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Get your coffee table to the next level
best coffee table books
Get your coffee table to the next level

Decor fans and lovely party hosts, we know you love to entertain friends and family in the comfort and safety of your own homes. A recent decor item that you must have on your table is the coffee table books.

The Best Coffee table books are hardcover, often oversized, books that you can use to spark conversation. Due to their visibility, they are typically kept in easy-to-see spots (such as on top of the…you guessed it, coffee table) in areas like the living room where you entertain guests.

So now that you know what they are, which one should you get? That is the question. Well, there are tons of different options depending on the size, subject, and price. So we have compiled a list of the five best coffee table books you can find on Amazon to help you narrow your search.

Here are some of the best coffee table books for different interests:

Best For Travelers


Journeys of a Lifetime, Second Edition: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips

Who doesn’t love traveling? Whether you want to show your guests and friends the places you have been to or places you want to go, this book is sure to get the conversation going. It showcases 500 beautiful and interesting locations worldwide, meaning that no matter whom you’re talking with, there is always something for them!

Best For Art Lovers


Artists: Their Lives and Works

This coffee table book really is a one-stop shop. It not only covers past and more recent artists but also different styles, the history of the styles, and the lives of the artists themselves! It’s a great way to spark a conversation with just about any art enthusiast.

Best For Your Budget


Pop art

We all love books, but they can be expensive, especially when it comes to larger hard-cover coffee table books. Enter Pop Art. This book is not only interesting and visually appealing, but it also isn’t hard on your wallet. This book focuses on taking photos of, you guessed it, Pop Art. It perfectly showcases the different lifestyles, cultures, and styles of Pop Art.

Best For History Lovers


History of the World Map by Map

Every family or friend group has a history lover, and if you know they’re coming over (or maybe if that history lover is you) then this book is just what you need. It goes into detail about history worldwide, starting from prehistoric times all the way up to modern times. Even better, it features custom-designed maps to creates a fascinating visual history book that is perfect for any visual learner. So whether you’re looking for something to put on your beautiful coffee table or maybe just a gift for a history lover, this book is the one for you.

Best For Science Lovers

The Space Shuttle & Space Atlas


If you’re anything like us, there is nothing you find quite as fascinating as the final frontier. The stunning photos alone are enough to leave us transfixed for hours. So if this describes you or someone you know, then this is the book for you. This book goes into detail about the mission by mission on NASA’S spaceflight program– and it has quite a bold and sharp aesthetic to it.

What is a coffee table book?

A coffee table book is typically a large, hardcover book meant to be displayed on a small (normally called coffee) table in a shared space for guests (or you) to see casually. 

How should I choose a coffee table book?

Depends on your interest and what you most fancy seeing, whether that is sceneries of nature, art, science, or fashion.

How many coffee table books should I have?

You can either have one big one combined with other art pieces on top o on the side. But you can also have 2 or more on top of each other which are of the same style.

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