Digital platforms are increasing in popularity daily. From shopping to sports betting, these virtual worlds are a place where consumers can spend their time in a new locale while staying in the safety of their homes. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have also become part of this new landscape on the internet. Here are a few places where this form of currency can be found in the fashion industry.

Building a Fashion World In the Metaverse

Technology has opened new doors for those who create the latest styles, especially when it comes to reaching new customers. Dolce & Gabbana has created a metaverse where consumers who follow the brand can immerse themselves in the fashion world through their computers.

They can get a front-row seat at any event or show, spots that were normally saved for high-profile guests in real life. The clothing that is designed is worn by digital models and can be tried on by the shopper’s own avatar.

NFTs become part of the picture if they want to keep it. They can use any type of cryptocurrency to purchase this virtual version and, if they want to have the physical item instead, they can trade it in to have one shipped to them. There are upgraded levels that include exclusive merchandise as well as parties with well-known members of the organization’s staff.

Experiencing Unique Fashion

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Consumers who become bored quickly with what they find at a physical fashion show can find their love for the industry again in the metaverse. Designers, such as Dolce & Gabbana, also get to have free reign of their imagination on this platform as well. They can create garments made of any element in the world and then dress their chosen avatar.

They can then sell it to the shoppers who have joined their digital program as a limited edition NFT. Only producing and releasing a few of these internet token assets drive up their value and popularity, even if they will only exist in this computer-generated world. It saves the company money in the long run since physical materials are exempt from this project. The garment in question comes from the creator’s talent to build the 3D image on a software program.

Exclusive Ownership Of a Product

When a person buys a garment, they want to be the only one found wearing it. This adds to the individuality of this consumer. One option of NFTs that Dolce & Gabbana and other designers are taking advantage of is the opportunity to create a specific item that is available to only a chosen few shoppers. They will add this to each level of their subscription packages as an enticement to join. To possess such a unique item from a fashion icon will lead people to bid high dollars for it.

The organization also has these tokens in their shops in the metaverse and offers to exchange them for the real-life, physical item if the purchasers are interested in wearing them themselves. It is a different marketing strategy that can provide a high payoff with little use of materials that must be warehoused. The garment or accessory can be manufactured at the time of exchange, saving storage space that can be utilized for other things.

Partnerships With Other Industries

Other markets that utilize NFTs have joined forces with each other to offer better products to their customers that collaborate with each other. Fashion is jumping on this idea as well. Houses like Dolce & Gabbana have the opportunity to coordinate with gaming companies to build a platform for their consumers to play on. They can offer lower value tokens as prizes when levels are completed or a hidden treasure is found.

While this may deviate from the purpose of their company, it is a marketing method that can bring in an entirely new clientele. It is the first step to introducing potential shoppers into the mission of their organization and the items that they offer. It can be added as a feature to the metaverse or can be operated as a separate entity depending on the users that they are catering to. From there, they can entice visitors to experience the digital world they have created and encourage them to build their own avatars so that they can dress in the latest styles created by the designers.