Have you ever tried to get to know your sex language? Most people have heard the term “love languages.” They essentially describe how you prefer to be loved. For example, some people fester on words of affirmation, such as compliments and being told they’re loved. In contrast, others prefer quality time with their loved ones and significant other over anything else.

While knowing your love language is critical to a healthy emotional relationship or romantic relationship, another aspect you should focus on is your sex language, even for the sake of your emotional relationship.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Now, not only do you need to know your love language for romantic relationships but your sex language, too.

Knowing your sex language can mean all the difference between a roaring good time between the sheets and not feeling fulfilled in this critical area of life which is sexual relationships.

Without further ado, get to know your sex language below:

What is a Sex Language?

get to know your sex language

Your sex language essentially describes how you like to be “spoken” to in the bedroom. Of course, everyone knows there won’t be too much speaking involved. That’s more of a play on words that will increase your sexual desire and how much you enjoy your sexual time.

Why is Knowing Your Sex Language Important?

get to know your sex language

Knowing your sex language can help you to feel more fulfilled and satisfied when it comes to that period of time so-called “playtime”. When you know exactly what turns you on, you become more readily available to reach the big “O.”

Not only that, but knowing your sex language means that you can describe your wants, needs, and desires to your sexual partner – taking your sexual adventures to the next level.

What Are the Five Sex Languages?

get to know your sex language

Just like love languages, there are five types of sex languages. Each has its focus. For instance, one prefers “vanilla” sexual contact while the other prefers spontaneity and taboo sexual experiences.

The five sex languages include: sensual, energetic, sexual, kinky, and shapeshifter.

Get to Know Your Sex Language in Five Steps

Just like love languages, there are five different types of languages of sex. How can you know which one you are? Do some impartial investigation and check out these five tips for future reference.

Do You Like to Use All Five Senses During Sex?

get to know your sex language

The first type of sex language is the sensual love language. This individual focuses on using all five senses before, during, and after playtime. That said, they might enjoy bringing chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream into the bedroom for foreplay or get the candles and music rolling for the whole “show” to evoke emotional attraction and sexual attraction.

That said, ask yourself this vital question to get to know your sex language: Do you like to bring items into the bedroom before the phase of sex? If so, you may be the sensual type. Don’t hesitate to bring things into the bedroom that enhance the senses.

However, don’t be too focused on the details. Sometimes, trying to overload every sense can pose a challenge that makes sex seem overwhelming. Keep it simple, have fun, and focus on indulging in a single sense at a time.

Are You Adventurous in the Bedroom?

get to know your sex language

The next type is the energetic lover. This lover is keen on having adventurous encounters. For instance, they’re the type that may want to take their lover behind the park bush for the thrill of the sexual attraction. They may also get excited during a dinner date, awaiting what will happen between the sheets by the end of the night thrilled by that romantic desire.

The energetic sex language loves a good chase, and they love to be chased by that romantic desire. Their sex language is full of vibrance, excitement, and spontaneity, which can be incredibly fun.

This type of lover needs to pull in the reins sometimes, though. Being overly excited can be overwhelming and may lead your current partner astray from your ultimate goal.

Do You Consider Yourself Vanilla?

get to know your sex language

Some people prefer to stick to the “basics.” That is, they enjoy looking at their partner’s naked body, watching porn, using toys, or making love using the same three positions. While some people call this vanilla, others simply call it their sex language – the sexual type.

The sexual type isn’t “boring,” although someone with an energetic sex language may deem it is. But, in all reality, the “sexual type” is more focused on the visuals and the basics of bedroom pleasure and sexual attraction. This means they will be really good in some areas but may lack in the spice department.

If you find yourself gearing towards the “normal” standards of lovemaking and pleasure, you may be the sexual type. Don’t feel bad about it – but try to expand your mind now and then, especially if you’re dealing with attraction to people with a different kind of sex language.

Or, Do You Enjoy the Taboo Lifestyle?

get to know your sex language

What has long been referred to as “taboo” is just another type of sex language known as the kinky love language. Unlike the sexual kind, the kinky type prefers to step out of the box and do entirely risque things.

Now, there are two ways to refer to the kinky sex language.

For one, the individual may like to take things to the max with toys, including things like blindfolds, whips, bondage, and other BDSM-type items. They enjoy taking their senses further than just sexual attraction, even if it means a little pain may be involved (and everyone is consensual, of course).

Secondly, they may enjoy the mind game. Think of a relationship where one person is the sub, and the other is the dom or master. These are more psychological aspects of the BDSM relationship, which may or may not be a part of a kinky sex language’s lifestyle.

While there is nothing wrong with this type of sex language, keeping your feelings afloat is essential if you have an attraction to people with this type of sex language. That’s because some individuals with kinky sex languages can feel guilty or ashamed of their sexual acts. As long as everything is done safely and consensually, you shouldn’t feel guilty about a sex life focused on the “taboo.”

Can You Fit Into All of These Categories?

get to know your sex language

You might read through this list and think, “Yup, that’s me.” You might enjoy spontaneity and being kinky at times, while other times you enjoy subtle sexual contact – you know, like the missionary position and saying “I love you” during intercourse.

At this point, you might wonder, “How can I get to know my sex language if I fit into two more categories?”

There’s a name for those who can shift in and out of several categories. The name? Shapeshifter.

No, that’s not a cool name taken out of a Harry Potter book. It is simply referring to someone who can “shift” into different types of sex languages because their sexual attraction also changes depending on their mood.

A shapeshift sex language is excellent as you can indulge in relationships with similar individuals. On the other hand, it can be a significant con. That’s because you have so many options for feeling satisfied; it may work against you, leaving you unsatisfied and searching for the ultimate “sexual prize.”

Get to Know Your Sex Langue: Which One Are You?

Now that you know the five sex languages, you can better understand who you are and what is your sexual attraction. Use this information to create some of the most wonderful sexual experiences between you and your partner (or even alone!).

Do you prefer spontaneity or basic sexual contact? Do you love a kinky lifestyle or prefer to use all five senses in the bedroom?

Get to know your sex language and you may even find your romantic orientation, what are your sexual attractions, and what kind of attraction to people you have!

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