It’s February, which means it’s Black History Month! This month is all about honoring black historical figures, creators, and current and future black leaders worldwide! So to continue our celebration of Black History Month, we decided why not highlight a couple of our favorite Black Owned businesses in the City Beautiful? Here are some of our favorite Black-Owned beauty spots in Orlando.

Black Owned Businesses: Carina Esthetics LLC

Black Owned Businesses

When Carina Esthetics started way back in 2009, they were a mobile beauty business. Back then, they focused only on lashes and nails. Over the years, this Black-Owned Business run by Carina Brooks has grown into a full-service day spa. They now specialize in nails, skincare, waxing, eyelash extensions, and even cryo skin treatments.

Their state-of-the-art cryo skin treatments use cold therapy to “slim and tone” different areas of the body. Their other treatments are handled by beauty experts, making their services some of the best you can receive in Orlando.

Being a Black-Owned Business, Black History Month is special to Carina Brooks and her team. When asked about what the month means to her, she remembered the sacrifice of those who came before her so she can be where she is now.

“Black History Month to me and my business means a celebration of those who sacrificed so that I could own a business freely as a black woman.”

In addition to their amazing services, Brooks prides herself on making her business a safe space where everyone is welcome. She and her team work tirelessly to make their clients feel safe and secure. They want all clients to be confident in the treatments they are receiving. With this in mind, it is easy to see why Carina Esthetics is hands down one of our favorite beauty businesses in Orlando.

Black Owned Businesses: Sheila’s Beauty Star Salon

Established in 2006, Sheila’s Beauty Star Salon has been providing the Orlando area with amazing beauty services for 15 years. Additionally, owner Sheila Crittenden has been in cosmetology and hairdressing for over 20 years!

Their salon specializes in all things hair and beauty. They offer services such as extensions, hair weaving, braiding, dread loc services, washing, and styling, hair relaxing, up-dos for all events, and even nails.

The salon team prides itself on providing hair services to all ethnicities. They strive to be a safe and welcoming environment for all. Their purpose, according to Crittenden, is to help people restore their self-image and confidence and to motivate and inspire people to be their best selves every day.

In terms of Black History Month, Cridenten believes it’s about supporting one another physically or emotionally. Crittenden is the first in her family to ever own their own business. She says she couldn’t be where she is now without the love and support of her dad, husband, and sons. She knows how important support is and wants to provide the same support and care to all of her clients.

With their amazing services, prices, and an environment that feels like a second home, it’s no surprise why one of the top black-owned beauty spots is Sheila’s Beauty Star Salon.


All in all, both of these amazing Orlando businesses are owned by amazing women of color. Certainly being the founder of your brand or business is never easy. It takes constant hard work and dedication. Nevertheless, both of these women have dedicated themselves to providing amazing products and services and are an inspiration to the beauty community for doing so. Not only are these women self-starters, but with all of their hard work and dedication, they have become some of the best black-owned brands and businesses in Orlando.