types of purses
5 Excellent Types of Purses for Every Occasion!
types of purses
5 Excellent Types of Purses for Every Occasion!

Ah, purses – the most important accessory in a woman’s closet! One can never have too many purses; do not listen to anyone who says otherwise! Purses can be overlooked considering people often carry around the same purse until it eventually falls apart. If you’re a purse hoarder like me, then you know that they are one of your most trusted companions.

A purse is not just a purse; it is one of the most functional, hard-working accessories in your closet. Not only is it an essential component of your wardrobe, but it also holds all of our day-to-day items, including valuables, and helps you carry your world wherever you go. Bags are a definite must-have we cannot do without. A purse is a great addition or any look and will elevate your style.

However, each season brings a new, trendy take on types of purses with an endless number of options, so it can be very overwhelming to determine which exact pieces are worth the investment and which bags to use for different occasions. You’re probably not looking to spend a fortune on purses. And you don’t necessarily need one to match every one of your outfits. The truth is that all you need are a few types of purses – one of each if you’re keeping it minimal – to have on hand for any occasion.

I’ve narrowed it down to five types of purses that will meet your every need. From the everyday work bag to your date night or evening out bags, these purse types are must-haves to help you pull together a complete and fabulous outfit. They are also a great way to switch things up so that you’re never unprepared for any occasion. For the purse lovers out there, I have also added a section on the newest trends for purses.

Clutch Bag


Teeny tiny but oh-so-elegant – a clutch is a must-have for your wardrobe. Not only is the clutch bag a timeless accessory, but it’s also super convenient to have on hand for those days you don’t feel like lugging around a giant tote bag. It’s the perfect way to lighten up the load.

Clutches come in various exotic shapes and sizes, making them excellent novelty bags. Some are even big enough to carry something more than just your driver’s license, lip gloss, and credit card. They are also one of the few handbags that often do not have a strap since the wearer can usually hold the bag in their hands – hence the name.

While this handbag can be worn with either casual or dress wear, it is most commonly known for formal wear, where it can serve as a delicate and feminizing accent to an already elegant look. It can also be a great medium to express your style noticeably. Even if you’re not one to experiment too much, use your clutch as an opportunity to incorporate bold colors, funky prints, or embellishments that you wouldn’t go with an everyday bag. If you haven’t added the perfect clutch to your collection yet, now is the time.

When to wear a clutch:

Weddings, dinner dates, weekend cocktails, and all sorts of formal functions require formal dress.

Straw Bag


Endlessly classic, straw bags have earned a spot on every summer shopping list, and with good reason. From rounded totes to the classic oversized woven carryalls, there’s a straw bag for any fashion taste and style, and the options are endless. This free-spirited bohemian, summery trend is your go-to summer bag that’s worth investing in. It’s perfect for a casual shopping day, but you can also just fill it up with a towel, your favorite sunglasses, and a bottle of chilled white wine for the beach (or even a beach vacation).

These totes are beautifully crafted, and they add an eye-catching element to any outfit. And depending on the outfit you pair it with, it will seamlessly transition from sandy beaches to city life. This is also an accessory where, if you so chose, you can go bold! These totes come in so many different sizes, shapes, and embellishments that it’s easy to find one that speaks to your sense of style. You can pair it with light denim and flowy tops or floral dresses and sneakers. These bags are your best bet and a must-have for the summer season!

When to wear a straw bag:

Perfect for travel or daytime occasions – be it a formal luncheon, a beach vacation, or even a picnic.

Tote Bag


Extra-large bags are not only in right now, but they’re also super functional. For the many women who lead busy lives and need a chic bag that will hold nearly everything, a tote bag, or any large or oversized bag, is THE essential wardrobe item. It represents that perfectly minimal, sophisticated silhouette that can carry your belongings to and from the grocery store, gym, and office while still looking chic and even transitioning to after-work drinks.

The tote bag is the ultimate easy accessory, versatile in both style and practicality, that can be worn with everything from casual to formal looks. There are dozens of beautiful designs made of luxe fabrics or colored in bright hues and prints that are sure to meet your style. Every woman needs a tote bag in her life!

When to wear a tote bag:

Take it to work; carry your books to school; or wear it to the gym, grocery store, or while traveling.

Need some wardrobe staples? Look no further than our essentials checklist!

Crossbody / Belt / Wristlet Bag


Our 4th purse type mainly focuses on keeping your hands free – by that, I mean any type of bag that will not get in the way of a good time. First off, a small crossbody bag can be your saving grace. Whether it’s day or night, just throw one over your body and head out the door in a flash. During the day, this handbag type is perfect for running errands. Come night, it’s the perfect going-out bag that keeps your wallet and phone safely stowed away, and you’ll never have to set it down.

Next up is the wristlet – it’s like a clutch but has a lovely bracelet strap to easily attach to your wrist. It’s a more glamorous way of wearing your bag without the hassle of having to hold it. It’s perfect for more semi-formal or formal occasions. Times when you wouldn’t bring a full purse, but there are a few things you have to keep on hand. And with so many different size options, materials, and embellishments to choose from, there is a wristlet for every person/occasion.

Last but not least is the belt bag – the more stylish (and serious) cousin to the fanny pack. The belt bags say: “I am fashionable, serious, and sophisticated, but I also need my hands free so I can get stuff done”. You can wear it over an oversized dress to help cinch in your waist or pair it with your favorite jeans and tee combo. The best part is it comes in s many different styles you can find one suitable for any occasion. From formal to casual, there is a belt bag made for it. And depending on how you chose to style it, it can add the perfect touch to any outfit.

When to wear a crossbody bag:

Wear it for a girl’s night out, date night, running errands, or even formal functions.

Duffle / Backpack (Travel / Over-sized Bag)


Whether you’re off on a business trip or a weekend getaway with your girlfriends, packing for a trip can be a daunting task, so a functional and fashionable bag is a must. If you’re a student, mom, or working woman, backpacks are perfect for travel or even your daily commute. It’s an essential item at any stage of life. They’re super functional, and come in so many sizes you’ll (almost) always be able to find one that suits your needs

But if you’re planning on taking your entire closet along with you (we don’t judge), then the duffle bag is another great carryall option. They’re stylish and super spacious without the hassle of carrying large luggage around. They also come in tons of different, sizes, colors, and materials, and are made by tons of different brands. So whether you’re going for luxury, or functionality and durability there is a duffle bag for you.

When to wear an over-sized bag:

Anywhere casually, from parks and travels to the gym, school, or even work.

Types of Purses Trending Now

Stick to these 5 types of purses and I guarantee your style will be effortless and timeless. If you have these five types in more neutral tones, and colors, it’s almost guaranteed you will have a bag suitable for every occasion.

However, 2020 is a new era of fashion. If neutral and timeless is your thing then rock it! But recently, trends have been venturing away from timeless looks into fast fashion trends. So if you’re looking for bold or more trendy looks, don’t worry we have got you covered.

Right now people are wearing 90’s inspired shoulder bags.  These are small purses that you can add to any outfit. Instagram influencers have been adding them to their loungewear and streetwear looks. This look combines new and edgy streetwear that consists of loose-fitting clothing with a sophisticated bag you would see in a 90s romantic comedy.

I’ve seen these shoulder bags in monochromatic colors like brown and beige, and textures like snakeskin. Style gurus are even adding pastel bags in blue and purple to a simple white, black, or brown outfit for a pop of color.

Another popular purse trend is ruched or slouchy clutches. These are small and follow the same rules as the shoulder bags. They are small and used to add color or sophistication. You can choose from a multitude of different materials and details to find one that speaks to you. So whether you are looking to add some boldness to your look, or level up your look to meet the occasion, these trendy clutches are perfect.


And there you have it – my top five types of purses that every woman needs in their wardrobe for all occasions. There are so many options from chic purses you can reuse with several looks to fast fashion trends that will go in and out with time. After you’ve covered your bases with these styles, you should be good to go (that is, if you didn’t already have an overflowing collection – again, we don’t judge).

Also, always keep in mind that apart from the style factor, different bags are created for different purposes. Give each the care and planning you would afford the rest of your wardrobe. Choosing a handbag will depend on your taste, lifestyle, and sense of satisfaction.

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What is the most popular type of purse?

Women choose cross-body bags more than any other style of purse.

What purse styles are in?

– Chunky Chain Link Bags.
– Totes.
– Slouchy Shoulder Bags.
– Saddle Bags.
– Bucket Bags.
– Shearling Bags.
– Metallic Bags.

What type of bag goes with every outfit?

Every color goes with neutral shades. A nude-colored purse goes well with all-black, all-white, or metallic-colored attire. They complement anything.

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