Affirmations are an essential part of everyone’s day-to-day lives. They’re said out loud, in the mind, or a combination of both. Regardless, they’re positive statements that make you feel more confident and secure about yourself, your job, and all areas of life.

With that said, it’s not surprising to learn that relationship affirmations are vital, too. Relationship affirmations can mean the difference between “I just want love” and “I’m worthy of love” in and out of the relationship.

Whether you’ve just dived into a relationship with someone new or you’re one of those mature couples that have been together for ages, these relationship affirmations should become a part of your life (and, honestly, should be a part of the relationship guidelines everyone follows).

1. My Partner and I Deserve Love

Relationship Affirmations

This is an ideal relationship affirmation because it involves you, your partner, and your love. By using this affirmation, you can feel confident that you are worthy of love. However, you will also feel sure enough to give love.

2. My Love For My Partner Grows Each Day

Relationship Affirmations

Everyone has a fear of falling out of love. By saying this relationship affirmation aloud, you can diminish those thoughts in your head trying to find flaws and take you out of love. And hey – you might need to say this one during hard times when you feel like it could be the end!

3. My Partner and I Feel Safe With Each Other

Relationship Affirmations

If you do not feel safe with your partner, how can the relationship move forward? This is especially true for those who may have had some less-than-desirable relationships, either verbally or physically. When you feel safe with each other, you can grow the relationship stronger.

4. Our Love is Stronger Than Our Fights

Relationship Affirmations
Relationship Affirmations

Did you just get into an argument with your significant other? It’s okay – fights in relationships are entirely normal. But, sometimes, they can make you feel like it’s time to say goodbye to the relationship altogether. Deny those negative thoughts and use this affirmation – especially when you’ve just had a big fight.

5. I Am Grateful for Everything My Partner Does

Relationship Affirmations

Big things, small things – all the things count. But it can be hard to remember them. If your partner does little odds and ends, such as doing the dishes or getting the kids to and from school, you may need to use this relationship affirmation.

6. My Partner and I Have Privacy

Relationship Affirmations

Your partner should be your best friend. That doesn’t mean that you need to know every single detail of their life, though, and vice versa. By using this affirmation, you can remember that you and your partner need and deserve privacy – so think twice about scrolling through their phone!

7. My Partner and I Have Good Communication Skills

Relationship Affirmations

Communication is the foundation of every good, loving relationship. Besides, you can’t have trust, privacy, or feel safe with someone you can’t communicate with. If you use this affirmation, you should have no problem feeling content and satisfied with every area of your relationship.

8. I Am Myself Around My Partner

Some people end up becoming their partner or someone else entirely when they’re around their significant other. That’s because they think, “I just want love,” so I need to act differently to get it. But that is not the case. You should find a loving man that loves who you indeed are and saying this affirmation can help you be yourself with confidence.

9. I Can View Things From My Partner’s Perspective

Relationship Affirmations

It can be easy to think of things as “my way or the highway,” especially when it comes to disagreements with your partner. The key is to open up your mind and really understand your partner’s perspective. Yes, it can be challenging to do so, especially in the heat of an argument or misunderstanding. But repeating this affirmation will make it easier to remember.

10. I Will Improve Myself For This Relationship

Relationship Affirmations

Nobody is perfect – including you (sorry). We all have things to work on. While your partner shouldn’t want you to change anything about your appearance or personality, certain things may need fixin’. For example, quitting a harmful substance or remaining calm during an argument are two things you can work on. It can be something simple, too, like making sure to make the bed every morning.

11. I am Enough for My Partner, and They Are Enough for Me

Relationship Affirmations
Relationship Affirmations

Confidence can be an issue in many relationships, especially when you’re with someone new. If you’re struggling to think you’re “enough” for your partner, you need to repeat this relationship affirmation.

12. I Love My Partner, Forever

You love your partner, of course. But sometimes, you might not say it or think about it as much as you would like to. This is especially true for mature couples that have been together for as long as eternity. Say it in your mind, say it out loud, say it all the time, and you won’t regret it.

13. I Will Vocalize My Needs

Relationship Affirmations

This roots back to “communication,” which is so crucial in a healthy relationship. However, even couples that talk enough might not vocalize their needs. Your needs need to be met, though, for you to feel happy. By saying this affirmation, you will remind yourself to speak up – on the good and the bad.

14. I Take My Partner’s Thoughts and Feelings Seriously

Relationship Affirmations

Another issue that can occur amongst mature couples is that they can feel so-so about their partner’s thoughts and feelings. Obviously, this will render the other individual feeling unheard, which can cause further problems. Remind yourself that you take them seriously, even if it might be something “silly” to you.

15. A Healthy Relationship is Important to Me

Relationship Affirmations

Do you find yourself struggling in relationships? There could be many reasons for this, such as a complicated past, a lack of confidence, or otherwise. This is one of the best relationship affirmations for those who have just started something with someone new and want to make sure a healthy relationship is a priority.

Do affirmations work for romantic relationships?

Relationship Affirmations

Relationship affirmations definitely work. They are used as a strengthening tool, regardless of what stage in the relationship you’re at. I would even encourage you to take the love language quiz so you can find out if your partner’s love language is actually words of affirmation and this article will help you even more

How do I affirm my girlfriend?

You can also affirm your significant other (boyfriend or girlfriend) with many phrases. For example, telling them, “Everything is so much better when you’re around,” or “You look amazing today,” are two simple ways to let them know you care. Honestly, though, daily affirmations big and small can work wonders for a healthy, lasting relationship.

How do you manifest a guy?

There are a couple of ways to manifest a guy. For one, get to know yourself and be confident. Envision the man you want, and don’t miss opportunities right in front of you. Be grateful, powerful, and sure of what you want out of life, and the right guy will follow.

Final Words

There are many relationship affirmations out there that can work for your specific situation, whether you’re just trying to strengthen your current relationship or are feeling weak with someone new. Regardless, using these relationship affirmations can completely change your partnership. Choose a partner and use them regularly for the best results.

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