It’s believed that before antibiotics got popular, people were getting treated for infection through an alternative therapy. This form of alternative therapy was the liquid colloidal silver, which refers to tiny nanoparticles of silver in liquid form, believed to have the capacity to treat various ailments, from common cold and infections, to serious illnesses, like cancer and HIV. 

In recent times, colloidal silver is gradually regaining its lost glory as it’s slowly but steadily becoming famed for the treatment of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. It’s not everyday that alternative therapies with high potency, like the liquid colloidal silver, are being documented this way.

liquid colloidal silver


Uses and Benefits of Liquid Colloidal Silver

May Boost Immune System

Silver has been famed to be an effective immune booster. Colloidal silver proponents believe that it helps build the immune system and help the body from breaking down cold, flu, and other forms of diseases. It’s even believed to have antibacterial and anti-fungal effects when studied in test tubes. However, what occurs outside test tubes isn’t known. 

It should be noted, however, that silver accumulation inside the body within a period of time can lead to serious dysfunction of the body organs, like the brain, kidney, or liver. 

May Help With Wound Healing

If you’re suffering from burns and you want your skin to go back to its normal coloration, then colloidal silver liquid and gels may just be your best option. Liquid colloidal silver may help in healing your wound and erasing the scar. It may also help repair your skin after a grafting procedure. It’s also believed to help clear out certain skin issues, like eczema, acne, and ringworm. 

Liquid colloidal silver may be also used to help fight acne, thanks to its natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties. When properly and safely applied on the skin, it may resist the impact and spread of the microbes and other irritants that stimulate the production of acne. It may also help clean the surface of the skin so it can heal easily. 

May Beautify Flowers

Do you love having fresh flowers at home?  Well, you can now have your fresh flowers living twice as long as they normally would. By using liquid colloidal silver when watering your plants, you may give your flowers a chance to bloom so much more beautifully

But, how does this ingredient work for flowers?  The silver nanoparticles help block or even kill the bacteria that prevent the even distribution of moisture and nutrients to the flowers. Therefore, with liquid colloidal silver, the flowers may bloom and grow evenly, as well as develop more beautiful petals.

May Eradicate Pet Odor

It’s okay to have pets. What’s not okay is to have a house that’s reeking with pet odor. After using several air fresheners, but to no avail, you may try liquid colloidal silver. Some claim that it has the capacity to put an effective stop to pet odor. It may also prevent your pets from making territorial marks all over the house. Thus, you get to enjoy a clean and fresh house, even with your animal companions around.

May Heal Pneumonia

It may also be effective at treating pneumonia. When taken orally or used as a nasal spray, it goes directly to the lungs and may stop the bacteria causing the pneumonia. This may give an almost immediate relief to the patient.

Side Effects

Liquid colloidal silver is popularly touted as a dietary supplement. This means it has no pharmaceutical regulations. The implication of this in terms of production is that different amounts of silver would be present in different liquid silver supplements.

The higher the amount of silver accumulated in the body, the more the likelihood of argyria for the person using it. Argyria is a condition wherein the eyes, skin, internal organs, and nails suffer from gray discoloration. This discoloration has a tendency to become permanent, even when you stop using liquid colloidal silver. Accumulation of liquid silver may further lead to the damage of internal organs, like the heart, the kidney, and the liver. It could even eventually lead to death. 


Liquid colloidal silver has many uses. You may use it to get rid of bad odor and beautify your flowers at home. It may also be part of your skincare routine as it may help reduce the effects of acne. Liquid colloidal silver may also be helpful in the treatment of various types of ailments. It should, however, be used with caution, as well as full awareness of its possible side effects.