Amazon has always been known to have good deals and hidden gems, but the site has recently blown up and gained the title of “dupe master”. You can find dupes for some of the most popular brands, such as SET Activewear and Gymshark, at a fraction of the cost! Why would anyone say no to that? Yeah, we don’t know either!

Workout Outfits

Lately, there’s been a rise in the popularity of matching gym sets, and we’re not complaining! These comfortable, stylish outfits make going to the gym that much more fun and enjoyable. Whether you like short sleeves, long sleeves, shorts, or full-length leggings, Amazon’s got you covered. 

Short-Sleeve & Shorts workout outfits:


With hot, summer days like these, working out in short sleeves and shorts can be much more comfortable and relieving than a full-length set. Regardless of whether you’re exercising outside or inside, a set like this is sure to keep you as cool as possible! Plus, why not show off your hard work and let people see more of your summer bod?

Long Sleeve & Shorts workout outfits:


Are you a fan of mixing and matching pieces in your outfits? Then here’s something you’ll love! A mixed set made up of shorts and a long sleeve top would suit you perfectly. Whether you like mixing and matching so you don’t get too hot/ cold, to cover up specific areas, or just because you can’t find any matching pieces, this set is a perfect pick for you. 

Short-Sleeve & Leggings workout outfits:


Whether you workout outdoors a lot, get hot really easily, or just want to show off, a set of shorts and a short sleeve athletic top could be just the perfect match for you. 

Long Sleeve & Leggings workout outfits:


If you like feeling the burn and do well under pressure, this long sleeve top and legging combo is great for you. You can break a sweat going at the gym while wearing this set and let everyone know how hard you work. Why not show off your toned muscles with these stretchy, comfy fits?

Individual Pieces:

Long Sleeve Shirt:


Looking to stock up on just single long sleeve athletic pieces? No problem. Here’s the same comfortable and stylish gym set top for you to splurge on!  Consider purchasing a few different colors or styles for when it gets cold outside or if you easily get cold indoors. 

Short-Sleeve Shirt:


Don’t like the extra fabric on your skin? Don’t worry, we get it. Sometimes sporting short sleeves really does make you feel more free! In this case, enjoy this pick of short sleeve athletic wear. Even better, these tops double as comfortable loungewear on your rest days!



Have enough tops but not enough bottoms? We’ve been there. Stock up on these cute gym shorts and wear them to the gym…or just wear them to stay home (we won’t tell)!



You can never have too many leggings. Ever. That being said, here are our recommendations for some cute, comfy, stretchy workout ones!

Gym Accessories

Workout outfits are not the only important thing for the gym – you need accessories, of course! 

Water Bottles:

First thing’s first: hydration! Hydrating properly and often throughout your workout is a crucial part of your routine and overall health. Especially in times like these (post/during COVID), it is so much better to bring a water bottle with you from your home. Avoid any nasty germs from gym fountains by always having a bottle (or two) with you instead! Here are our top picks:

1. Iron Flask / Hydro Flask


We all know Hydroflasks are THE trend for insulated bottles. However, why pay an arm and a leg for a metal container? Now rising in popularity are Iron Flasks – the same concept and functionality of a Hydroflask at half the price!

2.  The Bottle With A Reminder


Do you need to remind yourself to stay hydrated throughout the day or forget how much water you’ve already had? This water bottle is the solution for you! With measurements written on the side of the bottle, it’s impossible to lose track of how much water you’ve had to drink or still need to drink. THIS is the bottle for you, especially if you have a gallon of water a day as your hydration goal.

3. The Gallon Water Bottle


Speaking of the gallon a day hydration goal, this water bottle is for the strong and determined. On the bright side, you’ll only need to make it through this bottle one time a day to complete your goal. The markings on the side of this gallon water bottle will also help you keep track of your progress throughout the day and make you feel super proud of yourself. 

Resistance Bands:

1. The Simple Set


Looking for resistance bands but don’t need any specific requirements met? If so, this could be the set for you. With only three resistance bands (easy resistance, medium resistance, and heavy resistance), this set should fulfill whatever fitness goals you have for your workouts. 

2. The Set With Options


If you’re a frequent gym-goer or experienced gym junkie, you may want some more range in your resistance options. We understand! With this set of five bands, you can choose to have a more specific level of resistance for your workout. Give yourself a challenge and watch how you gradually improve with the help of these bands.

3. Powerlifting Bands


Are you looking for longer, more heavy duty resistance bands? This set includes four large resistance bands that are perfect for stretching, machine workouts, and more. The bands come with hooks, handles, and a towel to clean them along with a pouch to store them in!


Worried about your skin getting rough, cracked, or even bleeding at the gym? Fear not! With an accessory like gloves, you can protect your skin and worry less about injuries occurring. 

1. Full Coverage Gloves


Do you do a lot of heavy lifting at the gym? Do your hands maybe get a little too sweaty and lose grip? Or do you maybe have really sensitive skin and hands? Say no more. These full coverage gloves are here to help and protect you from any harm. They are ideal for cycling, weight lifting, and even weightless exercises like pull ups! 

2. Gloves Without Finger Covers


If you’re looking for regular gloves that provide all the support for your palms and hands without restricting your fingertips, consider purchasing these standard cycling/ weightlifting gloves. 

3. Ventilated Gloves 


Do you want the protection that gloves provide but hate how they feel or look? Then these are the perfect pair for you. 


Adding on some additional weights to your body during your workouts can, over time, increase your strength, muscle definition, and even stamina! There’s never a downside to improving more and doing so faster, but just be careful not to overdo it all at once!

1. Ankle Weights


If you’re only looking for some inexpensive yet efficient ankle weights, consider purchasing these! You don’t have to break the bank to have a good workout anymore. This pair comes with different weight options for you to maximize your workout.

2. Wrist Weights


If you’re only looking for weights for your wrists, we’ve got the pair for you. These FILA wrist weights provide an extra two or four pounds and even have thumb holes for your hands for better support!

3. Interchangeable Weights


If you don’t really care about which weights to get or if you want weights that can be used for both your ankles and wrists, we’ve got the pair for you. Probably the best value purchase on this list, these weights can be used for anything you need during your workout. Having one pair of weights for both your ankles and wrists also makes cleanup and packing so much easier!


If you have somehow never used Amazon or signed up and made an account with them before, this might just be the incentive you need to finally do so. The unbelievably low prices, endless coupons, and speedy delivery are to die for! What else could you ask for? Now go ahead, go on a shopping spree and capture the attention of everyone in the gym with your fabulous (and affordable) workout outfits!

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