Dating is hard; whoever says it isn’t is lying. Are you compatible? How about sexual compatibility? Do you share mutual feelings, or are they stringing you along? While there are plenty of discussions revolving around the stages of dating, the red flags in a romantic relationship, and boundaries in dating, one thing that’s less talked about is green flags in a relationship.

This article is here to set the record straight. Sure, it could go on and on about red and green flags in dating, but today’s topic of discussion is pretty clear: all of the green flags in a relationship will provide you with the confidence to keep things moving along.

And there’s not just one, two, or three – there are seven obvious green flags in a relationship that prove everything is going smoothly.

They Listen

green flags in a relationship

When it comes to listening, red and green flags arise. You have to look deeper into the actual “listening.” Are they just hearing you? Then that’s a red flag. Is your romantic partner actually taking the time to listen to you and understand what you’re saying? Then that’s one of many green flags in a long-lasting relationship.

Don’t forget that you must also show your partner the same respect. You might not always like what your partner has to say. But hearing, listening to, and understanding their comments and concerns will allow your long-term relationship to develop deeper.

They’re Open and Honest

green flags in a relationship

Communication and honesty are two vital components of a healthy relationship. Is your current partner open and honest about everything under the sun? Whether they’re being honest to see if the two of you share mutual feelings or discussing something that’s bothering them – about themselves, the relationship, etc. – a willingness to be 100% open is a bright green flag. One of the keys to a successful relationship. Happy couples are open and honest with each other.

They’re Interested in You and the Relationship

green flags in a relationship

When a relationship is first starting, the texts seem to be endless, and you find yourself thinking about that person 24/7. Don’t have those feelings? Is your new partner leaving you hanging for hours or even days at a time and doesn’t seem to be interested in the next date? That’s a red flag – a clear indicator you do not share mutual feelings.

However, a major relationship green flag is someone who texts you as often as they can, calls you regularly, and seems active in the relationship. This shows that they are genuinely interested in you and the upcoming relationship.

Keep in mind that this is a green flag that should continue throughout the relationship, though. Even after you’ve been dating for years, the same engagement should hold true. That’s why it is imperative to keep things spicy and exciting, even years down the road.

The Relationship is Moving Smoothly, and Comfortably

green flags in a relationship

Some people are ready to move faster than others when it comes to dating, becoming exclusive, getting engaged, etc. And that’s perfectly fine. But others prefer a more laidback relationship.

When these types of personalities get together, it can be complicated. That’s why you should look for one of the major green flags in a relationship: comfort. You should be comfortable with the pace at which it’s moving. And if you’re not, you should be able to voice your opinion to your partner without them getting upset.

It Feels Natural

green flags in a relationship

A relationship that feels completely natural is a definite green flag. Why? Because everyone wants to be with someone who makes them feel comfortable and happy, whether on the first or the 100th date.

So, ask yourself how you feel before, during, and after the date. Are you nervous about what they’ll think of your outfit? Are you concerned that it might not be fun or that there will be arguments? Do you have to change who you are when you are around them? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s likely not a good relationship.

In a healthy relationship, you should feel comfortable wearing, saying, and doing almost anything (within the boundaries of dating, of course. Nobody wants to see you flirting with people at the other table during your restaurant date!). When you’re together, it should feel entirely natural, and you won’t have to think twice about how you’re being.

Lots of Affection

green flags in a relationship

When most people think about “affection” in a relationship, they think primarily about sexual compatibility – which is incredibly important. But it’s not the only kind of affection you should concern yourself with in your relationship. You need to look at the overall affection in the relationship.

One of the significant green flags in a relationship is affection – in and out of the public. Aside from certain boundaries in dating someone may have (for example, they don’t believe in kissing in public due to religious reasons or they’re incredibly shy and uncomfortable doing so), you and your partner should have zero issues being affectionate.

Affection can come in many forms, so it’s essential to discover your partner’s “love language.” For example, your partner may consider words of affirmations as the most significant way to show affection, while another enjoys receiving gifts in order to feel special. Others may simply want quality time, while others require physical touch.

With that in mind, a green flag in a relationship is knowing each other’s love languages as relationship expert Gary Chapman has explained, and being able to “fill their cup” with their desired form of affection.

They Talk About the Future With You

green flags in a relationship

Really, the main goal of dating is to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and potentially build a family – otherwise known as “the future.” If they’re not discussing the future with you, then they likely don’t see you as a part of their future – in which case you should high-tail it out of that relationship.

On the other hand, if they consistently make comments about the future – and you’re included in the plans – it’s a significant green flag that they’re thinking long-term.

If they haven’t spoken much about the future, don’t panic. Some people move at a slower pace than others, so give it some time. If there are other green flags in the relationship, don’t overthink it. Over time, you can even ask them. Remember – you and your partner should be able to be open and honest about things, including this. Gauge their response and go from there.

Bonus: Stability

green flags in a relationship

Last but not least, the biggest relationship requirement is that the person and the relationship should be stable. There should be little to no uncertainties in how the person will act or how they will treat you. When it comes to red and green flags in a relationship, you want the good surprises – not the bad. So, it’s a good sign if you’re feeling utterly secure with your new beau!

Final Words

Don’t always be on the hunt for just the red flags in a relationship. Consider the red and green flags in relationships! More specifically, look for green flags in a relationship such as good listening skills, openness and honesty, investment, and plenty of affection. The individual should show that they’re clearly invested in you and the relationship, and even discuss the future – with you in it!

If you notice any of these green flags, ladies, your relationship is likely going well – it might just be the “real deal!” You are on the right track to a lasting relationship. Also, remember to join the green flag swag so you can also provide a committed relationship!

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