IV vitamin therapy has been helping people deal with several health concerns. Nevertheless, the results obtained by this treatment still don’t fail to surprise people. Basically, IV doses contain a mixture of essential vitamins that are injected into the bloodstream to bypass the digestive system and directly stabilize the health condition. 

Unlike oral consumption, this method ensures that a patient’s body absorbs almost 90%-100% of the nutrients that otherwise only stretch up to 10%-90% from a given food. Furthermore, it is one of the fastest therapeutic measures that takes only 15 to 45 minutes of your time to show its effects.

However, there are a few mild side effects that patients generally experience for a short while after their IV infusion. You might have symptoms such as nausea, mild inflammations, or a fluctuation in your body temperature. Anything more, you must seek guidance from your respective medical professional or service provider. 

Also, IV spas and clinics conduct lab tests to check your existing health conditions. They use results from these tests to determine whether your body can ideally absorb and benefit from the IV treatment of your choice. Certain people with existing heart, blood pressure, or kidney problems cannot be administered IV fluids. 

How is it beneficial for the human body? 

nutritional iv

The popularity of this treatment is an indication that people around the globe are taking their health seriously! As mentioned above, IV therapy can be taken as a preventive measure or treatment for an existing condition such as muscular fatigue or hangover. 

Nevertheless, several more severe health emergencies also call for nutritional IV to stabilize a patient’s condition. However, today’s public healthcare frenzy suggests that IV therapy is mostly opted and taken for building immunity and boosting energy levels. Even performance athletes endorse popular Nutritional IV options such as the Myers Cocktail.

So, let’s look at five general health issues that are most commonly treated using nutritional IV therapy. 

Hair & Skin Care

IV therapy can help strengthen your hair and nails, which is a crucial part of your self-care routine for a youthful life ahead. It helps you fight anxiety and depression, two of the major culprits for premature hair loss and skin damage. In addition, it also provides essential nutrients and helps you get rid of free radicals (toxins) from your body. 


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Hangovers caused by alcohol consumption are one of the most popular conditions that are treated by IV therapy. In fact, in certain cities such as Las Vegas, IV therapy is popularly just known as a measure to cure hangovers.  

It hydrates your body, restores the lost energy, and eliminates nausea. Hangovers can also give you muscle cramps, fatigue, or stomach pain which can be easily cured with this therapy. 

The therapies will help you immediately restore the amount of fluid you lost, so you don’t have to lose it the day after your party. You also have an opportunity to get IV fluids right after your own party. It will be easy for you to organize all that because now you can take it wherever you are. For example, if you live in Austin, Texas, you might be able to rehydrate through IVs in Austin. And if you don’t live in Texas, there’s no need to worry—there are many companies in other states that provide the same service. 

Immunity & Energy Boost

Celebrities and athletes use IV therapy to replenish their energy levels and power through the next day after an exhausting workday. It provides essential amino acids and nutrients mixed in a solution that’s directly administered into the bloodstream, helping you feel fresh and energetic in just under an hour’s time. 


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Depending upon the type of IV you choose, it can have antidepressant properties. It helps improve the symptoms of depression by providing nutrients that regulate your blood pressure and allow the body to relax. Furthermore, the calming properties of the vitamin mocktail provided through the therapy help you combat migraines, anxieties, headaches, etc. 


IV therapy has been one of the most recommended treatments worldwide for its multi-purpose vitamin mocktail doses and better absorption as opposed to oral supplements. However, if you are still skeptical about the treatment’s efficacy, you must consult your doctor to know if it’s right for you.