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The time is finally here to embrace springtime fashion and ditch those winter sweaters and puffer jackets. With the weather getting warmer, get ready to break out all of your favorite skirts, cardigans, and strapless dresses. Here are five trends for outfit inspiration that will have you looking perfect this spring season.

Muted Pastels

Everyone loves bright pastel colors, but this spring try choosing muted versions of these beloved yellows, purples, and pinks. Wearing muted pastels can bring a more mature look to your typical wardrobe, but you can still rock those spring colors. These colors are also perfect to layer with darker colors like black and brown, and they look great paired with denim pieces.

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Peek-A-Boo Cardi

With the temperature rising, there is no doubt that we all like to show a little skin where we can. With the peek-a-boo cardigan, you can quickly transform this closet staple into a trendy spring top. To achieve this look, fasten only one or two buttons of your cardigan and let your stomach show. This is a super easy look that can be combined with any closet favorite like jeans or skirts.

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Sporty Graphics

You can never go wrong with athleisure during any season, but this spring try out new prints and bright colors. Spicing up your every day athleisure sweaters and pants is the perfect way to get you in the mood for spring. Try out matching sets, geometric patterned shorts, or simply add a pop of color.

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Femme Leopard Print

The thought of leopard print might seem scary to some, but this fun print can be made perfect for spring. It can be paired with overly feminine pieces in lighter shades to bring in the spring flare. If you are looking for adventurous outfit inspirations this spring, then leopard print is perfect for you!

Statement Sleeves

Along with many other trends that are making a comeback, puff sleeves are also on the rise. We love statement sleeves, whether they are puffy, bell-shaped, or off the shoulder. These tops are the perfect feminine addition to any closet and can dress up simple pieces like jeans. Statement sleeves come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that fit almost any style.

These are the perfect items for some outfit inspiration to kick off spring 2021 like a real fashionista. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram and Pinterest for outfit inspiration on the daily (for a chance to be reposted, just tag us with #SuccessibleFashion). We’ve got you covered with the latest trends to keep your look on point and up-to-date!