Becoming a fashion trendsetter requires a mix of knowing the rules of fashion and being unafraid to break them. You’ll want to read fashion magazines and look at fashion blogs, sites and social media channels online. You’ll also need to be bold. Like any other creative endeavor, being a fashion trendsetter means that sometimes you may splash out with something that is ultimately unsuccessful, but you can learn from your mistakes. The steps below can help you get started as someone who sets fashion trends instead of following them.

Your Fashion Budget

Even if you are creative about your finds, shopping in secondhand stores and making your own clothing, you’ll need to spend some money on fashion, so you might need to look into how you can save. This could mean cutting back on some of your regular expenses, like ordering takeout. You could also look at longer-term ways to save money, such as seeing if you can get cheaper car insurance. You may want to consider refinancing your student loans. In just a minute or two, you can find out whether you are eligible for a lower rate. This could mean you pay less monthly or that you shorten years off the repayment terms for your loan.

Look Around You

As a trendsetter, you should look around at what people are doing and put your own stamp on it. While it’s important to learn about fashion from magazines and the internet, nothing is as valuable or will put you in as touch with as much innovation as paying attention to what people are doing, especially people outside the industry. Look at specific subcultures as well, such as certain genres of music. What are people wearing? What works, and why or why doesn’t it work?

Cultivate Confidence

A big part of wearing fashion well and making others want to do it too is developing your confidence. Confidence is what helps you carry off an unusual or innovative look, and it’s what makes other people want to imitate you. It can be the difference between pulling off a particular look and retiring it to the back of your closet. In order to gain more confidence, you might want to record yourself in motion to get a sense of how you stand, walk and move.

Develop Your Style

Becoming a fashion trendsetter is a matter of finding your own identity and how to express it. You may go through a few false starts as you get a sense of what that is. Keep in mind that while striking and creative looks can set trends, whatever you choose as your style does need to be something that people can imitate to some degree. Think about some of the more outrageous trendsetters that you admire and consider how there are still one or two aspects of their look that almost anyone can carry off. Remember, you don’t need to worry about what people are wearing today. Instead, you should anticipate and inspire what they will wear tomorrow.