As the world witnesses the COVID-19 pandemic, our everyday lives are far from being the same. Offices have become remote, schools are now online, restaurants are only offering take-out, and Netflix has never been this popular. 

While people around the world are practicing social distancing, the need to attain the highest level of comfort at your own home has never been more prominent. Self-care and relaxation are very important nowadays. Try to make your day more fun and productive: put on a face mask, join a free online course, binge watch a new show, or maybe do some yoga to relax.

If your company decided to go remote, you might be experiencing some difficulties in adapting. We know you might be missing your coworkers or the conversations in your break room, but we also know how you can make the most out of working remotely. The best thing about it is you can now say goodbye to the uncomfortable business attires and say hello to loungewear.

Nowadays, wearing sweatpants doesn’t just apply to athletes or dancers; it is a way of expressing yourself and also a fashionable way of dressing. Pop culture stars are often seen rocking a pair of sweats, and fashion icons on Instagram are always promoting them. Why? The answer is simple: they’re cute and comfortable.

As a sweatpants obsessed person myself, I have put together a list of the best sweatpants for women. These top picks will help you experience the ultimate comfort while you get your work done at home.


Nike not only makes the best sneakers and running shoes, but they also design high-quality sportswear and clothing. They sponsor some of the biggest athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lebron James. Nike has also proven to be a leader in the sports industry with its durable and trendy products. 

One of the best things I have bought from Nike is their sweatpants. I had a pair for almost three years, and it was always as good as new when I wore it. The quality of the material is amazing, and the designs are so stylish. 

Recently, Michael Jordan dropped a women’s clothing line with Nike, offering some of the best apparel and sweatpants on the market. My personal favorite is definitely their black fleece pants!

With Nike, you can find the perfect pair of sweatpants for any occasion.


Asos is your go-to for all the latest trends. Their exclusive brand,  ASOS Design, offers a variety of lines: ASOS Curve, Tall, Petite, and Maternity. I fell in love with their sweatpants as soon as I tried them on. 

You can mix and match them with one of their hoodies or try them on with a pair of trendy sneakers. Style and comfort are what you’re getting when you purchase this product. What I love the most about buying from ASOS is the fact that you can pay using Klarna, a payment method that splits your total price into 4 installments.

Since sweatpants are your new uniform, we want to make sure you look good and stay comfortable while you get your work done!

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing’s website is so captivating with all its amazing designs and products. I first noticed the brand when I watched the movie Honey, Rise Up and Dance and saw the amazing Teyana Taylor rocking their sweats on the dance floor. I immediately was curious to try out the brand and wasn’t disappointed.

The cool thing is that they have a new “stay at home” category on their website, where they offer the best options for loungewear and sweats. 

My favorite thing about their sweatpants is the variety of colors. You can choose anything from bright colors to nudes or camo, and you will look good in every single one! Most of their sweatpants can be paired with a matching sweater or hoodie. Who says you can’t stay at home and look good at the same time? 

Urban Outfitters

If you’re into an urban look, this is the right place for you. Urban Outfitters offers different brands like Champion, Calvin Klein, or Nike. Their own brand, Urban Renewal, is also super trendy and comfy.

And their sweatpants collection is exceptionally comfortable and cozy. This is the right place for you to find your new favorite pair.

One of my personal tricks is to go one size bigger when I buy my sweatpants because I love the comfort that baggy clothes bring. 

American Eagle

The best addition to your new laid-back lifestyle is a pair of sweatpants from American Eagle. Their sweats offer a comfortable fit with a straight-leg design, and their joggers use a tapered design for a more trendy look. 

The soft brushed fleece creates the best feeling possible and allows you to have maximum comfort. You can then pair their joggers and sweatpants with matching tops like sweatshirts and hoodies. 

Whether you’re working out or lounging around the house, American Eagle brings you stress-free vibes with their cozy and chic collection of sweatpants for women.

Tips on How to Rock Your Sweatpants:

With a crop top or sports bra

A great way to wear sweatpants is to pair them with a crop top or sports bra. Yes, crop tops are not only made to go with jeans or skirts, they actually look great with a pair of sweats. This is the perfect balance of tight upper body clothing and loose, comfy bottoms. 

With an oversized hoodie or shirt

This has become a big trend in the past years. Celebrities like Billie Eilish or Danileigh rock this style, and they look so comfortable doing it. You don’t have to be a star to pull off this look. In fact, I was hesitant about trying this look, but once I did, I became obsessed. You feel like your body is floating because of the comfort of baggy clothes.

Matching sets

If you’re active on Instagram, you have definitely seen this trend. Matching sets are the new fashion go-to. You can do matching colors, matching designs, and you can pair your sweats with either a matching shirt, hoodie, or sweater. 

Denim jacket

Yes, denim jackets go well with sweatpants. I tried this combination, and I love it. Pair a blue denim jacket with your sweats for a sharp and modern look. Then get ready to become the next fashion icon! The moral: be bold with your fashion choices. That’s the only way you’ll find what fits you best.

Long socks and sneakers

Do you love to get creative with your socks? This is the perfect opportunity for you to innovate. I personally prefer to go with plain white long socks and sneakers that match the color of my sweats. However, I have seen trends with colorful socks and bright colored sneakers, and I was impressed to say the least. Another trick I learned is to tuck my sweats into my socks — the perfect hack to show off your sock choice and creativity!


Social distancing doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It is the perfect chance for you to learn a new skill or to get creative with your fashion choices. The most important thing is your comfort, and what says comfort better than sweatpants? 

Sweatpants for women are the new trend. With brands designing high-quality products and celebrities promoting “sweatpants life”, we are all drawn to owning and rocking a pair. Our new routine of spending more time at home is calling for the sweatpants and loungewear lifestyle. So take advantage of these fashion tips and tricks and curl up on your sofa in your new pair of sweatpants. That’s the perfect recipe for relaxation!

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