Psst, there’s a naughty secret I need to tell you about – a lot of people have sex. Even right now, as you’re reading this article, there are plenty of people “getting jiggy with it.” And if you’ve stumbled across this article, you’re thinking about having sexy time, too – whether it’s your first time or your 100th time.

Well, sex is a fascinating topic, there’s no doubt about it. And that’s precisely what’s being discussed in this intriguing, steamy, and yet surprisingly informational article.

Whether you’re looking for basic sex info 101 or want to turn things up a notch in the bedroom – i.e., “giving you what you want and more” you’ve come to the right place.

Basic Sex Info 101: What is it?

 sex info 101

When someone hears the term “sex,” they likely think of a man and a woman (or two women, two men, etc.) making love. They could be in bed, in a shower, or in the backyard. But regardless, they’re causing frictions with the genitals.

But sex doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone. There are a few kinds of sex that can be underlined in the scope of “sex:”

  • Masturbation. Masturbation is when a sexual person allows themselves to be sexually free on their own. They will stimulate themselves using fingers, hands, toys, or other equipment.
  • Mutual masturbation. Masturbation doesn’t “have” to be alone, though. You and your lover can do it together, side-by-side, or one can watch the other.
  • Vaginal sex. This type of sex takes place when the vagina is penetrated. It doesn’t have to be a penis, either. Toys, fingers, and other objects can count as vaginal sex, too.
  • Anal sex. As you may assume, anal sex is when the anus is penetrated by something.
  • Oral sex. Oral sex takes place when someone uses their mouth to pleasure the other individual.
  • Sexting. This virtual style of sex involves sharing hot messages, sexy images, or even risque videos.

Some people will even throw in kissing, hugging, and touching into the realm of sex, and that is perfectly fine, too – sex can be whatever you make it, really.

Sex Drive: Where Does it Come From?

sex info 101

If you’re hanging out with your significant other and feel an urge to make out, touch them, and more (with consent, of course), you’re using your sex drive. But where, exactly, does this immense sex prowess come from?

What is sex drive? Otherwise known as libido, your sex drive is the desire to have sex with another individual. It is mainly caused by hormones, but many other things can stand in the way of libido – or promote it.

What affects libido? For example, mass amounts of stress and specific birth controls can cause someone’s sex prowess to hide for cover, while regular exercise and plenty of foreplay can rev someone’s sex drive to new heights.

Orgasm: What is it, and How to Achieve It?

 sex info 101

While a sexual person can have sex for any number of reasons, one of the most prominent goals is to achieve an orgasm (also referred to as a cum or climax).

What is an orgasm? An orgasm is essentially what happens when you have reached the peak of your sexual arousal. At this point, you will feel an intense amount of pleasure. For some, this pleasurable feeling consumes their entire body, while others may only feel it around their genitalia. Regardless, pressure and body fluids are released during an orgasm.

How do you get there? Well, everyone is different, and there is no way of knowing how you – specifically – reach orgasm until you become a sexual person.

For example, some people can only cum from masturbation using certain toys or techniques, while others can cum from typical sex (oral, vaginal, or anal). Some may take a long time to reach their peak, while others take a relatively long amount of time.

Is this normal? You bet. (However, if you are really struggling to have an orgasm after trying different remedies, toys, positions, etc., you may consult your doctor to see if any underlying conditions are holding you back.)

How to Have Better Sex

sex info 101

Sex should be all about giving you what you want and more. By the end, you should feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

But if your sex life is feeling a little lackluster, whether you’re sexually free with yourself or with a partner, you need to know the correct sex info 101 to have better lovemaking.

Here are just a few of the most common tips to get you “there:”

  • Don’t skip foreplay. Foreplay can be as wild or tame as you want it. Let your inner sex prowess out with some foreplay involving costumes and roleplay, or keep it relaxed with kissing, hugging, and a massage with sexual lotions.
  • Try new positions. Add some spicy new positions to your sex position bucket list like 69, corkscrew, cowgirl, doggy-style, and wheelbarrow.
  • Add some lube. Sexual petroleums can provide some (potentially) much-needed lubricant to the “situation,” leading to a more intense orgasm.
  • Bring some toys into the mix. How about a penis ring? Or a vibrator? There is a seemingly endless supply of sexy toys out there, and it might be exactly what you need to reach the big “O.”
  • Don’t be afraid to say what you want. Confidence is vital for your sex prowess. Your partner doesn’t automatically know what you want. To allow them to give you what you want and more, speak up!
  • Relax. Sex should be enjoyable. If you’re too focused on having the best sex of your life or even orgasming at all, you may be too stressed out to finish. Just relax and enjoy yourself, and the rest will flow – literally.

How to Have Safe Sex

sex info 101
sex info 101

While it’s important to know your body and learn and understand it for the most intense orgasm of your life, it’s also imperative to be safe during your adventures.

Whether you have a long-term partner or are enjoying a sexually free period of your life, every sexual person should know the proper sex info 101 to stay safe. After all, the last thing you want to do is end up with chlamydia, gonorrhea, or something worse.

  • Know your status. Regular STD screening is essential to protect yourself and others.
  • Wear a condom. Condoms are a great way to fend off potential STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Use birth control. If you’re not looking to get pregnant, make sure you are on birth control (if desired). Note that birth control does not protect against STDs.
  • Clean yourself and your toys. Make sure that you are cleaning your genital area regularly. Don’t forget to clean your toys too, though, as these can become dirty and cause potential infections.
  • Limit the number of partners. While being a sexually free person is a-okay, you should still try to be selective about who you’re sleeping with.
  • Abstain. Abstaining from sex altogether is the best way to stay safe. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t engage in other activities.

Final Words

Now you have all of the must-know basic sex info 101, from what sex actually is to how to have it safely and effectively. Have fun learning about yourself, your body, and your partner’s body!

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