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We all know that moving our bodies is ideal for our wellness, but sometimes we want to look cute too! After all, who doesn’t love a cute activewear set? It’s essentially dressing up to go out, but sweating is encouraged. Now, let’s be honest, we know we can wear a set of activewear outside of working out, right? Also, why wouldn’t we? It’s comfortable and moves with your body, and it’s hella cute! Activewear really took off as millennials became focused on being active and establishing a health and career balance.

Over the last few years, activewear has steadily increased its prevalence through the creation of new designs and ways to incorporate the style in most settings. While there is a distinct material difference between fabrics that catches sweat and those that don’t, style-wise activewear is bringing its A-game for different shapes and bodies. Let’s look at a few styles and sets of activewear that work for everybody!!

The Cutest Set Activewear for This Summer


Leggings and Sports Bra Set Activewear


Let’s start with the company Gymshark. This company has a range that goes up to XL, but all their sizes have some give and stretch to them. For example, we’re loving these seamless leggings in navy blue paired with this golden yellow sports bra. It’s a total vibe that is bright but also very smoothing to all curves. The sports bras in particular have a nice compression that keeps your girls locked and loaded while maintaining back support during movement. The seamless leggings also have some lovely designs that accentuate your booty while simultaneously compressing your lower half. We love compression! It makes us feel secure and strong.

Short and Top Set Activewear


This next set is complete all for $22! That’s right! This luscious short and top set is very affordable and sizing goes up to a large. Now this set is very soft, and if you’re all about shorts but covering your top half a bit more, then this is the set for you. Shorts of all different lengths are all the rage right now, and this stunning green set is no different. Shorts like these can also be worn just hanging out in the garden or running to the farmer’s market since they are designed to be so versatile. Don’t be afraid to pair things with what you already have in your closet.

High-Waisted Set Activewear


There’s nothing quite like the intensity of a head-to-toe black activewear look. This set is sleek and elegant while being supportive and offering some compression. Additionally, if you’re into the high-waisted life, then this is a solid pick for sure!

Personally, we love the high-waisted look because it accentuates the waist and provides much-needed support in our mid-sections. High-waisted leggings are great because they help keep you aware of how straight you’re standing or sitting. Posture is important, dolls!

The Tie-Dye Set Activewear


This fun tie-dye dream is available in sizes up to 2XL. This fabric is lightweight, breathable, stretchy, moisture-wicking, and comfortable. Of course, what’s also important is that the material is durable and retains color and shape after washing! In addition, this set has a bit of texture, which can always be spiced up for music festivals and other fun outings.


Most companies are aware that we need all set activewear! However, one pitfall of set activewear is that after many washes, it may start to wear out and fray. There’s nothing quite like feeling a breeze in between your legs at the gym when you find out it’s because the thread of your set activewear pants has given up. So in order to combat this overuse and overwear, it’s important to have options. Thankfully, Fabletics has some high-quality and price-friendly options of set activewear

According to Fabletics, they “bring the fashion-house approach into the set activewear space. By fusing style-centric design with high-performance technology, we’ve evolved activewear beyond the gym, into every walk of life. Driven by our innovative VIP membership program serving over 2 million loyal members, we deliver premium quality at affordable prices with weekly new collections in sizes XXS-4X for women and XS-XXL for men.”

Being one of the most inclusive size-wise set activewear companies, Fabletics constantly strives to create new designs with every collection they launch. They do have some member-only designs, so consider that if you were planning on shopping only as a retail customer instead of joining their club. Also, the prices for members are significantly lower than for those who choose to commit to a monthly membership fee. With that said, let’s peruse some of their fun designs!

Utopia 2-Piece Outfit

set activewear

This fun pattern combo is a fabulous blend of a dark blue sports bra with legging style pants that have deep POCKETS!! Yes, you heard that right, real actual pockets on workout pants! That’s a solid win; also, when you first sign up with Fabletics, you get any two pairs of pants for $24 or an entire outfit for $25. This membership allows you to get steep discounts on all the merchandise they offer.


Let’s take a look at this unique sports bra that has a pocket on the back of it! Sometimes you just want to run around in your sports bra and leggings, and this bra allows you to have a pocket for all your needs. People greatly underestimate how much women love pockets! We don’t know about you, but yeah, we need pockets to store all our things. Maybe our lips are chapped that day, and we want chapstick at the gym. We don’t know what shenanigans will befall us, but we want pockets.


Also, for the record, not all activewear has to be tight. This lovely set by Fabletics has loose bottoms and a loose shirt to help you on your wellness journey. Additionally, having looser clothes can really ease us into whatever it is we are doing. There’s also this crazy thing called winter that also may have us wanting softer clothes, not just leggings, and a sports bra.


Another company that has diversified its offerings of set activewear is Lululemon. This company has gotten very specific with their activewear, including pieces with super high-waisted leggings to help everyone feel more secure. The sizing with this company is from a 0 to a size 20, which has increased over the years.


This fun golden yellow high-waisted legging really emphasizes the fashion style of the company, especially when it’s paired with this deep red crescent tee. Bright colors are fun, and there are no real rules when it comes to wearing activewear. Brighter colors are great because you can shift these outfits to other uses besides being active. This particular tee would be great paired with a black blazer, jeans, and kitten heels for going out on the town.


Navy blue is such an under-used color, and this high-waisted legging really embodies the classy vibe of this color. However, if you want to be a little extra, then pair it with this power pivot tank top in bright pink. Think pink when mixing with dark colors. Why? Well, it’s fun as hell! There’s nothing wrong with a little pink embracing femininity, and combining it with navy blue really gives it that something extra, don’t you think?

So dolls, what was your favorite set activewear brand? Does it depend on the weather or what mood you’re in? Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram @successible_life. For a chance to be reposted, just use #SuccessibleFashion to show off how fab you look while getting in your workout!

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