexion 


If you need an excuse to pay extra for guac at Chipotle, avocados are amazing for your skin! They contain lots of healthy fats that will hydrate your face and combat dryness, which is a major cause of dull skin.

Avocados also have high levels of vitamin E, which helps reduce the damaging effects of free radicals and UV rays. They’re the perfect food to add to your diet if you want to keep your face looking young and fresh.


Dead skin cell buildup is one of the main causes of a dull complexion. If you have layers of dead cells on the surface of your skin, it won’t reflect light as well, which will cause it to look dry and drab. 

Exfoliating your face regularly can help slough off dead skin cells, but so can eating nourishing, skin-brightening foods like carrots. 

Carrots have high levels of vitamin A, which stimulates cell turnover and encourages your body to replace old cells with fresh new ones. As a result, eating carrots can make your face look healthier and give it a more radiant, glowing appearance. 


Cinnamon adds a hint of spicy-sweet goodness to whatever you put it on. And as an extra bonus, it’s great at improving circulation and blood flow to the skin, which will help give you that rosy, glowing complexion you’re after.

Cinnamon also has wound-healing and antimicrobial properties, so it may reduce the number of breakouts you get and even aid in healing your acne scars. 

Sweet Potatoes

If you’re wondering how to brighten your skin and get that sun-kissed glow, eat more sweet potatoes! Sweet potatoes have high levels of plant pigments called carotenoids, which is what gives them their deep orange color. 

Believe it or not, eating foods rich in carotenoids slightly alters the color of your skin and gives you a bronzed look. A recent study even showed that carotenoids can make your skin appear more radiant than sun exposure. 

So the next time you want a tan, don’t lay out on the beach and expose your skin to harmful UV rays – just bake a few sweet potatoes. You can even dust them with some cinnamon for an extra skin-brightening boost.


You’ve probably heard about free radicals and their harmful effects on the skin. 

Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage healthy cells, and substances that generate them are found pretty much everywhere, including our water, food, the air we breathe, and more. So even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’re still going to come into contact with them. 

Free radicals can cause all kinds of facial imperfections like blotchiness, enlarged pores, puffiness, and fine lines, which can get in the way of your glow up. 

Luckily, blueberries are full of antioxidants that fight free radical damage and help keep your skin looking smooth and radiant. Just pop a few into your morning smoothie, and you’ll be ready to face the day with clearer skin. 


Another free radical fighting spice you’ll want to add to your diet is turmeric. It contains curcumin, which is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, so they can’t wreak havoc on your skin. One easy way to get this spice in your routine is by drinking a golden turmeric latte (also known as golden milk) in the mornings and evenings.

A recent study also showed that turmeric has some serious skin-brightening effects. Women who applied turmeric essential oil formulated as a lotion experienced brighter skin in just three weeks, and the effects lasted for two weeks after they stopped using it. 

Turmeric even reduces skin inflammation and promotes collagen production. Collagen is an essential protein. It gives your face structure and keeps it looking firm, so you definitely want more of it in your life. 


Wondering how to brighten skin? Treat yourself to some fresh-squeezed orange juice in the morning. Oranges have tons of vitamin C, which is the main ingredient in lots of brightening serums for good reason. 

Vitamin C inhibits melanin production, which may help lighten up your dark spots and give your skin a more even tone. It also has skin-brightening effects and will make your face appear more luminous overall. 

Brazil Nuts 

Brazil nuts are high in an essential nutrient called selenium. Studies have shown that people with selenium deficiencies are more prone to inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, which can make your skin appear dry and dull. 

Adding more selenium to your diet by eating Brazil nuts can help fight the inflammation that causes eczema and get you glowing from the inside out. 


A glass of milk a day keeps the dermatologist away! Dairy is rich in calcium, which plays a key role in cell turnover. 

If you don’t have enough calcium in your system, your body’s ability to produce new cells and shed old ones will be inhibited, which may make your skin look dry. So it’s really important to make sure you’re eating enough calcium and dairy products, such as cheese, milk, and yogurt, that is chock-full of it. 

They also contain probiotics that can balance your skin’s microbiome and improve inflammatory conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema. 

Brown Rice 

If your skin has a weak barrier, it will lose moisture easily and appear dry. Luckily, you can strengthen your skin’s outer barrier by eating foods that are rich in ceramides, like brown rice, wheat germ, and soybeans.

If you don’t typically eat a lot of brown rice, you can take an oral ceramide supplement instead to restore your skin’s protective layer and lock in moisture. 

The Bottom Line

Although certain foods have stronger skin-brightening effects than others, the significant thing is that you eat a healthy diet. If you don’t like some foods on this list, you shouldn’t force yourself to eat them just because they’re good for your skin. 

Just try to consume more fruits and veggies and avoid foods that are overly salty and processed, as they can make your face look dull. If you adopt healthier habits, you’ll be well on your way to brighter, glowing skin. 

How can I brighten my skin?

One of the most important steps is double cleansing. That is, using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser daily. Using SPF daily is another must, nothing you use will be as effective as protecting your skin with SPF. Lastly, using a moisturizer and exfoliating a couple of times per week will be the way to go.

What is the most effective brightening ingredient?

Here is a list of the more effective ingredients:
Vitamin C and E.
Kojic acid.
Azelaic Acid.
Licorice Extract.

How can I brighten my skin naturally?

Glowing asking comes from the inside, start with eating nutritious food, drinking a lot of water, and sleeping 8 hours at least. The skincare comes after doing these steps for greater effectiveness.

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