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There is nothing like putting together an old-school picnic to show your partner that you care. A fun date night idea, like going on a picnic, is a great way to converse in a unique setting. It is also much more intimate than a restaurant. You can plan it for any time of day, from morning to noon or night. This date idea will work well with any schedule! To help spark your creativity, check out these picnic date ideas and inspiration, featuring everything from the setup to food and drinks.

Pick a Location with a View 

When it comes to planning a picnic, you’ll want to start by finding a fun location to set up. The most popular options are parks or destinations with a pretty view, such as a waterfront or beach. If you’re in a large city, consider looking for a park that offers a delightful view of the skyline. You will want to make sure that you have adequate space for this picnic date. Pick somewhere that isn’t surrounded by a lot of noise, like a busy road, construction site, or a playground. Instead, find a location surrounded by nature, where you can relax and converse. 

To make sure you are comfortable, you’ll also want to pack in a few other items. Namely a blanket, and folding chairs if you don’t feel like sitting on the ground. You might also bring a canopy or umbrella for shade, and some pillows or other cushions to get cozy. If it gets cooler in the evenings, don’t forget your jackets or some blankets to stay warm and bundled up.

Pack Some Light Bites 

What’s a picnic without some snacks? Finger foods are the best choice, as they are less messy, easy to eat, and require you to pack less serving ware. Get inspired by these fresh and tasty picnic foods, perfect for a warm-weather outing. Best of all, each of these recipes are super easy to follow and totally DIY-able.

Spring Rolls

The perfect handheld food, spring rolls are fresh, compact, and oh so flavorful. We recommend this veggie-packed spring roll made with rice noodles, butter lettuce, red cabbage, carrot, and cucumber. Plus, don’t forget about an irresistible peanut dipping sauce. If you’re not into spring rolls, stick to a classic handheld sandwich. We always love a soft egg sandwich made with Dijon mustard, lemon, capers, chives, and dill. For extra flavor, stack on greens, red onions, and radishes.

Pasta Salad

A cold pasta salad is easy to transport, light, and delicious. Try this Cherry Tomato Couscous Salad, made with raw & roasted cherry tomatoes, feta, chickpeas, and herbs. It’s a sweet, tangy, bursty, crunchy, and herby gem of a late-summer salad. If you prefer a more traditional pasta salad, opt for this mix of tri-color rotini, filled with vegetables and cheeses, and coated in a scratch-made vinaigrette. 


It’s not a picnic without some charcuterie. Perfect for a day of casual convo and light bites, these boards can be set out and snacked on whenever. But for the sake of transportation, keep it relatively simple. With freshly-sliced veggies, hummus, cold cuts of meat, and a variety of crackers. Want to take your charcuterie to the next level and skip the tedious layout? Try these caprese skewers! Fun and bite-sized, make these with cherry tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, or add diced peaches for a sweet twist.


We would never leave out dessert. Cookies are our go-to for picnics since they are compact, easy to snack on, but oh so delicious. If you’re feeling nostalgic, we recommend the classic peanut butter cookies with criss-cross patterns. But if you want to take things up a notch and would like to savor the flavors of summer, try a rich lemon cookie. 

Bring Some Refreshing Drinks 

Along with some light snacks, you’ll appreciate a refreshing drink too! These canned drinks feature natural summer flavors that you’ll love, especially if it’s hot out. Why cans? They’re much easier to pack and can simply be stored in a cooler. Just be sure you pack some water as well to make sure everyone stays adequately hydrated!


Hella Cocktail Co.The Bitters & Soda Line is smart and fresh with classic cocktail flavors, minus the alcohol. They offer Dry Aromatics and Spritz Aromatics, and fun flavors like Ginger Turmeric and Lemon Lime.

Sweet Reason Made with Hemp CBD, Sweet Reason offers two lines of drinks: Sparkling Water and Evening Drinks. Their sparkling water is naturally sweet, with flavors like Strawberry Lavender and Cucumber Mint. Meanwhile, their evening drinks pack a little more flavor. Make sure you try Plum Blush and Sweet Jasmine.


Nice Wines – Who doesn’t love wine on-the-go? These adorable 100% recyclable canned drinks are perfect for a day or evening picnic. They come in three delicious flavors; Sauvignon Blanc, Pale Rose, and Malbec. Did we mention they’re vegan?

Cutwater Spirits – If you’re looking for a more diverse range of flavors, try Cutwater Spirits. They stock a wide variety of canned cocktails, made with vodka, tequila, rum, and more! Our summer favorites include the Orange Vodka Smash, Tequila Paloma, and the Mango Margarita.

Romance it Up

Of course, you don’t want to forget the romantics. There are a few minor details you can include that will help make for an intimate and memorable date. For starters, bring some flowers for your date – consider displaying them at your picnic. If you plan on staying well into the evening, you’ll also want a little light. You can bring a small camp light to set up nearby or light a few candles if it’s not too windy. Just make sure candles are allowed in the area you plan to visit and make sure you catch nothing on fire. If not, fake candles or tea lights work just as well. If your date will run late, you might pack your laptop and a movie to snuggle up and watch together.

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We hope that these picnic date ideas and inspiration will help you plan a one-of-a-kind day! Let us know if we forgot any ideas, or which of our ideas is your favorite. Are there any specific ones that you plan to try yourself?

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