Taking a couples quiz is a fun way to pass the time, but how much does it tell you about your relationship? Most online couples quizzes test how well you know your partner by asking basic questions about their likes and dislikes. While it’s important to know what your partner’s favorite movies and meals are, those questions don’t really get to the heart of your relationship or prove how great it really is.

That’s why we decided to develop our own version of a couples quiz. These nine short questions can be answered by yourself or with your partner. They’re designed to make you think about whether or not you’re doing the little things that make a relationship great, such as making time for each other or laughing together often — things that a run-of-the-mill couples quiz might miss.

If you answer “yes” to most of the questions on this list, it proves that you and your partner have a pretty incredible relationship already!

1. Do you laugh together?  

Laughing at silly inside jokes with your partner isn’t just fun — it’s good for your relationship. A recent study showed that couples who laugh together and have a shared sense of humor are more satisfied with their relationship overall.


Based on what we know about laughter, that finding isn’t surprising. Laughter releases endorphins which make us happier and bonds us with others. The more of it you can do in your relationship, the better. So keep texting your partner those funny memes and cat videos!

2. Do you send each other random “I love you” texts?

If your partner sends you texts when you’re apart, it shows that they’re thinking of you and that you’re a priority in their life. They took time out of their busy day to check up on you and remind you they love you. How sweet is that? 

MVP Love You Text Meme

Make sure you send some cute texts back!

3. Do you make small compromises for each other?

One sign you’re in a great relationship is that you and your partner make small sacrifices for each other. Maybe your partner hates romantic comedies, but he watches them with you anyway because you enjoy them. Maybe you don’t like Indian food, but you eat it a few times a month because your partner loves it. Making those little compromises strengthens your relationship. 

Oprah Watch Romantic Movies Meme

Research shows that couples who are willing to sacrifice for each other report higher levels of commitment and relationship satisfaction. A sacrifice doesn’t have to be big to make an impact it could be something as simple as letting your partner pick out the movie. So the next time you see a small opportunity to put your partner’s wants or needs first, take it! 

4. Do you make time to talk? 

At the beginning of your relationship, you probably couldn’t stop talking to your partner! Conversations flowed freely and hours passed by in the blink of an eye. Continuing to have meaningful conversations as your relationship progresses can keep that spark alive and deepen your connection. 

It can be hard to find time for long dates and conversations once the busyness of everyday life takes over. But making time to talk is an important part of maintaining the intimacy and connection in your relationship. If you don’t already, try to set aside a few minutes each day to catch up, talk about life, and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions. 

Couple Talking About Their Day

If you often find yourself wondering what to talk about with your girlfriend or boyfriend, don’t worry it’s not a sign that your relationship is fizzling out! Feeling like you know everything about each other and have nothing left to talk about is a common issue for many couples, but it’s totally fixable. One great way to stimulate conversation is to try out a new hobby together. 

5. Do you have similar hobbies and interests? 

You’ll never run out of things to talk about with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have shared hobbies and interests. For example, participating in a hobby like hiking gives you lots of things to discuss, including the memories you’ve made together and the trails you want to explore in the future. Bonding over a shared activity will also make you feel more connected to each other. 

Couple Hiking

If you can’t find a hobby that you both enjoy, that’s ok! Just showing genuine interest in your partner’s hobbies can spark conversation and make your partner feel supported.

6. How well do you know your partner?

Self-disclosure the process of revealing the intimate details of your life to someone else — is extremely important in romantic relationships. You can’t form a deeper connection with your partner until they share personal things like their thoughts, feelings, values, and dreams with you. Studies also suggest that higher levels of self-disclosure between partners leads to happier relationships. 

Couple with a Deep Connection

If you and your partner feel like you know each other well and regularly share your thoughts and feelings with one another, then you’re on the right track! 

7. Do you cheer each other on?

Being there for your partner during hard times is important, but so is cheering them on when everything is going well. Studies show that responding positively to your partner’s successes can increase your relationship satisfaction. You’re also more likely to stay together if you keep up that pattern of encouraging your partner over time. 

Couple Cheering

That’s why you should never let good news go unacknowledged! Whenever one of you gets a promotion or achieves a milestone at work, you should mark the occasion by doing something special. Buy a bottle of wine, cook a meal together, or go out to dinner. Taking the time to celebrate big and small accomplishments will make both of you feel supported and loved in the relationship.

8. Do you cuddle enough?

Making time to talk is an important part of maintaining the connection and intimacy in your relationship, but so is snuggling up together! Cuddling can make you feel much more relaxed and close to each other. It’s the perfect thing to do after a long day at work to unwind and reconnect. 

Touching your partner lowers your cortisol levels and releases oxytocin. With less cortisol in your system, you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease. The release of oxytocin, which is known as the love hormone, will also make you feel closer to your partner. Oxytocin promotes bonding in relationships and gives you lots of warm, fuzzy feelings. 

Donald Duck Cuddle Meme

So if you don’t already, make sure to get some cuddle time in every day!

9. Do you thank each other often?

It’s easy to forget to thank your partner for the little things they do for you. But making it a point to frequently show them your gratitude can really improve your relationship. 

Couple Breakfast in Bed

When you give your partner a genuine thank you for always doing the laundry or making you delicious dinners, it makes them feel valued and appreciated. It also lets your partner know that you don’t take them or any of the things they do for you for granted.


It doesn’t take grand romantic gestures or big gifts to keep your relationship on course. What you don’t need a couples quiz to tell you is this: the things that really make a partnership strong are the small, everyday actions that show your significant other you love and appreciate them. 

Maybe you already do most of the things on this list, but a reminder never hurts! When life gets busy, it can be easy to neglect your relationship. But if you make it a priority to do the little things that will make your partner feel cared for and valued, your relationship will really thrive. 

What did you think of this fun couples quiz? Does it describe some of the best parts about your relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!
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