If you just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to relationships, you are not alone! Perhaps like you, many people out there don’t consider themselves lucky. For some, every new hookup quickly turns into a disaster, and the relationship ends up hitting the rocks as soon as it starts.

For others, it’s just the silly mistakes they make in the infatuation stage that end up ruining what would have otherwise led to a long-term or healthy relationship – probably marriage.

Whether you are looking for something serious, or you just broke it off with your lover and are looking for someone to help you get your emotions back in check, you should find this piece helpful.

Here are some common yet frequently overlooked mistakes everyone should avoid once they get into a new relationship.

1. Strictly Sticking to Dating Rules 

If you go by the book, dates should typically be kept short. The dates should also avoid talking to their exes, plus you can also date more than one person at once at this age and day. Of course, the other party will also expect you to be upfront about starting the relationship, and keep your reservations about having sex.

But according to Psychology Today’s Author Jill P. Weber, some of these dating rules don’t actually work, at least not for everyone and every situation! So, being stuck in such a cocoon might cost you an otherwise healthy relationship.

2. Underestimating the Importance of Flowers 

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This one applies to men, perhaps more than women. Flowers can communicate and express emotions beyond what words and other actions can show. Different flowers also have different meanings, and the symbolism may also change depending on the arrangement chosen.

As the folks from Bouqs flower delivery would agree, roses symbolize love and affection, making them perfect for surprising a significant other.

While red roses are the best to send to a romantic partner, yellow, pink, or white roses can be a great pick for Mother’s Day flowers.

After all, your new partner could be a woman, mother, or simply someone who needs appreciation and attention. This is why it pays to know the significance and symbolism of peonies, lilies, carnations, and orchids, among other flowers while in a new relationship.

3. Overlooking Your Safety When Dating Online

We live in an age and day when it is possible to meet the love of your life right from your couch. As much as this is so, you will want to mind your safety when dating on Tinder and other hookup sites. One of the fundamental rules is to take your time before committing to a serious relationship or considering a sexual encounter.

4. Trying to Be Someone You’re Not

If you are looking forward to a lasting relationship, you can’t afford to fake it! Be real, and don’t try to change your significant other regardless of how confident or influential you may be. These sorts of arrangements end up backfiring!

5. Comparing Your Current Partner to Previous Partners

You also don’t want to be too focused on past relationships rather than being objective and truly seeing yourself as an individual. Instead, prioritize the present relationship and keep your focus on your future partner. This is why not talking about your ex is a good move in the first place.


A healthy relationship is all about loving and caring for one another in an unconditional way. No relationship is perfect, and high chances are that yours won’t be either unless – you put some effort and dedication into cultivating it.

When starting a new relationship, avoiding these common mistakes can help you prevent conflict and resentment later on.