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For all of us fashion-forward girls out there, there’s no time like summer to rock that perfect pair of heels. Whether you’re wondering what to wear on a first date or just out shopping with your gal pals, summer is the season to be out and about with some comfortable and fashionable footwear. However, many of us are have time and time again faced the dilemma of finding a comfortable pair of heels. Well, worry no more! Today we’re going to share with you our five favorite places to shop for cute, affordable, and (most importantly) comfortable heels this summer.

Nasty Gal

What’s in a name? This novel brand started in the 2000s as an e-tailer and since then primarily conducts its sales online. In particular, this is a brand for those saucy gals who aren’t afraid to challenge conventions and make their statement. But best of all, it’s also a brand where you can find some of the cutest clothes and accessories for bargain prices!

Strap Block Heels


On that note, can we say we’re absolutely in love with these heels? Whether you go for the beige, black, or white, they are timelessly chic and exceptionally comfortable at the same time. These heels have broad support as well as comfortable straps to hold your feet in place without restricting your range of motion. And do they make a statement? Oh yes, we’d say they scream, “Comfortable heels rule!”


Boohoo is another major fast fashion e-tailer, this time based in the UK, and it has acquired a number of other fast fashion brands, including Nasty Gal. As a bigger industry player, Boohoo carries a huge variety of women’s clothes and accessories, ranging from casual to high-end.

Pointed Toe Strap Pumps


It’s no coincidence then that these black, pointed-toe heels from Boohoo look high-end while being sold at an unbeatable price. The best part? While these elegant heels are indeed pointed, it’s actually an optical illusion created by their toe covers! They’re actually very spacious in the front, and we’d overall say they’re extremely comfortable. In terms of price, comfort, and style, buying a pair of these is simply a no-brainer.


Another UK brand, Asos is a household name in the fashion community because it represents quality and a high level of customer service. In fact, many do not consider it to be a fast-fashion brand because of its variety of ethically produced clothing. Regardless, this e-tailer actually dwarfs Boohoo in terms of size and consequently also its selection. 

Cross Strap Mid Heels


Given its wide selection, this brand presents so many choices when it comes to heels. Whether you’re looking for something with a block heel, wedge, or stiletto, the number of choices seems to be endless. However, we really zeroed in on this pair of hot pink heels because of their sense of occasion. Yes, they’re very comfortable and also very versatile. But whether you’re wearing jeans, a sundress, or an evening dress, these satin heels will definitely turn heads if they don’t snap necks.

Urban Outfitters

Coming back to our side of the “pond” (also known as the Atlantic Ocean), this quintessential American brand does streetwear and summer fashion better than most. Also a brick and mortar retailer (versus other e-tailers), Urban Outfitters represents an undeniable step up when it comes to quality versus other brands. While some may consider them a fast-fashion retailer, the price points, styles, and brands they carry are more on the luxury end of things. As such, we’ll mention three of their excellent (yet affordable) choices that you might regret not buying.

Heeled Sandal


To start off, these brown heels are definitely cute, versatile, and summer-appropriate. But at this price point, you’d be remiss to not look for something more. These “Seychelles Rest Assured Heeled Sandals” are without a doubt some of the most comfortable, durable, and grippy heels you’ll ever encounter. Their level of quality speaks for itself, but you can seriously wear these all day as if they were your best walking shoes. In our books, there’s little more one could ask for when searching for a pair of comfortable heels.

Heeled Loafer


But maybe you’re looking for something a bit more chic to it. That’s where these heeled loafers come in. By nature, loafers are not meant to be dressy, but these would look oh so good with a pair of jeans or a sundress. On top of that, they’re exceptionally comfortable, grippy, and even have good arch support! When it comes to comfortable summertime heels, we’d definitely put these on our “must buy” list at this price point.

Closed-Toe Heels


Finally, you’ll always want a pair of heels for the more formal occasions, and that’s where these classically-styled, closed-toe “doll” heels shine. They absolutely ooze a kind of timeless class that commands both attention and admiration. But would you also guess that their rubber soles and overall flexibility mean they’re probably one of the most comfortable heels we’ve worn yet? That’s right – if you don’t want to wear high heels but still want to look (and feel) like a goddess, these are your shoes!


What list of online shopping would be complete without choices from Amazon? This behemoth of a company seems to have everything under the sun – including lots of choices of comfortable heels! But we’ll point you to three that are both exceptionally stylish AND comfortable.

Pump Heels


Our first choice is all about the strap. It does come in a variety of colors and has a comfortable heel (in spite of the stiletto). But honestly, the thing we love the most is how easily you can dress up any of these colors to look like an absolute queen while you’re out at a formal event. Enough said.

Anna Pumps


Onto our next choice, it also has a dressy stiletto heel, and this one’s also close-toed. So how can it be comfortable? Remember, these pumps are made by Naturalizer, and that’s where the secret to their comfort lies. If you’ve ever owned a pair of Naturalizer sandals before, you know they feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Well, the same technology helps make these an exceptionally comfortable pair of heels.

Pointed Toe Pump


As for our last choice, we might have saved the best for last – their style really takes things to a whole new level. As their name suggests, these closed-toe, block heels have an extra bit of sexy to them with their elegant ankle straps. So if you’re looking to blow the socks off your dinner date or generally want to make an impression wherever you go, these are your heels. Best of all, they come in SO many different colors to match your dress choices, and yes, they are also very, very comfortable.

So which of our summer heel choices did you like? While we can vouch for them being overall comfortable, did any of these styles especially speak to you, or did you already own a pair of any of these? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Instagram @successible_life. 

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