Christmas gel nails
Try out these Christmas Gel Nail Ideas!
Christmas gel nails
Try out these Christmas Gel Nail Ideas!

Christmas is the season when lots of time (and money) is spent on gifts and decorating. But if you haven’t thought about how to decorate yourself this year with gel nail designs or acrylic nail art designs, hurry up before the “big day” arrives!

Whether you already have your perfect Christmas outfit picked out or not, you shouldn’t stop at that glittery red dress or bright white jumpsuit that snowflakes can’t hold a candle to.

To complete your exquisite Christmas look, don’t forget about the essentials – like your DIY nails. And to ensure you have nails that “pop” and won’t dim or chip before Christmas Day, opt for a set of Christmas gel nails to see you through the holidays. They’re long-lasting on your natural nails, have that extra dose of shimmer, and are the perfect canvas for Christmasy designs like snowflake nails and bright colors.

But which Christmas gel nail art ideas should you opt for on these winter days? Keep reading to see the hottest, classiest, and most magical Christmas gel nail trends for 2022. Whether you love the classic Christmas colors or adore the bright white shade of the snowy season, you’ll find a classy style of nail art ideas to suit your needs below.

Classy Red Christmas Gel Nails

When it comes to Christmas, one color comes to mind – red. And, considering red is a luscious and powerful shade, it’s the ideal choice for every woman on Christmas morning to have beautiful nails. There are a few spectacular ways to wear red Christmas nails and keep them classy.

Red Glitter French Tips

Do you love all things glitter, especially glitter gel nails? If you want to shimmer and sparkle a beautiful nail art while sipping eggnog and opening presents, consider this alluring gel nail style.

It’s simple, thanks to the french tip base or nail beds, but it gets a serious touch of razzle-dazzle with glitter highlights in every direction in your glitter gel nail.

While you are in complete control of where the glitter sites, the full glitter on every other nail is a knockout pattern.

This sparkly red gel polish is exactly what you need to bring this look to life that glitter gel nail.


Red French Nails With A Santa Hat

Are you planning to sing Santa Baby at the office Christmas party? Then you’ll need to pay some homage to the jolly man himself. And there’s simply no better way to do it than placing an adorable Santa hat directly onto your red Christmas nails!

It starts with a somewhat “simple” french tip design – you want the Santa hat to be on full display since it is the main event in your nail art ideas.

From there, the tips of the nails are painted with a half-moon shape sporting a lovely red hue. A single nail is amplified with a charming Santa hat using white gel nail polish and dotting pens.


The result? Cute nails that Santa himself would be honored to see. Guess who isn’t getting coal for Christmas this year?

Green Christmas Gel Nails

Do you prefer the green scene for Christmas? Green enthusiasts that want to showcase this hue instead of the popular red will love these envious green Christmas nails.

Green With Gold Leaf Accents

Is there a more glamorous pairing than dark green and gold for holiday parties? Together, this look emphasizes the Christmas spirit while also being impossibly classy. It’s the ideal choice for that fancy Christmas event where you need to be dressed to the nines.

Simply use dark green gel polish as your base and enhance it with some splats of gold.


Green Tips (With Holly Accent Finger)

Green tips are the simplest yet most breathtaking way to wear green Christmas nails during the holiday season and show off that holiday spirit. They’re a cinch to put together – all you need is some dark green gel nail polish and apply it to the tips of your nails. Add some shimmer with an accenting silver line using metallic silver gel polish.


If you want to add some “oomph” and Christmas spirit to your nails, choose a single nail to craft a holly design. With a steady hand and a little white polish, you can design a darling holly right underneath your green tip.

Green Tips (With a Gold Santa Hat)

Is holly not your thing? Looking for something more whimsical? Then ditch the white and green combination for the holly and reach for your striking gold glitter gel nail polish.


The look starts the same, with each nail being tipped with dark green. However, keep a single finger free of any green hues. Instead, design a Santa hat on the tip of your nail. Everyone will love this style!

White Christmas Gel Nails

Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? Then these white nails were specifically designed for you and they are neutral nails if you are looking for something more conservative.

Marble White With Gold Detail

Marbled nails are the epitome of opulence and class. At the same time, the bright shade rimmed with a bit of gold creates a charming Christmas design that can’t be ignored.

While this look may appear complicated – and not something you’d consider trying at home – it’s a breeze with the right products.

All you’ll need is marble gel nail polish and some glitter gel polish. You can purchase specialty gel nail polish brushes to add that magical touch of gold at the base of the nail.


Matte White With Holly Designs

These white Christmas nails are some of the most fascinating nails on this list. They’re so bright, so bold, and so intricate; they look like a set of nails that should be featured in a Christmas magazine.

Yet, they’re surprisingly easy to do at home – as long as you have the patience and the creativity to make it all happen.

Start with a matte white gel nail polish on every fingernail. Then, using your gel nail polish brushes, create a series of hollies on the top of each of your nails. You can make the holly however you please – just stick to the classic red and green to ensure you get the right look.


White Diagonal With Gold Detail

White tips? Where does one sign up? If there is one infinitely popular nail style, it’s white tips.

But don’t settle for just any ole set of nails with white tips.

If you want to add some Christmas magic to your fingertips, you’ll want to go with this look.

Rather than creating a “basic” white tip, you’ll design the white tip horizontally so that it’s almost halfway down your entire nail. Then, you’ll add a line of gold glitter alongside it, creating a stark contrast between your nail and the white tip.

The result is this: a set of nails that are glistening with a white and gold combination. Just make sure you add a glossy topcoat for a lavish finish.


There Are So Many Wonderful Christmas Gel Nails to Choose From!

Whether you’re a fan of the classic red and green colors of Christmas or prefer the look of the white snow glistening atop every mountain, you can create a set of fingernails that will “wow.” And the best part is, all of these nails can be done in the comfort of your own home – although they look like they would take hours in the salon.

The only question left is, which one of these adorable and magical Christmas gel nails will grace your fingertips this holiday season?

What Colour nails should I get for Christmas?

Christmastime is all about traditional reds and greens, but if you look beyond those two hues, you’ll find a variety of metallics, glitters, and classy winter tones like royal purple and navy blue.

What is the difference between gel nails and gel polish?

If you’re new to gel nails, be aware that they are distinct from gel polish. Gel paint is a form of colored lacquer that requires UV light to cure in order to extend its lifespan. Gel nails are an augmentation to strengthen or lengthen your nails.

What is the most popular Christmas color?

The traditional Christmas colors are red and green, but other colors are also associated with the festival, and each one has a unique significance, according to Randaci. It is unquestionably something to consider when selecting Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations.

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