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What is Cottagecore?

So, you’ve probably seen and heard the term “cottagecore” being thrown around a lot recently, especially in the fashion world. If you’ve been lacking in the trends recently, we got the 4-1-1 for you! Cottagecore is an aesthetic based on a romanticized rural countryside lifestyle. It involves getting in touch with nature and the world around you without the distractions of phones and social media. It even includes the concepts of fairies and witches!

There are so many elements from the cottagecore aesthetic that you have probably implanted in your life in the past few months without even realizing it. Things such as using dried or fresh flowers and plants as part of house décor, leaning more toward a neutral and warm-toned color pallet, and even trying to create your own sourdough starter. One of the more common trends is the cottagecore fashion. If you were interested in trying it out, but have no idea where to look, we got you covered with some of our favorite cottagecore dresses and fashion pieces!

Midi Dresses

As for the fashion aspect of the cottagecore aesthetic, it includes dresses that have floral patterns, ruching, and ruffles. They can come in various lengths, depending on the style, but the most popular are the midi dresses. They are so versatile that you can wear cottagecore dresses for a picnic with friends or even dress up for a wedding.

One of the most popular cottagecore styled dresses we’ve seen is an A-line maxi dress with a gathered top and puff sleeves. You can find this style of dress on Etsy and Amazon for under $40.

Tiered Skirt Dresses

cottagecore dresses

Another cottagecore dress style features a tiered skirt. It comes in a variety of different styles, colors, patterns, and lengths. A popular style is the mini dress with poofy sleeves. You can wear it casually with a long sleeve floral pattern like this one we found from Lulus. This $78 dress comes in black or red.

If you were looking for something a bit more affordable, we have a few more options for you. First up is this $25 dress from Target. It is a short, puff-sleeved, tiered skirt dress that features an open back. This dress comes in a colorful yellow with a floral pattern, perfect for summer, as well as a classic all-black.

Next is Shein, which has a similar style dress in a simple sage green color for only $9. 

cottagecore dresses

The tiered skirt also comes in maxi dresses. The first style is from Lulus and is on sale for $25! This dress has short, flutter sleeves with three little bows tying up the front. It comes in a blush pink or light orange color. Best of all, it has pockets!

If you were looking for something a bit simpler this summer, Target has a dress for $34.00. Along with the tiered maxi skirt, it has spaghetti straps and comes in white, red, and a blue tie-dye color.

Last, Shein is back with the deals. Their dress has a square neck with super short ruffled sleeves that lead into an open tie back. This dress is only $20, and it comes in nine different colors!

Vintage-Inspired Dresses

Since Cottagecore is based off the 19th Century, we are bound to see some vintage-style dresses. These whimsical dresses from cottagecore.com feature the classic cottagecore puff sleeve along with an ankle-length. The prices are between $26 and $90, depending on the style. Each dress has its own unique vintage touch to them. 

cottagecore dresses

This first dress will make you feel like a fairy. It is made of stunning lilac chiffon and is inspired by Monet Art, which is seen through its floral pattern. It also has a front lace corset bodice to bring the vintage look together. 

cottagecore dresses

Next, we have a super simple and classic dress. It features a square neck with puff sleeves in a green plaid pattern. The perfect dress for going out in the garden to pick flowers or planning a casual picnic for lunch.

cottagecore dresses

The last dress we chose from this website screams vintage cottage core. It is a long, off-white dress with a red floral pattern. It features a double-layer lace collar, as well as four buttons leading up to it. If you’re looking to go all-out cottagecore, this dress is for you. 


Now that you have your cottagecore dress, you’re going to need some shoes to tie your fashion statement together, and we have the perfect ones for you. Strappy sandals are the way to go.

These first ones are a bit pricey, but they are so cute we just had to share them with you! Kate Spade’s Sprinkles Strappy Sandals are currently on sale for $139. They come in a nude and black with cute little flowers laced up the straps matching the floral cottagecore aesthetic.

If you’re looking for sandals that are a bit more affordable, Aerie has a strappy sandal that is on sale for $11.98. It comes in brown or grey, and the straps have a cute braided texture.

Another sandal style is the Barely There sandal. These sandals typically have a baby heel, strappy front, and open back. Shein has a pair for $26 and it comes in 19 different colors, making it easy to find a pair to match your dress. Another place you can find these sandals is at Banana Republic for $25. Theirs is a sandal rather than a heel and comes in red, as well as two snakeskin colors. These sandals are so cute and simple, making them the perfect addition to your cottagecore outfit. 


Cottagecore is an up-and-coming aesthetic that will bring nature out of you. Its rural, 19th-century style will have us all feeling like we’re in a movie. This fashion trend is versatile yet unique, making it easy for you to wear and style while also making a statement.

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