mobile The Best and Most Unique Coffee Shops for Latte Art in Orlando 2020
Coffee doesn’t only taste good, but looks good as well!
desktop The Best and Most Unique Coffee Shops for Latte Art in Orlando 2020
Coffee doesn’t only taste good, but looks good as well!

Are you the kind of person who simply MUST take a photo of all of your decadent meals and drinks before you start consuming them? If so, you’ll want to check out these awesome coffee shops, all in the Orlando area, for some Instagram-worthy latte art! The icing on the cake? Each shop has something unique to offer beyond its beautiful brews!

Latte Art: Craft & Common


Craft & Common was born out of a love for specialty coffee, but that is the just the beginning. They may be passionate about the intricacies of coffee, but they’re just as happy to brew you a single-origin pour-over as they are a decaf vanilla latte. It’s not what you drink that matters; it’s the experience you have in the time you spend with them!

With that being said, it may feel a little different at Craft & Common. The music will be up, the conversation will be open, and the atmosphere will be as inviting as can be. Craft & Common is a welcoming neighborhood space serving specialty coffee, craft beer, wine, session cocktails, and food.

Brand Values

Craft & Common’s company culture, including an understanding that their brand is built on great people, is ingrained into every decision they make. From their team to their customers, their ethos is one of support, respect, and inclusiveness with everyone they work with. From their specialty coffee roasting partners and chef-driven menus to their focus on service and hospitality, Craft & Common is dedicated to creating an experience unlike any other in the space.

They understand that it takes commitment at every level to create something truly unique and differentiated. Whether it’s a specific question about a coffee origin or a lighthearted chat about the latest weather report, they’re social at heart and always embrace open conversation and friendly banter. All in all, this is a place that cherishes interaction with the community!

Latte Art: Palate Coffee Brewery


Palate Coffee Brewery is a quality mission-based coffee shop located in Historical Downtown Sanford. All profits are dedicated to the abolishment of modern-day slavery: human trafficking. At Palate, the customers and community become the heroes of their stories.

The palate was founded by Katrina Lemmon, her husband, and her parents. Lemmon and her husband were super passionate about coffee, and all four of them were passionate about ending human trafficking and building a coffee shop that was about more than coffee. That’s why they opened Palate Coffee Brewery, where every cup goes back to the fight against human trafficking! The community stood behind them and made them the successful shop they are today.

Brand Values

Palate’s brand values are to create amazing coffee with a cause , their shop is different because they give back to the fight against human trafficking. Additionally, it’s different because the community has helped them create this atmosphere of a safe place. Everyone who comes feels welcome. You’re not just a customer; you are a friend. Lives have changed right there at the bar at Palate. We don’t think many coffee shops could say that!

Latte Art: VESPR


Vespr was founded on the idea that coffee is a unique experience for every individual, and it should be upheld and represented in the best possible way every time. VESPR was founded over seven years ago, and today they are the strongest they have ever been in the Orlando coffee community. This shop aims to keep setting the standard higher for not only themselves, but also for the rest of Orlando. They focus on the quality of coffee they are sourcing and are extremely passionate about working with those dedicated to making a difference in the global coffee industry. 

Brand Values

Vespr proudly stands firmly on the foundational belief of honoring the thousands of hours of hard work done before them in the industry. They aim to be the epicenter of coffee education as well as a source of top-quality coffee in Orlando. Vespr continuously prides itself on the service they provide its guests as well as the exquisite, top-quality coffees they source from around the country. This stems from a desire to make coffee approachable, accessible, and lovable to every individual.

What makes Vespr especially unique is their level of education on coffee, the variety of coffees they currently provide, and the coffee companies across America they are beginning to partner with. They aim to become Orlando’s biggest multi-roaster cafe by expanding the number of roasters they will be working with from three to ten. Ultimately, this is a business with an intense passion for the coffee industry and the community they call home.

Latte Art Classes – Score!

latte art

Lineage is another popular coffee shop which has a very close location near UCF main campus. They started having pop-ups with classes on tasting/sensory skills, where they had private coffee cuppings (tastings) to show the public how coffee professionals taste coffee and determine certain aspects of the offers. Now they have created Lineage Academy, classes started since January 2023. So if you are into coffee, don’t miss this beautiful opportunity with this awesome coffee shop.

QREATE sometimes hosts latte art classes. They are planning to expand this, as well as provide a variety of other classes to the public. These will occur during hours of operation as well as post-close. QREATE also wants to begin to teach need-to-cup-up classes in their café, which will detail the history and science of coffee itself, including how it goes from being grown to reaching your cup. 

Let us know what your favorite coffee shop is and why in the comments below. Also, be sure to share your favorite latte art from the Orlando area. Just tag us on Instagram with #SuccessibleLife for a chance to be reposted on our feed!

What are the 3 different styles of latte art called?

The most famous and usual style is the Solid Heart. Then we have the simple Tulip. Going a bit further, we have the Rosetta, and finally a more challenging art is the Swan.

What is the point of latte art?

Latte art shows an admiration for coffee and attention to detail of the combination you have of the coffee with silky smooth milk. It’s a visual complement, a final gesture declaring the beverage you drink has been prepared with passion.

Is latte art a skill?

It is definitely considered a skill, as not all baristas know how to do it, it takes practice and learning the basics on how to elaborate it.

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